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These days, producers start rapping, and emcees try making their own beats. In the tradition of Tony Touch and Doo Wop, rarely but surely, a deejay steps over the tables directly to the microphone. Cleveland Ohio's DJ Scrilla.

Scrilla know whatís really good and has the upmost respect for midwestern veterans Twista and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Even inspired by their fast-rapping style, Scrilla is here to show thatís the midwest swag. With album Me, Myself, and I releasing independently, this emcee, who performs regularly, opening for 8Ball & MJG, Lloyd and others.

Cleveland's Role In The Midwest: "Clevelandís got a lot of talent. Cleveland is like that diamond in the rough with so much talent that has yet to be seen. Iím trying to represent for my city and put Cleveland back on the map. Chicago is a much bigger city than Cleveland, so I feel like thatís gonna get much more recognition basically. As far as Cleveland, we're like any other city thatís out grinding. On the business tip, we're doing it."

Acknowledging Pioneers In The Movement: "Bone [Thugs-N-Harmony] [click to read] really put Cleveland on the map, they had big records and put Cleveland out there. It was nice, because we resurfaced when Ray Cash [click to read] dropped and it was a good thing. Then came along cats like Chip Tha Ripper, Fat Al, it looks pretty good for the future of what Cleveland will bring."

How Artist/Producers Differ From Deejay/Artists: "I feel by being a deejay, Iím able to take it to the next level by being an artist. I pay a lot of tension to things in detail by being a deejay. Such things include sounds of an instrument, how a song is composed. Itís just the little things I learned as a deejay that I can bring into the artist perspective so itís like the best of both worlds."

How Those Grinds Vary: "I think as an artist it all about having to prove yourself and going through the obstacles. As an artist, financially, the grind is a little bit harder and you just have to sell yourself. You have to get people to give you their time."

What Made Scrilla Go From Deejay To Rapper: "[Laughs], itís kind of funny because really I was just interesting in just being a deejay. When I used to get into ciphers with my friends growing up, they was like 'Thatís cool, but you should work on your skills.' Next thing you know I was a full-fledged artist and put the deejaying on the side. When I started deejaying, it really wasnít to gain any fame or popularity. I was just really enjoying music, the art, the craft, all the technical aspects that went into deejaying. I kind of took that into the same level when I wanted to become an artist."

The Fast-Rapping: "Yeah I think it is a midwest thing and thatís something I was brought up on with Bone and Twista [click to read]. Those are guys that really repped the midwest with that dope speed delivery. It was a style that I wanted to perfect and really work on. I really feel thatís a part of the midwest and our culture, so youíll definitely hear that on the album."

Does Me, Myself, & I Tell The Story of Personal Life: "I call the album Me, Myself, and I because there werenít a lot of features and I wanted to give people all the aspects of me. Itís about my life and what I hope to go through in the future. 'She Wines' [Laughs], the whole story isnít true, but I took two parts of the real story and put it too together. Some of the lines arenít true, but for the most part yeah, itís based on true stuff."

The Album Response: "I put Me, Myself, and I out a couple months ago and the response been great. Itís really blowing my mind, because everybody has their own favorite song. I get text messages when people tell me their top three and another give me their top three. Itís something out there for everybody. Itís been a progressing experience so Iím blessed and thankful."

The Origin Of The Name DJ Scrilla: "Well I always thought a deejay had to have a name that was creative and catchy. Scrilla just kind of rolled of the tongue and it just flowed. It just stuck with me as people called me 'Scrilla, Scrill' and it just started a life of itís own. [Laughs]"

Major Versus Independent For The Future: "You know what? Iím a just go with the flow; Iím not gonna say Iím opposed to going with a major. I like being independent, but hey, if the right stuff comes on the table, then we can talk. As far as right now, Iím just really concerned to put out good music. Hip Hop is back on the rise with the stuff we're putting out so I want to be a part of that."

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