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Confidence is one trait Masspike Miles surely is not lacking. Describing himself with ďa passion for music like no other, a drive like no other, swag like no other, and with a hustle like no other,Ē this Boston singer has seen his hard work pay off in the form of a deal with Rick Rossí label Maybach Music Group. Add that to the fact that he works as one half of the production crew Tha Track Dealers, and itís evident that Milesí passion for music has gained him the talent and opportunity to break through as a household name.

Working toward his proper debut, The Struggle, Masspike spoke with HipHopDX about the album, some community work heís been involved in, and how his listeners can expect nothing but top notch records from a seasoned songwriter/producer. †

Early Beginnings: ďWell to be honest, I initially wasnít into singing. I was into Biz Markie [click to read], Run-DMC, and others; thatís who I was listening to. But one day I was at the Boys & Girls Club and they was doing a talent show and singing Tevin Campbellís 'Tomorrow' with a lady teaching it. She heard me and said, ĎWow, you should sing this.í From that first week of singing, I gained a lot of attention because I was able to do what grown folks could do. So I did the talent show, made a couple different moves, and by the time I was 11, I had a major deal on Warner Brothers Records. I was in a group called Perfect Gentlemen, kind of like a boy band, directed by Maurice Star, who also produced for us.Ē

ďI had a rude awakening at a young age. I understood what it meant to be a professional at a young age. So as I grew older, and developed other traits musically, such as producing, I always look back on my experiences as a young kid coming up. I learned a lot man. It definitely helped out to where Iím at right now because a lot of the things Iím going through now I had already been through as a youngster.Ē

On His Label Life 4 Life: ďI have an artist right now, Smoke Bulga, who just dropped his music video on MTV featuring Jim Jones [click to read] called 'Money On My Mind,' which I produced. I got another crew called Rushya, whoís heavy on the Boston underground scene. Iím going hard with those guys and thatís who Iím working on right now. As far as writers and producers, Iím always open for more talent.Ē

His Mixtape The Pursuit Of Happiness: ďThe thing is what I gave to the people [on that mixtape] I felt that they deserved. Nobody really knew who I was, so I felt like, if Iím going to interrupt these peopleís lives with my music, why not give them something feasible, something with substance? Let me show off some of the beats Iíve done over the last year. I got Shawty Lo on there, and I could have sold that beat. I know Fabolous [click to read] and T-Pain [click to read] are on there too. But at the end of the day, I felt like people needed that to understand who I was musically.Ē

On The Struggle: ďMy album is really conceptual. My music needs to have substance and meaning, because thatís what Iím a fan of. You can expect to hear my struggle, my strife, my pain, my agony, my love, my ups and my downs, and most importantly, real stories. I want to captivate your thoughts with my music. The first single is called 'Luv Drunk,' featuring Rick Ross [click to read] and produced by StreetRunner. I also got [Carol City Cartel] on the album, Smoke Bulga and Rushya as well. You might hear [Lil] Wayne [click to read] too. As far as other people being on my album, I donít have a problem with that as long as it fits the build. And the albumís gonna have about 12-14 records.Ē

Giving Back To The Community: ďI just started the Masspike Miles Music Fund, basically to start music programs within Boys & Girls Clubs and YMCAs across America, starting with Massachusetts and its surrounding areas. I also started a diabetes fund because I grew up around diabetes; every morning my grandma took an insulin shot. As I got older I began to learn more about diabetes through my family members and how much it affects peopleís lives. So I started the fund in dedication to my nana, whoís 90 years old and still kickiní it. Iím doing things like that right now to expand Boston, Massachusetts and the New England area as a whole.Ē

Final Thoughts: ďWhat I can say is that Iím gonna give people the best music I can possibly make. Theyíre gonna hear something that hasnít been done in a long time. Theyíre gonna see a person that is a chameleon as far as the music industry goes. Every music video and every song I do will be an underlying statement to the people that I am music, with a capital M.Ē

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