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It seems like all someone needs to become a certified artist these days is a fan, a hater, a borrowed beat and a MySpace page. The art of being an emcee that has a longevity more than three songs is rare, and we’d be lucky if we could squeeze a second album out of somebody who’s just stepping on the scene. At times it’s a miracle if we can get certain artists to put out more than a single or a five track mixtape. With that said, I must admit there are a few that enter the game and play it well. I dare to call these artists ‘elite’ but that’s truly what they are. These select few stand out from the crowd, they rise above, they’re different and they come back after the first record no matter how bad (or how well) it does.

Canadian rapper Luu Breeze is showing some definite promise when it comes to making it big or being the next greatest thing. He has a team, a plan for consistent growth, and he’s even created his own label to help other artists. Yes, he has a mixtape out, two singles, and a video on the way but he’s working towards the album and confidently tells DXnext that it’s coming out this year regardless.

Starting Point: "I got into Hip Hop from my older brother – he use to freestyle and there’s a radio station 88.1 that use to have these freestyle battles like every Saturday or Sunday and he use to go on there and I’d see him annihilate people, he honestly inspired me to start. He just really inspired me to go out there and try freestylin’. I started battlin’ when I was in high school and then from there I started writing music, poetry and all that."

Gameplan: "The plan is basically consistency. To be consistent as far as videos, music that I put out whether it’s on the web or TV, and just flood! Just flooding to the point that when it comes down to it little Jimmy goes and tells little Tommy who tells Wong Phat. Just spread the word and the name and have a lot of content to listen to from me. It’s just about flooding and material and consistency when I drop mixtapes, street albums, albums, videos and all that."

Major Rumors – Isn’t Luu Breeze Talking To DTP?: "What it was that my cousin, he’s good friends with Chaka Zulu over there and he introduced me to them. There was the talks, but I didn’t have music prepared to go to them at the time. For me to get an offer, I feel is good for both parties I felt like I needed to build my name, my buzz, just me as a whole as an artist and build my resume before a label would take me serious and I can really show them my full potential. Basically, it didn’t really go through but we got things that were workin’ on right now and I feel very blessed so just look out for some things in the near future. Who knows, maybe an offer that I get won’t be a good one and I’m obviously not gonna take just anything. It is what it is and I just wanna take a stab at it. Plus, we got a few connections right now that I think should make a lot of things work so hopefully and let’s see what happens."

What He Brings To The Game: "I feel like I just bring versatility to the max. I do tracks for everybody – ones that everybody can relate to. I have fun with music and I don’t think too much when it comes to making music; whatever the beat tells me to do I do. I become one with the music; if the song is saying feel sad at this point in time then I’ll write something that just sounds like something a person who’s not doing so well would listen to when they just wanna be by themselves and I’ll make a song for that person. I’ve seen a lot, both bad and good, and I can make music for people who are just in that vibe where they’ll feel good about themselves and they feel like they’re ready to go out and have fun and just party; and I can make music for the people that are depressed and that are going through some troubles in their life."

To Listen Or Not To Listen, That Is The Question:
"First of all I don’t ever make those claims to be what’s next and to be something Hip Hop’s missing. I’m here to make music and weather people like it or not and if they wanna take that chance or not it’s all up to them. Everybody has their opinion and I just live in this realistic world and nobody’s forced to listen to what I’m putting out; at the same time I’d love for them to do that but if people choose not to listen and not to like me for their own reasons then that’s up to them. I think the reason why they should is if you listen to the music that I make you’ll hear that no song sounds the exact same. There’s times when people are like, 'Yo, I didn’t know that was you on your second verse,' and they thought that it was another person on the song, but it’s really me and I like to switch it up a lot. At the end of the day I don’t force anybody to listen to my music. You’ll hear a lot of artists that just sound the same on everything…not me. Every track I bring something new to the table like a new sound and a new flow, just new entertainment to music. If people feel like they wanna hear something new and they like change then they’ll listen to my music. If they like the same old verses and same old style, then they’ll listen to that old nonsense."

Local Love In A Cold City: "You know what for the fact that they call this city the 'Screw-face Capital,' on a whole I’d say I’ve gotten a lot of love from the people out here even though there’s always gunna be the one or two haters here and there. Like now I am breaking into the radios and all the radios are playing’ my music more ‘cause they’ve seen what I’m comin’ up with especially with my new single 'Charge It To The Game.' I think that the city is starting to take me in a little more. I think I have a lot more people on a whole who really love what I’m doing and respect what I’m doing."

A One-Two Punch To The Ears: 'Break Em’ Off' was the one single that set everything up. Like for “Charge it to the Game” people really took the time to listen after they heard “Break Em’ Off.” It did what it did on the charts as far as the countdown and whatnot, the radio play, and the deejay play…shout-out to PPlus, he killed that track almost every single day and till this day he plays it on his mixes. As far as people knowin’ who I am like face wise, they come up to me when they see me in public they’re like 'Break Em’ Off' is just crazy and how come you didn’t do a remix?' and stuff like that.

'Charge It to the Game' kinda got people’s ears a little more open to listen to what I have to offer. It was kinda like, 'Okay, we heard his last one so let’s take a listen to this,' and the response that I got from that was just big. We just finished shootin’ the video in December and we’re ready to put that out. When we put it out for download it had about 14,000 downloads in less than 24 hours and I think that’s all because of what people heard from me before.

I Can’t Find You In The Stores Yet:
"The best way to get my mixtape The Pre Topic is the most simple; go [click here] and you can get it right off the MySpace."

Everybody’s Saying “09 is Mine”: "I don’t like to say, “’09 We’re doing this, we’re getting money blah, blah, blah,” ‘cause that’s what everybody does but I’m sayin' ’09 my goal is to be consistent and to obviously get that major."

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