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For the third week in a row, DXnext stays on the west coast. Not far removed from J Wells' second-generation DPG-Funk, is Nipsey Hussle, another Los Angeles rapper, who despite his rich ties to some of the most feared streets in America, has a lot to say about Hip Hop.

Often called a new Snoop Dogg - a comparison that Nipsey doesn't seem to mind, the rapper's verses prove that he's very much his own man. According to Hussle, when it comes to his musical subject matter, itís all about the updated version of whatís going on in the world. The legends have told the story well in their own respected ways in which we will never forget, but itís always good to get the latest. Nipsey knows this and lives by the saying that in order to succeed in the future you have to know your past, especially in the west coast.

Does He Represent The New Generation Of The West Coast?: "Being mentioned in the same sentence as those legends is a good thing as I like good music and thatís what I was raised on. Itís an honor to be mentioned in the same sentence as an Ice Cube [click to read], Snoop Dogg [click to read], or [2Pac]. Iíve trying to earn that recognition putting out music, thatís something you have to earn. Iíve just been successful taking that to my music the past eight or nine months."

Opinions On His Current Status: "As a west coast artist, we donít have the same outlets for our music as a Miami, Atlanta, or New York artist. One of the things that I opened my eyes to is that you have to run your region. In California, you donít have, but so many outlets. When you go to New York, you got Sirius Satellite Radio, [DJ] Green Lantern [click to read], [DJ] Kay Slay, they got all different outlets to get your music out. It was vital that I traveled outside my region to get my name known out there."

The Snoop Dogg Comparisons: "I get a lot of comparisons from the way I look and how I carry myself. As said before, itís great to get mentioned in the same sentence as a legend like him. In my music, I do try to make a great distinction that I want to follow in the path of classic west coast music, but my sound, what Iím talking about, my song concepts is totally different. One of my objectives is to have an individual identity and not sound like what was already successful."

The Stereotype Is All West Coast Music Is G-Funk, Gangbanging, Does Nipsey Add Something New?:
"I just try to tell a different story. A lot of that is culture out here on the west, but thatís not the story Iím telling. All the palm trees, beach parties, thatís L.A. culture, but itís much more to it. A lot has changed in the streets so what I represent is the update. Iím here to tell everybody what has changed and whatís going on in the west right now."

Critically-Minded: "Hell yeah, as far as the Hip Hop and music world, we feel like we are going to drop a classic [album]. Now as far as the commercial world and the retail end of it, I got high expectations for myself. You've got to put it out there for the people so they can gravitate to it. As far as the music end of it and the story Iím telling, as far as people who love Hip Hop, itís gonna be critically-acclaimed in my opinion. I feel like I create those records that people in the Hip Hop world will love. I feel like a lot of the music coming from the west right now is not repping our culture right here. I do feel like the west has thing itís thing on many records, I just feel like it needs to be updated. Itís a new generation on the west to speak on the street element and thatís what I represent."

Whether Or Not You Set Trip, You've Got To Set Trends: "You have to move forward with everything. Whether itís technology or whatever, you canít stay with the times, thatís just how it goes. At the end of the day, the people considers what is hot, so if the people is loving a certain element they will love you. You have to come and start your own movement, making it yours. You canít come out and be a Soulja Boy [click to read], or whoever the latest successful artist was. I can see what makes so many people gravitate towards that, but I extract that into what I do. I canít make a dance record like Soulja and expect to be as successful as Soulja Boy, because thatís not me.† You have to move forward with the new trends that will put people on board."

Is The Business Backing Nipsey?: "Everything been so far been good. [Epic Records] believes in the project, as Iím 85% done with it. The first single on radio right now is called 'Hussle in The House.' [click to listen] Itís a real Hip Hop, street record. I want to cater to the people first to let them know this is the type of music that I represent. As far as my situation with the label, itís all good. They support it, we on tour right now with The Game [click to read]. When you got to a lot of these small cities, they really love Hip Hop out there. Itís been good people been hitting me online telling me when the album dropping, they are gonna support me. Itís a lot of things going on, man, and we doing alright."

Why Nipsey Hussle Deserves Your Support Even If You're New To The Movement: "First off I know people is bombarded with music. Ninety-percent of the music is not quality music, so I understand that. It can be exhausting when you giving motherfuckers a chance and then be like, 'Damn.' At the end of the day there is no reason to give a chance other than my opinion of what Iím a say. Me personally, to the Hip Hop fans, this is what I live for and it embodies everything I love about Hip Hop. Iím pretty sure itís someone just like me that loves Hip Hop. They check these websites like HipHopDX, just like they check their email, Iím tryna bring that to them and give them that top quality. They miss that quality of albums with 16 records and you can play them top to bottom."

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