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Happy Super Bowl Week to you all! HipHopDX and Beauty & Brains proudly present to you, Jouleya Rollerson. The 27-year-old New Yorker holds a MBA in Finance and being blessed with size-37 assets would look good in anyone’s stock portfolio. Yet, this fiscally responsible young lady isn’t looking to find her next tax break, instead she’s put her resources into acting and even has had a role in NBC’s Law & Order.

Heavily invested in her work, Rollerson sits down with Beauty & Brains to talk about the current state of the modeling industry, her thoughts on Obama’s first order of business and why 50 Cent would beat Lil Wayne in a battle.

Beauty & Brains: New York has seemed to afford you a lot of opportunities that most may not be able to have. What made a woman who holds an MBA in Finance decide to go into acting?
Jouleya Rollerson:
Acting is something that I always wanted to do, but since my family is strict on education, it was that first and then they said that I was free to do whatever it was that I wanted. I always have something to fall back on in the end and anyone who wants to be an actress it’s good to have something that will always be there.

B&B: You’ve done the hip-hop thing, by being in music videos, but with the opinions of rappers even being that rap is falling on hard times – should models be looking for a new line of work?
Jouleya Rollerson:
I think most models should have other work besides modeling, unless they’re supermodels. There is a small group of girls who have dependable income from modeling. It’s not a real stable gig to have, no matter how the economy is. I know it doesn’t pay that well – especially urban modeling. It may be fun and take them to other places, but most girls who are doing that, all have a second agenda.

B&B: Looking at your resume, your credits are definitely impressive. The one that stands out was your appearance on Law & Order. Can you talk a little bit about how you got the role and what your experience was like on the show?
Jouleya Rollerson:
It was definitely fun. [Laughs] I did a lot of self-submissions and got in through a casting agency in Manhattan. It was fun to watch the main actors and actresses do their role. I can’t wait till I have the opportunity to have lines. I don’t mind starting off at the bottom. On Law & Order, I was a hooker [laughs] in a courtroom scene and I stood their walking back and forth. I was acting like my case was about to be up. My mother and father have seen it, my brothers don’t want to see it. [Laughs]

B&B: A lot of women believe that modeling is a way of advancing one’s career into acting. How much work did you put in to training to become a well-rounded actor?
Jouleya Rollerson:
I’m still working on that. I have had a private coach for about two years now and I am trying to perfect my craft. I want to be good at whatever it is that I’m trying to do. New York has a small casting agency and they all know each other. I really want to be remembered for being on point. I’ve heard that it’s not such a good idea to go out to L.A. and I wouldn’t until I’ve boosted up my resume.

B&B: Now that the U.S. has elected a black President – what are a few other “firsts” you’d like to see in your lifetime?
Jouleya Rollerson:
Wow, I think that seeing a black President is the biggest first ever. I don’t know how to compare anything else to that. I would say that a woman President, a black woman president, preferably Michelle Obama. [Laughs] I’d vote for her. I would like to see different magazines to show women in a more natural light. It seems like they like to push out a fantasy. The more guys say that they like big butts and boobs, it just turns into a need for those publications to showcase. Guys will never know if it’s fake, but women do and we can tell that they’re not real. You’d think that modeling is about being beautiful and having grace and charm. I would love to see that change, but it’ll be good to see.

B&B: With your work and all – do you find time to date?
Jouleya Rollerson:
Yes, of course… Every now and then, but I concentrate more on my career and goals than love.

B&B: Is it hard to find love in the entertainment industry?
Jouleya Rollerson:
I wouldn’t even try to find love in the entertainment industry. I’d love to keep it separate. I wouldn’t want people to be in my business. It always goes bad. I don’t see a lot of gossip about "Bey-Z" (Jay-Z and Beyonce), not as lot as they do with others. However they’re doing it, kudos to them. But then again, I hear that they’re not a relationship, but they just act that way. The rumor is that Jay-Z [click to read] is gay, but they’re not really together. You know how people talk.

B&B: If you had to advise Obama on the economy – what would your suggestions be?
Jouleya Rollerson:
I would definitely take middle class people into account. They always care about those who make $250,000 and more. The middle class makes up most of the population. Not everyone makes that much money and it’s like a complicated situation. They should focus on helping out the blue-collar workers so that way their kids can go to school and have. I believe that we should take a European approach to stimulating the economy. There are better ways of using our tax money. We should have free education. I just graduated from school and there is a whole lot of things that they’re doing that makes it harder for us to even go to school, let alone graduate. They’re making it so that we’re in debt. My Masters was paid for by student loans, which I’m paying for now. Since the government took away consolidation of loans, I’m sure that that is going to stop others from going to school because of the financial crunch it puts you in.

B&B: So, there’s no way you could be a gold digger like Kanye West raps about?
Jouleya Rollerson:
I don’t even like him. I love 50 Cent [click to read]. Even my mother loves 50 Cent. I like his rhymes, his beat. I love the perception that he gives off. Kanye is too… too deep. I just want to be energized. Kanye sometimes puts you in a zone and you have to think too much to listen to his music. 50’s entitled to his opinion and is lucky enough to be able to share it with the world.

B&B: What about Lil Wayne? Who would win a battle between him and 50?
Jouleya Rollerson: Lil Wayne
[click to read] is okay. I think that if they did get into a battle, 50 Cent would win over Lil Wayne. Look at Ja Rule [click to read]… [Laughs] He just disappeared. 50 constantly got hits. Every song he makes I like. You can’t listen to everyone’s album. I wouldn’t mind being in a 50 video.

B&B: With all the things that have happened in 2008 – what are five things that you look forward to in the new year?
Jouleya Rollerson:
First, I hope that this recession ends and that the job market becomes much better – ending. I hope my acting career takes off with more opportunities. I really, really hope that Obama makes change and that no one tries to assassinate him. I know that it’ll be hard to make that big of an impact in just a year, but I believe that he can do it. He has the support of the people all over the world and I wish him luck in that regards. In 2009, I want to see an actual horror movie that’s scary. I really hope, for myself, that I get a U5 (a small part with 1-5 lines) for a TV show or a soap opera that tapes in Manhattan.

Want to know more about the sexy Jouleya Rollerson? Be sure to check her out on MySpace [click here].

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