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With such a plethora of producers in the game, it is sometimes hard to find the diamond in the rough. J.Cardim has proven his skills, working with such artists like Saigon, Talib Kweli, AZ, Sha Stimuli and Jean Grae. Live in Boston via California (now residing in New York), he shows us how to paint pictures through his sound. On route to a release party J catches up with HipHopDX to talk about what he does best, and thatís make good music.

HHDX: Yo J, what up man?
J Cardim: Chilling, what's good wit u?

HHDX: Everything good on this side man. Let the people know who J.Cardim is for those that don't, first and foremost.
J Cardim: I'm an up-and-coming producer, with a diverse sound of beats

HHDX: Definitely. What do you think inspires you to come with such a diverse sound?
J Cardim: I love music. I make beats I feel at the time, music that I want to hear. I try to master everything I can. When I first started doing sample beats, I mastered that sound. So I started moving in different lanes, doing some keyboard shit, R&B shit, pop shit, everything. I want to grade A all types of sound so I don't get stuck. Music changes all the time, so I want to change with it!

HHDX: I can feel that. Who do you think has struck you the most from all the people you've worked with?
J Cardim: Saigon was one. The track we did "Breathe Thru The Years" was big to me. At the time that beat was my favorite, and the song he did to it was perfect for that beat. I banged that track out for a grip. I was excited to work with Sai, because he's an up and coming artist who's hot!!!! I heard a lot about him before, I always thought he could spit.......

HHDX: What was so different from him as compares to others?
J Cardim: I think Saigon knows just how to put a good track together. Heís a smart dude.

HHDX: Back to who you have been working with, do you mind speaking on this new album you got coming out?
J Cardim: Yeah, me and Stimuli got a project coming out. Itís going to be CRAZY! We wrapping it up now, trying to drop it this summer. I think its going to be crazy because, first off, you know Stimuli. His lyrics will touch you, whether you like it or not. He speaks for the people. His flow is crazy and the beats on it, is some real soulful shit. Itís a real hip hop album of '07 that the industry needs. Itís a chance for me to express myself on these beats. We got like 23 tracks recorded and we only picking like 10-12 songs. Weíre being real selective with it. Grade A shit only!

HHDX: Speak on what you mean by 'expressingí yourself through the musicÖ
J Cardim: I go through a lot of beats that I want to use. Itís not like he just chose the beats from a beat CD, I had input to what joints he should use, so I was able to let out a lot of my beats that I listen to at home while smoking a blunt. And if I could rap, that would be that beat I would rap on.

HHDX: Ha ha. You was digging out the stash?
J Cardim: Yes manQ Shit that's not out in the market. Real old shit and even new shit that I made 2 weeks ago

HHDX: Talk about this Ed Rock project and how different it is than the other stuff you're coming out with.
J Cardim: The Ed project is crazy. Me and Ed been working for a while now. We have like 40-50 songs together. We felt like we needed something out on the streets. We got together and put this street album together. Edís album touches every angle in hip hop. He got the hip hop tracks, the hard tracks, the hustler tracks, shorty tracks, club tracks, everything. Itís a well rounded CD.

HHDX: How did you hook up with Ed?
J Cardim: I hooked up wit Ed through my mans Lee Wilson - A singer I worked wit from Boston.

HHDX: Now being a producer, itís harder to get your sound out there to the masses. What helped you hook up with such artists like Saigon, Talib Kweli and Stimuli?
J Cardim: Well, with Kweli, I did a few joints for Jean Grae. Two made it on her album Last Week. One of the tracks she did featured Kweli didn't make her album, so Talib bought the whole track, the beat and the song. That was just out of the blue. With Saigon, I met him through my man South...

HHDX: So through networking basically?
J Cardim: Yeah networking. But once you get a few things popping, it gets easier. By the time I met Sha (Stimuli), he had heard of me and so on...

HHDX: Thatís a good look. Now, with so many producers out there trying to get heard, what do you think separates you from the rest?
J Cardim: My diversity, and my manager who knows how to talk for me.

HHDX: Ha ha. Thatís definitely what folks need sometimes. What do you have coming up besides the Sha Stimuli record?
J Cardim: Trust me. A manager helps like crazy. I got my artist G-Eyez who I also got a project out Only the Beginning. I produced the whole thing on that. We have a label - Respect And Power Records. I have been in the studio with Juelz Santana working on the project with him and Lil Wayne. We laid down a few tracks already. I'm also working with Sheek Louch. He's good peoples, we laid down like four tracks. Purple City, Red Cafe, Jae Millz and Rsonist from Da Heatmakerz.

HHDX: Now off the Hip Hop tip for a second. Is there any artists outside of rap that you are influenced by?
J Cardim: My pops. He's a jazz musician. Justin Timberlake got some shit. Bill Evans, a jazz pianist from back in the days. Scott Laffero, the bass player from the Bill Evans Trio. Miles Davis. I grew up on Miles. John Coltrane was powerful on the sax.

HHDX: Yeah he was. That Love Supreme joint was ahead of its timeÖ
J Cardim: My pops had me listening to music since I was zero years old and I still listen to these tunes. It brings me back to when I was real little; I used to play drums and piano. I used to sample jazz like crazy on my beats, waaaayy back.

HHDX: Ha. Anyone you'd want to work with that you haven't had the chance to? Dead or alive.
J Cardim: Biggie. I remix a lot of his vocals on my beats for fun. Jay-Z & Nas. The usual. I want to work with T.I., he crazy with it. Snoop, G-UnitÖ

HHDX: Thatís wassup homie. You're well on your way. Anything about you a lot of people don't know? Anything weird about Mr. J Cardim?
J Cardim: Haha. Iím a funny mufucka once you get to know me. That's about it!!! I guessÖand I'm Brazilian.. People definitely don't know that. They think I'm Spanish.

HHDX: Any last words?
J Cardim:
Yeah, if u trying to get at me for some tracks, hit my manager Zack Einhorn up - zack@dicemusicgroup.com. He's good peoples!

You can also reach J.Cardim at http://myspace.com/jcardim

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