Tabi Bonney

posted November 13, 2008 12:00:00 AM CST | 41 comments

When you talk to Tabi Bonney, the first word you think of is confidence. He exudes it through his voice. He sounds like he believes himself, and the world simply has to follow him.

That type of self-assurance, the ďYou canít tell me nothingĒ mind frame, may be what has got him this far. The Washington DC rapper, through his own hard work and perseverance, got his video, ďPut Me In The PocketĒ in rotation on MTV back in 2006. This is an achievement, because while Chocolate City may have bred the likes of Marvin Gaye, it hasnít produced the mega star in the Hip Hop arena as of yet.

With the dynamics of Hip Hop changing, and personalities such as Wale coming into play, DC may not be quiet anymore. DXNext would like to ďjiĒ present to you another candidate who has been catching attention from the Capitol, Tabi Bonney.

Name: Tabi Bonney.

Putting The Game On Its Ear From: Washington DC

Influences: Special Ed, Slick Rick, EPMD, Bob Marley, Bjork, Portishead, Jay-Z [click to read], Kanye West.

Iíd Love to Work With: ďI guess, first and foremost would be Andre 3000 [click to read], [click to read], Kanye, and Gnarls Barkley

Just What Is Tabi Bonneyís Music: ďMan I say the main thing, is pretty much, that set of music are for the jet setter music for the dreamers and leaders of tomorrow. I just love the essence of Hip Hop when it was celebrated for being creative, for being yourself. Instead of now where you have to wear a certain thing or have to sound like someone else

Getting Education First: ďI was always rapping, but my parents growing up, education was the first thing, you know what I mean. I wanted to be a doctor, for the most part rapping was just a hobby. It wasn't until my senior year in college where it hit me that I didnít want to be a doctor, I had the capability, but my heart was in the music. I just went with my dreams man.Ē

Is There a Glass Ceiling On Top Of The Capitol: ďI honestly donít think so. There have been people that achieved such as a Rich Harrison, I think the time is right. You have Wale [click to read], who is really setting the standard. With him being a Mark Ronson [Alido Records] artist, with him being an Interscope artist, thatís huge. I donít think there is a glass ceiling, I think it lies in the talent and who you are.Ē

Is DC About To Blow?: "I think DC has had our influences. If you look back to Salt N' Pepa and Kid n Play they were pretty much taking the DC sound and integrating the DC sound. And then you had the Nonchalants and Section 8 Mob, and it just never fully popped. I think the time is right now, with the south taking over. It shows that Hip Hop can have different faces and so forth. New York, west coast, and then you had the Geto Boys in the south. I think now is the perfect time; Hip Hop is diverse enough to be accepted.Ē

How Does Tabi Change The Game As Tabi: ďThe main thing is being yourself and being confident with yourself. Everywhere I have gone, whether it is from High School to College I was that popular kid. I had to supply that to the rest of the world. If you could be popular at a school with 15,000 people, why not the world, itís just a little playing ground. I know if I supplied my style, and heightened it, it would penetrate and break through. You canít deny something thatís true, everything about me, nothing is fake. I am not rapping about me catching a body, everything I rap about is what I do, itís real, and you canít deny that.Ē

Five Years From Now: ďItís going to start with my next project I am releasing. Itís going to be a three series. I donít think anyone has put out an album in this way. The first one is Dope, which will be dropping in January. Two to Three months later I drop Fresh. Then after that, I drop the third album, Superstar. I think its going to create the plateau for the next five years. Itís something different, its innovative, its trail blazing, so yeah, within the next five years, I see myself as a successful musician, a successful [businessman], and have my hand on a couple of things from music to film, as well as clothing. Everything I am doing now but on a larger scale

About The Product: ďThe first one is Dope, thatís pretty much back to the essence of Hip Hop, when I fell in love with music, that Boom Bap sound and style. Thatís what I am dropping first to show where I came from, this is the era of Hip Hop I love and itís what Hip Hop is all about. The next one is Fresh, and that will be more instrumentation. A little bit more soulful, it involves Gary Gun, who composes scores for movies, producers like that; Raheem Devaughn where it adds that soul element. After that I drop Superstar which is really pressing the envelope. You will hear Pop, Alternative; you will hear Hip Hop on a whole different level. Itís not for everybody, itís for people that get it. You know, not bamas. ď

Branding Tabi: ďI've directed my last couple of videos, and I am also directing videos for other artists. The biggest other artist I have directed a video for is Raheem Devaughn. I got other people reaching out too. I plan on shooting an indie film, going the Ice Cube [click to read] route. The clothes is doing what it need to do right now, itís a boutique line and itís doing quite well.Ē

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