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The comments section is really the make ‘em or break ‘em part of Beauty & Brains. The women who’ve come before you are either damned if they do or damned if they don’t. Here to make you say “got damn,” is the 24-year-old caliente beauty, Ms. Jannelle Priego.

She’s on a first name basis with Hugh Hefner and has the curves to make you feel like danger’s approaching whenever she walks in the room. With her first time sitting down with Beauty & Brains, the cautious Cancer plays a game of “what if” with us, tells two truths and a lie about herself and the modeling industry and roots it up for Hillary Clinton.

Beauty & Brains: Happy New Years to you, Ms. Jannelle. How are you doing?
Jannelle Priego:
I am doing fantastic! Happy New Years to you to! I had a blast ringing in the New Year with friends in Mexico. I danced the night away and watched the fireworks. I know 2009 will be an adventure! I am currently working on my website, ClubJannelle.com and you will soon see me featured on Starlett.tv.

B&B: 2008 was a pretty fantastic year all around, but for yourself you made a lot of men drool with your Maxim issue. How was that experience for you?
Jannelle Priego:
My experience was wonderful! I really enjoy modeling. The results were produced only through all those involved – though the work was hard, the crew provided a fun and professional environment. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I am happy with the photos & even happier that others enjoyed them as well.

B&B: Let’s play a little game, shall we? Seeing as how you’ve been in front of Hugh Hefner, FHM and other publications – this will be called, “I Would.” You game?
Jannelle Priego:
Of course, I think games are fun. So let’s play!

B&B: If you could be a sexy call girl or a pediatrician – which one would you rather be?
Jannelle Priego:
How about a sexy pediatrician? [Laughs] A pediatrician is a well-respected position, one I would be honored to hold. I enjoy helping children, but wouldn’t want to give up being sexy! A sexy pediatrician gets the best of both worlds!

B&B: If you could work for NASA or as a stylist for Brad Pitt – what would you rather do?
Jannelle Priego:
I think working for NASA would be my preference. What other job could you possibly be any closer to the real stars? Going to the moon would be an unforgettable experience! As far as Brad Pitt goes, I don’t think I would have the patience to be a stylist and I have never been attracted to the pretty boys. [Laughs]

B&B: If you could date 50 Cent or just a regular Joe Schmoe – who would you want to link up with and why?
Jannelle Priego:
Well, the truth be told, I would certainly enjoy a weekend with 50 Cent [click to read], to experience his exciting world. His parties are legendary!  However, when it comes to everyday life, I am "Joe Schmoe" sort of girl. Partying hard for a weekend with 50 Cent would be great, but at the end of the day, I want to be with someone who I mean the world to.

B&B: Name two truths and a lie about yourself.
Jannelle Priego
: Two truths are easy –
Number one: I was born in a small town in Mexico, where I have a younger sister and brother, who I am very close with. I love when I have the opportunity to visit family back home in Mexico.

Number two: I really enjoy modeling. It is not just a ‘job’ for me, its something that I pride myself in being able to do, and do well.

One lie: I am not a natural blonde, I’ve tried several different hair styles and colors, but as a blonde, I do have more fun!

B&B: What are two truths and a lie that you could say about the modeling industry?
Jannelle Priego:
Two truths –
Number one: The modeling industry and work is fulfilling to me. I am passionate about the work I do and appreciate the response I receive.

Number two: Modeling work is harder to do than most people realize. There is a lot of waiting around, makeup, hair, poses, cold weather and travel, jet lag. People don’t think about these things about the industry, they tend to think that the industry is all glamour and sexiness. It truly is work!

One lie: Most people think there is great money in modeling. This is not true for an every day model. It is a labor of love, something that provides me with self-fulfillment as opposed to large amounts of money.

B&B: Brains is a stressed importance here at HipHopDX and with that in mind – what is your assessment of the Gaza conflict that’s going on?
Jannelle Priego:
To give a real assessment on the Gaza conflict is truly a stretch without really knowing all the facts and following it every day. However, I can tell you this: I am against innocent people; men, women and children, being bombed and living in fear every day. It is sad that intelligent countries and men cannot find resolutions without terrorizing each other and their innocent people. My true assessment is discouraging and my prayers are with the innocent children to someday live without fear soon.

B&B: It seems like the world is going through turmoil. Being from Mexico – what are some changes that you’d like to see in terms of U.S./Mexico relations?
Jannelle Priego:
What I think would be amazing, is if the US and the Mexican governments could actually work together in finding solutions to safer borders with better ways to monitor illegal immigrants, possibly trying to educate both sides in understanding one another. I am sure illegal immigration will be in the news forever, but I’m also sure there are better, more humane solutions in dealing with our borders. This would make less turmoil in our chaotic world.

B&B: Rap has come under fire for not selling. In Mexico and abroad – outside of the U.S. – who are the American Hip Hop stars regarded with respect. Who do you like?
Jannelle Priego:
I was not aware that rap has not sold as well in other countries. I enjoy Hip Hop very much and can’t believe that people don’t feel that way around the world. What are they dancing to? Some of my favorites are: Three 6 Mafia [click to read], 50 Cent, and Snoop Dogg.

B&B: How did it make you feel to see a woman like Hillary Clinton up for the presidency of the United States?
Jannelle Priego:
I feel Hillary Clinton is a strong personality that has what it takes to be a President of the United States. The President of the United States should be elected based on merit, experience and ability. I believe that having a woman president would help equality between men and women, especially in the corporate world. I am very pleased with our recent election results. The hopes of the people have been renewed, at a time when it is much needed.

B&B: How fair is the modeling world to women in the grand scheme of things? Is there any room for growth?
Jannelle Priego:
Yes, I feel the modeling world is fair to women in the grand scheme because it provides opportunities for hard work and commitment to pay off. Yes, there is always room for growth. All industries have the ability to grow as new technologies are introduced. Additionally, I feel that women are more freely allowed to express their sexuality this day in age. Due to this, I believe that the door for male models has opened increasingly over the past decade.

Want to know more about Ms. Priego? Well, you can check her out [click here].

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