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It’s kind of hard to really come up with something “witty” to kick-start this lead-in for this week’s Beauty & Brains. Her pictures are probably the first thing that the commentators will check out before sharing their opinion about the Ontario darling, with plenty neglecting the interview. It is that long-standing trend that I am resigning from doing Beauty & Brains. This has nothing to do with the talent that’s graced this site from Bria Myles [click here to read] to the lovely Krystal Starr. The beautiful Aquarius appreciates honesty and I would be wrong in not giving her just due. The upcoming model sits down with yours truly at Beauty & Brains for the last time to discuss the current trend of beef in hip-hop, why she doesn’t read too deep into "Chrihannagate" and explains why there’s nothing wrong with Kanye West.

It’s been real, y’all. Enjoy!

Beauty & Brains: The modeling world hasn’t gotten much hype with all this “change” going on in the world. After the porn industry asked for $5 billion dollars in bailout money – do you think that the urban modeling scene could use a boost? How so?
Krystal Starr:
The urban modeling scene could use a boost but I feel like it might not necessarily have to be in terms of money. I feel like people are getting use to seeing the same looks in the urban industry and all of our models need to switch it up including myself. The urban industry needs to bring something new to the table something that people haven’t seen yet. I feel like we have so many talented models in this industry but we all follow the same trends and bringing something new to the table would really make us stand out from other industry models period.

Beauty & Brains: The rap game has been able to survive, albeit on Lil Wayne’s back, but survive it did. With people striving to be different in 2009 – what are a few things that you wish would stay the same?
Krystal Starr:
Wow I’m stumped with this one. I can’t say that I have anything specific that I would like to stay the same because I feel the excitement of life comes from change and new experiences. So, as of right now, I’m just going with the flow of the industry.  

Beauty & Brains: Got a favorite artist of 2009? If so, who is it and why?
Krystal Starr:
My favorite artist of the new year is crazy. We’re still in the first couple of months, so I don’t really have one as of yet. The musicians out there that I do listen to are all on different ends of the spectrum though. I look up to the known acts like Rihanna and Beyonce, of course, as well as Coldplay’s latest album [Viva La Vida].

Beauty & Brains: How I got introduced to you was through Facebook. The creator of that site is only 23-years-old and is a self-made billionaire. Who do you think will be the first self-made billionaire in Hip Hop?
Krystal Starr:
Honestly… Well, right now, it looks like Jay-Z [click to read] and Sean Combs are getting up there, so I would say it would have to be either one of those two to hit that billionaire mark first.

Beauty & Brains: A lot of blogs are hyped about all the beef that’s been going on so I wanted to get you thought about some things. Cool?
Krystal Starr:
Real talk, the blogs and the Internet beef is so annoying to me. Of course, some of the stuff is funny, but that’s only in the beginning. When the media and the blog sites really get some attention from the noise they make, then they take it way too far to the point that some of the stuff they say is just so stupid. I try my best not to pull everything from the media and believe what they put out there as being completely truthful all the time.

Beauty & Brains: In your opinion, what do you think of Soulja Boy and Bow Wow exchanging a barrage of words over a $500,000 car?
Krystal Starr:
This question is funny because when I first heard about this beef I just thought it was something that the media made up. But when I saw the videos from the both  of them, then I thought that it was pretty funny… because it was just so stupid to see Soulja Boy [click to read] and Bow Wow [click to read] arguing like that over something so petty.
Beauty & Brains: If you were to “kiss Soulja Boy through his phone,” any words of advice would you offer in this seemingly stressful time he’s going through?
Krystal Starr:
[Laughs] Well, I don’t think he should take this situation too seriously because it is not necessary. If it is something that is getting under his skin I would tell him to stay strong because as long as he knows that he has an expensive kind of car, then he shouldn’t have to focus on proving its worth to anyone. I would tell him to keep his mind on stacking that paper instead of paying attention to an issue that isn’t making him any money, whatsoever.

Beauty & Brains: Another discussion that’s been all in the news is the Rihanna/Chris Brown situation. Both of them are so young, yet going through an adult situation in the public eye. What is your take on what happened?
Krystal Starr:
This is a perfect example why I don’t like reading too deep into what the media says. This situation is something they have fabricated in order to make a profit. I do believe that they got into an altercation but everyone reading into this situation should realize that they are human too and that space and time is what they need as of now. Rihanna and Chris Brown, in my opinion, let their guards down with how much information they gave to the media and it was the media that ran with it. No one will every really know the deep details of the situation but mistakes were most likely made on both sides. I wish them both the best of luck through this hard time.

Beauty & Brains: Do you feel that at any time – if Rihanna did start this – Chris had a right to “defend” himself?
Krystal Starr:
I do think she may have hit him first over whatever they were arguing about and she may have said things to aggravate Chris, so maybe he snapped, I guess. What does make him look bad is the fact that he left her there and fled from the scene. Regardless of what he did he shouldn’t of left, which I’m sure he did out of fear. Chris does have the right to defend himself but maybe he took it a bit far. No one will ever know the extent of her injuries though unless pictures are released [Editor’s note: This interview was before TMZ released the Rihanna photo].

Beauty & Brains: If you were in her shoes and were faced with either hitting a person or being hit because you felt the man was cheating on you – what would YOU do and why?
Krystal Starr
: I know I would be mad and probably want to hit him too. It’s hard for me to say I wouldn’t feel like reacting the way she did because it would definitely cross my mind. My reaction to a situation like this all depends on the state of the relationship I’m in. Period. I would definitely try talking things out first if that doesn’t work I can’t really say what I would do from there.

Beauty & Brains: The funniest beef to date is 50 Cent versus Rick Ross. He’s been characters, made cartoons and all that. Should 50 give up rap and just go into comedy full-time?
Krystal Starr:
I did read and follow up on this beef in the beginning but I lost interest in it after all the buzz from the media. When people talk about a subject too much that is usually when I tune out. As to 50 [Cent] [click to read] going into comedy I don’t think so…  

Beauty & Brains: …Well, he even paid for Rick Ross’ wife to come up to New York where she said that Ross wasn’t a drug dealer and that he wasn’t as hood as he claimed to be. Wasn’t that some baby mama violation of some sorts?
Krystal Starr:
[Laughs] Geeezzz! Well, that is pretty messed up! I’m sure that violated some sort of trust between [Rick] Ross [click to read] and her. I don’t really know anymore about this situation so can really say anymore.

Beauty & Brains: It seems that all of this has made rap entertaining again, but the focus is on the music, who are some stars that you’re looking forward to hitting the spotlight this year?
Krystal Starr: Kanye
[West] always amazes me with his lyrics! The stuff he comes out with just makes me think outside the box. Lupe Fiasco [click to read] is very underrated and his lyrics are crazy as well. Hopefully, Lupe will be more out there this year.

Beauty & Brains: Final question – if you’ve seen the way Kanye’s been dressing lately with the frullet – any word of advice you have for him?
Krystal Starr:
I don’t see anything wrong with the way he’s dressing. I like it because it is so different from the trends everyone else is trying to rock right now. If anything, I’d tell Kanye to not change a thing at all! Keep giving the fans and haters something to talk about.
Want to know more about this shining Starr? Well, be sure to check her out on MySpace [click here].

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