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He may be a high school dropout but One-2 has no problem teaching listeners a thing or two through his rhymes. Signed to the same label as Crooked I, this young emcee has been wise enough to look up to the prominent west coast rapper and learn from him on every possible occasion. As a true student of his environment, One-2 has learned to speak in several languages and can rhyme in them as well. In fact he can probably rhyme better in one of his foreign tongues than some can in English, all the while still making it sound good to the ears of those who donít even understand the language.

In the first quarter of 2009 he released his third mixtape and declares it to be his personal best. With an EP currently in the works, One-2 shares with DXnext that with the right timing there will be an album from him too. In addition to his own solo projects he is also at the helm of the Xpand Movement and working with his growing international Hip Hop group to get their stuff out as well. As he continues to develop there is no doubt that One-2ís projects will display lyrical maturity and musical growth that will prove education can occur outside the classroom.

The Label: ďI was the first artist that Treacherous Records signed; I was with them from the get go. Before it even started, I was already talkiní to the owner, Tiko Khrimian, and we had already established a connection; weíre really close with each other and itís more of like a family bond rather than a business bond.Ē

Crooked Connection: ďIím definitely close with Crooked I [click to view]. We see each other at the Treacherous building a lot of the time. I learn something new from him every time I see him record or every time I see him work. I think Crooked is one of the hottest emcees out there and Iím sure a lot of people agree with me. He doesnít even write his rhymes, he just goes in the booth and pretty much freestyles entire songs and they come out better than most artists. I just look up to him and Iím more than honored to be on the same label as him.Ē

When It All Began:
ďI was around 11 or 12 when I started. It was after New Years in 1996 or 1997 after 'Pacís All Eyez on Me came out and my cousin got it as a Christmas gift. That was around when I penned my first rhyme. I also did a show out in Sweden rappiní in English at the age of 12 performiní for my entire school; so I was ahead of the game and rappiní in English back in the day when I was liviní in Sweden

Journey To America: ďMy journey started off in Tehran the capital city of Iran and we lived there until I was like two years old. Because of the revolution and stuff in the '80s we were forced to move. I moved to Europe; my mom moved me out there and I lived with relatives and stuff in Sweden, which is pretty much where I spent most of my youth, until I was like 13 which was in 1999 when I came here to the States. Iíve been here 10 years exactly this month actually.Ē

Global Xpansion: ďXpand started somewhere around Ď99/2000 when I was around 14 or 15 years old. Me and a French rapper named Aryn and German rapper named Charon coincidentally ended up on the same soccer team in high school. We started talkiní and it turns out we all rapped in our own language. That day after soccer practice we went to my house and we recorded about two-three tracks with my ghetto ass stereo on a tape-deck and that was the birth of Xpand. We came up with a song idea and a theme of just doiní an international Hip Hop group and ever since then weíve just been expanding and getting bigger. Weíve expanded a lot and we have a lot of new members; we are constantly expanding. After my EP, Iím probably gonna release a mixtape Vol. 4 which is gonna be One-2 Presents the Xpand Movement. On every song Iím gonna be rappiní with a rapper from a different country Ė itís gonna be real interesting.Ē

Multilingual: ďI speak English, I speak Armenian, I understand some Persian and I speak fluent Swedish. Thatís three languages that I speak fluently and one that I kind of understand...I kinda understand a little Spanish too, but I donít know if that counts.Ē

Looking Back On The First Project: ďIt was a lot of stuff throughout my life that I ventilated on that one project so it has a lot of content in it and itís real juicy as you would say. Iíve obviously matured a lot and grown a lot as an artist and I personally think I make better music now, but Iím happy with the way it came out. It was definitely inspired by Kanye [West]ís College Dropout [click to read] project. I think it was the same year or the year prior Kanyeís album came out. It was kinda like this idea we came up with at Treacherous because I was a high school dropout and at the time I was going to continuation school. I never finished high school unfortunately but I did get my GED. Education is definitely important and Iím even considering goiní back to college.Ē

Numero Uno: ďI think my new mixtape Uno is pretty much the best that Iíve done. Uno was supposed to come out towards the end of last year, but it got pushed back to the first quarter this year in February. Uno was just a very solid project if you ask me. It has pretty good material and it pretty much reflects the type of artist I currently am. Every project that I make gets better and better. With Uno I came back twice as strong.Ē

Waiting For An Album:
ďTreacherous is a very hard workiní label and weíre just waitiní for the right distribution deal to get on the table. Everything has to be just right with the timing. I donít wanna release an album unless itís gonna have worldwide distribution and promotion and everything is gonna be intact and perfect. Itís just the right move at the right time. Iím always makiní songs that are potentially album cuts so itís not like weíre not thinkiní of an album at all. An album is definitely in the works.Ē

Stay Connected:
ďGo to my MySpace [click here] to get the latest info. We have a lot of tracks up there and every time I release a new song we pretty much put it up there.Ē

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