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What is soft and sweet all over? If you guess correctly, then the answer of 23-year-old Candace Cotton Ė shouldnít be a surprise. The Ohio State University graduate uprooted herself out of the Midwest and was thrust into the fast-pace lifestyle of Hollywood, California. Equipped with a disarming smile and eyes to dive in, the sexy Libra isnít your average pretty face looking for screen time. Wrapping up a supporting role in the upcoming flick American Asian 3, Ms. Cotton is clocking in a lot of film time and spent some of it with Beauty & Brains discussing why Hollywood isnít going anywhere in a time of economic crisis, what rules a man should abide by in order to not be called ďtoo niceĒ and why Idris Elba would win over Blair Underwood.

Beauty & Brains: What brought you from the Midwest all the way out to the City of Angels?
Candace Cotton:
Well, when I was eight years old, I always wanted to come out to California to be an actress. After I graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Psychology, I really just got up and left Ohio with the intent of pursuing my dreams. Iíve been living out here for three years and I really love California. The environment is really cool, but the people can be a little bit plastic.

B&B: While being in the industry now, what are a few things that youíve noticed that most fans wouldnít have access to see?
Candi Cotton:
A few things that Iíd probably say that Iíve noticed isnít anything too different than what youíd expect. But when you work with these stars you have the access to them that most regular people donít have and arenít as fortunate to be able to handle. I use those differences as motivation towards success. I treat the stars like a regular person because I couldnít be that with them. Iíll treat them and those experiences like itís an event with a regular person. You always want to build up a genuine reputation with the people in the industry so that their acknowledgment of you comes from a safe place.

B&B: A new year has brought us more opportunities for success, but the economy is still an issue and with that Ė could chasing a career in Hollywood be too lofty of a dream to chase?
Candi Cotton:
No. I donít think so. A lot of people are coming out here and things are getting cut, quickly. A lot of production companies are moving out to New York. Thereís more work there, but there will be a few changes in the next couple of years. Things are going to get better. People are still doing something in Hollywood, you know, so itís not that extreme. I couldnít move to New York. No love lost, itís just that itís cold there; just like it is in Ohio. California motivates you to get up and do something. The sun helps you do that. Nothing is wrong with New York. The people are really Hollywood here in Cali, but in order to make it you got to sacrifice.

B&B: So, if you had the opportunity to be in KING Magazine or with a lead story in Variety Ė which one would you choose and why?
Candi Cotton:
I would probably choose Variety over KING. I would want my audience to be expansive and worldwide. Variety also gives you a chance to showcase your diversity, whereas KING has only a few looks that they can give you and they donít really allow you to branch out and establish a rep without them being tied into your world, too. So, Iíd stick with Variety.

B&B: Letís dig a little bit in your personal life, shall we? What would be one gift that youíd never expect to receive, but wanted for yourself?
Candi Cotton:
Thatís a real hard question. Whatever I want I try my hardest to get it. I donít think that I could say that. I donít know if Iím looking too deep, but I donít think that Iím really able to get that. Actually, Iím trying to get my family to come out to California too and itís hard. Thereís no way that I can have. Thatís a sacrifice. I have a twin brother. Weíre really close. Itís hard everyday, but I would want

B&B: What are five rules of thumb for a man to not be considered ďtoo niceĒ by a woman?
Candi Cotton:
Five rules that a man should live by in order to not be considered ďtoo niceĒ by a female, hmmÖ? I would probably say donít open car doors for a woman. Itís a turn-off and itís too nice. Calling the person on the same night would be a turn-off. If you have more than enough time, then youíre too available and women donít want someone whoís too available. A ďyesĒ man is definitely not sexy at all. You have to have your own backbone. You donít want to be too available. Like with opening the car door, some of that stuff just seems like itís a front. You do it now, in the beginning, but donít do it anymore once you get into the relationship. Thatís phony.

B&B: What are a few things that youíd want your man to have in order for him to be by your side?
Candi Cotton:
A big turn-off to me is a person without direction. I donít do the baby mama drama or anything. I would want someone who has a dream, something that motivates me. Iíd love for someone to be able to do something without just talking about it. People think that this may be hard to come by, but Iíd want my man to not have kids. I donít want to deal with that. I just feel like I prepared myself well, but why couldnít I get somewhat the same?

B&B: After all of the things that youíve been through Ė both good and bad Ė what are your expectations for 2009?
Candi Cotton:
My expectations are so huge for í09 because I went through the whole stages of paying my dues and Iíve dealt with them all Ė the snakes, fakes and all that. I have so many goals for 2009, itís great because I am so driven towards it. I expect to really be a big star. Iíve gotten rid of the drama and want

B&B: With all the celebrity break-ups and divorces going on, if you could be anyoneís Mrs. Ė who would it be and where would you take your honeymoon?
Candi Cotton:
I would say Blair Underwood. I think that he is so sexy. I would love to go to Australia with him. Itís so warm and would be a nice getaway. He is so sexy to me. He has these billboards all over Hollywood and heís still sexy. Heís older now, but he looks better than Denzel [Washington] to me. I love Idris Elba too. I have a crush on them both. But if I had to choose one, itíd be Idris.

Dying to get a taste of some cotton candy, but will settle for some Candi Cotton? Be sure to check out her personal page Ė [click here] and her MySpace page at [click here].

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