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Candace Cabrera is a sight for sore eyes, hearts and whatever other body parts you think that the med-school hopeful can heal. The 27 year-old model who graduated from the University of Kentucky has plans on finding the cure to what ails you, but has had done wonders with appearances in Lloyd’s “Girl Around the World Video” and Mario’s latest cut.

The swaggerific Sagittarius sits down with Beauty & Brains to talk reality TV highs and lows, blushes over her crushes – Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie and has some advice for the broke ladies suffering in this Bush-era recession.

Beauty & Brain: Can you give a little bit of background info for those who may not be familiar with your name?
Candace Cabrera:
I was “Black” from the reality show – Flavor of Love 3. They gave me that name, I know… I thought it would’ve been blue because of my eyes. But I had on a black dress that was bangin’! I’ve been featured in Smooth Magazine for a Jamaica shoot. It was a nice spread. I’ve been in Hustlenomics Magazine and I have a calendar that goes on sale that you can find on my site – I have a lot of big things coming out to round out the new-year. I’m in Lloyd’s “Girl Around the World” video and right now, I’m speaking to you from the set of Mario’s new video.

B&B: The BET Hip-Hop Awards just wrapped up last month. Did you manage to attend the festivities?
Candace Cabrera:
No, I went camping. I was down in the southern part of Georgia. I’ve been down in Atlanta since May and I had some friends that were going and we had fun. We had went camping, had some food and I thought I saw a fox and I swear it was one. It looked at me and ended up going all in the food. [Laughs] That was kind of freaky. Those camping grounds were outrageous.

B&B: Well, judging by the pictures that we got to put up on the site – you’ve already managed to get in to trouble… maybe not on your own accord… but trouble nonetheless. [Laughs] What are a few things that you won’t see aired on BET when the awards are ran?
Candace Cabrera:
The A was definitely on fire that night. T.I. and Lil Wayne both had their parties. [Young] Jeezy had his and it’s just been a crazy weekend. A lot of people probably had a lot of fun, crazy fun… [Laughs]

B&B: Since you were on Flavor of Love – any chance of you joining on a season of Real Chance of Love…?
Candace Cabrera:
I’m not going to pop up on there. It looks like it might be entertaining, but my focus is on this upcoming new season of I Love Money. It’s trying to be the Real World/Road Rules Challenge for VH1. I could possibly pop up in that, too. I’m trying to really get away from the reality TV world and get into more sitcoms and stuff like that. I want to get into the movie world, too. I’d want to do an action flick like Tomb Raider. I love Angelina Jolie

B&B: You have a crush on Angelina Jolie…?
Candace Cabrera:
[Laughs] A little. I love Kim Kardashian. This was right around when she came out and a lot of people hated on her about her dancing and she gets a bad rap from the bloggers. It’s frustrating to me because I think she’s a beautiful woman and no one can argue that! But to go on national TV, having no dance training, I commended her for trying something new. Most people who are saying that wouldn’t go on TV. I was biggin’ her up a little bit. I recognize when someone is really doing something!

B&B: Have your family been around to support you and give you props?
Candace Cabrera:
A lot of people have been really supportive around me. I’m appreciative of everyone. I have a great team with me in Atlanta – all the way to California.

B&B: What has been your most memorable experience thus far?
Candace Cabrera:
I’ll say that I did a party once in Denver and these two girls came up to me and I have a tattoo that they went out and got the same one’s like mines. It tripped me out! [Laughs] I never had fans like that. It was definitely surprising and an experience to remember. Being in the industry can be trying at times, especially when you’re a female, but in the end, it’s about your drive. And on a personal note, I’ve worked hard for all of the things that I’ve done and I appreciate all the things.

B&B: A lot of people are flocking down to the A to make their dreams come true. What are a few for you that have already been realized and what is next for you to try and accomplish?
Candace Cabrera:
I have been here since May like I said and definitely I feel that they’re supportive of each other and what they want to do. It’s disheartening when people back home don’t support you. They don’t do that elsewhere. I would love to get into some more television roles. So, we have more films that are going to be taped in Atlanta. Most are done in California, so it’ll bring a lot of movies and talent. For me, that’s where to go…

B&B: Atlanta is really making moves out of nowhere, but it seems like it’s about to be the second New York. Any thoughts?
Candace Cabrera:
Atlanta is growing pretty fast. Everyone is hustling and trying to make a way for themselves. Tyler Perry’s production studio is there and it’s a way to branch out and make a name for yourself locally. I can see them being like New York. But I love their hospitality more than a New Yorker’s. They’re always in a rush and I don’t like that.

B&B: Speaking of New York – have you ever had the chance to meet her during your VH1 stay?
Candace Cabrera:
I never got to meet her. I loved to watch her. I was rooting for her on Season 2. I really enjoyed watching her. I met a few of the stars from the shows, but not really ones that I’m not too familiar with.

B&B: These are some trying financial times, but you make a pretty bold statement with Ne-Yo’s “She Got Her Own” on your MySpace page. Do you have any advice for the ladies whose pockets are looking kind of empty?
Candace Cabrera:
You got to stay on your grind. Time’s are off, but everyone is feeling it. People don’t want to spend money as much. You just got to keep something going. Whatever you enjoy doing that’s what you’re going to be most successful at. Anyone’s dream can come true.

B&B: Can you talk a little about your work with Jamie Foxx?
Candace Cabrera: Mary J Blige
and him are the two people I wanted to meet. Jamie Foxx is hilarious. He got on the keyboard and played music, it was hilarious. One of the beer companies who sponsored us kept us doing mini-shots, we had food and just a great time! Heavy D was the guest on the show and another time it was Charlie Wilson. They both were great. But Charlie was talking about his life and it was a very touching story.

B&B: Did Jamie talk about that size-40, too?
Candace Cabrera:
[Laughs] A little bit. He was talking about he was sitting next to his future ex-wife. [Laughs]

B&B: Is there anything that you want to say to the fans out there?
Candace Cabrera:
I wanted to say that I appreciate all the fan mail, all the messages on MySpace. I appreciate everybody who supports me. Keep looking out for me next year I got some things coming out soon.

Want to know what Candace is up to? Be sure to send her a message [click here].

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