Blanca Lopez

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Blanca Lopez

The rookie of the Candy Girls bunch, says she had drama with her boss way back, hints at surprise grand finale.

For this third installment of Beauty & Brains special series with the music models of E! Entertainment’s Candy Girls, HipHopDX is proud to present the rising rookie of the group, Blanca Lopez.  

While seemingly shy in her recent conversation with Beauty & Brains, anyone who has seen Blanca confidently speak her mind and determinedly do as she likes on the show knows that she’s no doe-eyed innocent.

With her more extroverted alter-ego, Phoenix, always in tow, Blanca is clearly the “wild card” she is billed as in the show’s opening credits.

Beauty & Brains: According to your E! bio, you’re “a little bit ditzy,” and “can be a loose cannon,” but do you agree with that portrait of yourself?
Blanca Lopez:
I don’t think I agree with the loose cannon [part] a 100%, but a bit ditzy, definitely. I have some moments here and there that I’m just like, “Did I say that?” And then I go back and kinda laugh about it. So I kinda agree with the bit ditzy part, ‘cause I’ve always been a little…hmmm…yeah. I always like think of what I said and then think about it. So I’m not totally ditzy.   

B&B: Do you think Phoenix is overshadowing Blanca; that viewers of the show are seeing maybe too much of Phoenix and not enough of the real person Blanca?
Blanca Lopez:
No, I think it’s about the same, because I don’t think Phoenix actually has came out full throttle [yet]. I think the viewers always think that every time I have a drink she’s out, but that’s really not the case.

B&B: It’s gonna get crazier [Laughs]?
Blanca Lopez:
It really can.    

B&B: I guess it’s a little ironic that your alter-ego is named Phoenix when you’re really from Tucson [Laughs].
Blanca Lopez:
It was just a joke a long time ago, used amongst…like when I would go out and people would say, “Hey, what’s your name?” And I didn’t wanna give ‘em my name, so I thought it… This little girl was named Phoenix, and I thought it was funny. So I just took it from her. And, Phoenix is really not all the drunk personality. It’s also like the one that’s not so much scared.   

B&B: Like I mentioned, you’re originally from Arizona. When did you move to L.A.?
Blanca Lopez:
Three years ago.

B&B: And did you relocate to Cali with the intentions of getting in the music modeling game?
Blanca Lopez:
No. Well, my intentions were to be an actress and a model. But music videos just kinda came along as an opportunity. I didn’t find anything bad [about doing them]…as long as I didn’t disrespect and degrade myself. I think it’s fun.  

B&B: And since this is Beauty & Brains, I just have to ask you a little bit about your educational background. On your MySpace you list that you graduated from a magnet high school, but there’s no college experience listed. So did college just not work out, or what happened?
Blanca Lopez:
You know…I didn’t graduate. I just decided I was finished. I was paying for my own school at the time, and that’s not really what I wanted to do. So I just used my money and moved out here and tried to give it a shot in Hollywood.

B&B: Would you encourage young ladies interested in doing what you do to finish college first, or to go for it straight outta high school to get the ball rolling sooner?
Blanca Lopez:
Well, I always was in modeling school since I was a little girl, which was [from] like five-years [old] on. And I was always involved in acting classes. So that’s really what I wanted to do. And I encourage young ladies to do what they want to do. But I don’t know if the same route is gonna work out for everybody. So I encourage everybody to do what they feel like in their heart what they want to do. I don’t know if that’s like the best advice, but…it worked out for me. I don’t know if it can work out for everybody.    

B&B: Switching gears here, how did you first come to Danielle’s attention specifically? How did you end up down with Bella?
Blanca Lopez:
We had mutual friends, but back then we didn’t like each other. She didn’t like me. And I didn’t like her because she didn’t like me. So it was kind of a misunderstanding. Someone had told her that [I was] talking about her, and blah, blah, blah. But I wasn’t talking about her. So I started getting irritated by her, ‘cause when she’d see me out she kinda look at me dirty. And then we just one day when we met up…like, I didn’t know I was meeting with her, and she didn’t know she was meeting with me. So we kinda just talked about working together and getting over it. ‘Cause then we had another conversation that wasn’t shown on the show where we cleared up our misunderstanding.   

B&B: Also in that first meeting – at least [what] they show on T.V. – Danielle takes that shot at you when she says, “I heard they found you on Lil Wayne’s hotel couch.” So was she just talking sideways, or was there any truth that you used to roll with Wayne?
Blanca Lopez:
No, no, no, she just said that… That’s why I said, “Never.” I don’t know what she was talking about.

B&B: In the “Phoenix Rising” episode you said, “As long as I’m making Danielle money, she should just shut the hell up.” I know Terricka had her issues with Danielle as well, but how much of that friction is real and how much of that is just T.V.?
Blanca Lopez:
I mean, it’s real a lot, because a lot of times she’s too worried about what like I’m doing. But I get my work done, so she shouldn’t be complaining all the time. We do work in Hollywood, and it’s not always like… We work at a party, like you can’t totally be sober. If you can control your liquor, then I don’t have a problem. I always tell her, “Shut the hell up.”   

B&B: And speaking of controlling your liquor, on the show you’re shown getting a little tipsy at the Interscope AMA after party, and drinking on The-Dream video shoot for “Rockin That Thang]. Are you worried at all that the show is portraying you as having a serious drinking problem?
Blanca Lopez:
I used to worry about it a little bit because I really am not an alcoholic. So yeah, they do portray me as a little bit of a drinker. [But] I guess people for the most part do see me in the house chillin’. I’m not always having a drink. It’s really sometimes at like parties. The AMA one it was clear I was confused. Like [Danielle’s assistant] Kysha came and gave me a drink, and I took it ‘cause she said we were off. I thought we were done. And the boy that I kissed is actually my boyfriend. They kept playing it like it was just some random guy at the club. I am currently happily in love with the guy at the club. And then The-Dream video, it was just a little bit intimidating for everybody to watch me. And that was like my first solo video and I was just a little nervous.  

B&B: You’re shown on The-Dream shoot explaining to Danielle that you only drank a little to relieve nerves. Is the video making process still as nerve-wracking as it was on those first shoots you did?
Blanca Lopez:
Uh, no. It’s not nerve-wracking, but you know… It’s like I told her when I drank that I wasn’t like trying to have a party, pop bottles with the other models. It’s just I didn’t want anybody to know, so I was aware [that] I didn’t wanna embarrass her.  

B&B: Since [shooting videos] is an adjustment for you, what is the attraction for you in doing videos? What do you like out of the process? What do you have fun doing?
Blanca Lopez:
I love the whole of course glamour and makeup. I’ve only been in two [videos], so I don’t have so much experience. I can’t say a lot. But the two that I’ve done, they’ve been really nice. I haven’t been disrespected. It wasn’t like how I seen on some shows like Behind The Music where they go do this, they go do that. I’m sure there’s some where they do, but I haven’t seen any bad stuff yet.   

B&B: You’re the first Mexican-American model at Bella, and you expressed in one of the extra clips from the show you’re desire to be looked upon as a leading Latina in this business. So expound a little bit more on what being a Latina in this industry means to you.
Blanca Lopez:
Well I definitely have been getting a lot of Latina MySpace comments. So I guess what I felt [when I made that statement on the show] was that a lot of ‘em don’t aspire to be more than just like a model. But that’s not all I want to do. I love Jennifer Lopez, so I want the full view: movies, clothing, perfume. I was really saying more in the lines of the sky’s the limit of what I wanna do.  

B&B: Not to go back to the friction with Danielle, but did she ever actually replace you on a shoot with those twin Mexican models like she kept threatening to do if you messed up?
Blanca Lopez:
You’re gonna have to tune in for the grand finale, but it’s kinda interesting.    

B&B: And finally, do you plan to do the video modeling until you make a name for yourself, or do you see yourself moving on to bigger and better things soon?
Blanca Lopez:
Yeah, because right now I still don’t consider myself a video girl, because I haven’t done enough. And I’m currently now in acting school. I been in acting school before. So I wouldn’t label myself a video girl because I came out here to act and to do clothes. If a couple more nice videos are offered, I’ll probably think about it. But if I don’t have to do ‘em, then I probably won’t.

Tune in to the show on Sunday nights at 10:30pm on E!

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