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Ambition is healthy measure of one’s personal spirit and for 26-year-old Terri Kimble a testament to her journey as a ridah. The Southern Nevada student has had her work cut out for her. But always relentless, this sexy Sagittarius continues to showcase her 34-27-47 frame, much to the delight of Beauty & Brains.

Sit back and relax with Ms. Kimble as she sits down with us to talk about how she’d keep a man warm during the winter, has some choice words for our Beauty & Brains readers and describes what she’ll be wearing to the polls on November 4th.

Beauty & Brains: With the wintertime coming up so quickly – you got yourself a snuggle-bunny lined up?
Terri Kimble:
No, not yet... Well, not quite. [Laughs] I’m taking applications for a snuggle bunny. I’ve been busy being in school and modeling. Right now, actually, I’m flying to Miami for photo shoots and I’ve been quite busy. I’m dating, but still taking applications. [Laughs] I think that the guy that I’m with is twice as busy as I am and we don’t even live in the same state. It’s a new relationship between us and although I’m not hiring anybody, I’m definitely taking applications… just in case I have to do a layoff or something.

B&B: How was it when you went out to Miami?
Terri Kimble: J. Lash
flew me out for a photo shoot. We’d talk all the time, but I didn’t remember his face, but when we finally met I didn’t remember who he was. He convinced me that I should shoot with him and I hopped in a plane to make my way down. Hurricane St. Luke was there when I touched down, so we had to shoot really fast and the whole time we were all kind of panicked. You know me, I’m used to earthquakes… and our hotel was on Ocean Drive. We’d go to sleep to the soothing sounds and woke up to hearing the world collapse. You can see the water moving closer to your hotel. Our flight wasn’t supposed to leave until late. We just jumped up and went to the airport. Everyone got each other’s stuff and hopped in a cab and got out of there. It felt good to be Able to be on a plane. The shoot turned out great, though.

B&B: What is it about the cold that makes someone want to go out and get a warm body?
Terri Kimble:
When you’re cold you want someone to wrap their arms around you. Everyone knows that if you have something warm you’ll be alright.

B&B: Do you think that nowadays men and women trust each other?
Terri Kimble:
No, not really… Everyone’s looking for the moment, you know what I’m mean? They want that quick satisfaction for the moment. I think there are a lot of trust issues between men and women in general. A lot of songs push that distrust and what you see on TV is “he did me wrong, she did me wrong.” I read a book that said what we see and what we hear is what it becomes. You speak it into existence.

B&B: In the business that you’re in – professionalism is prided over most things. When has a lack of judgment ever cost you something you held dear?
Terri Kimble:
No, I have pretty good judgment. You run into people all the time. I did a test shoot for someone and the whole area didn’t look right. He wanted me to start taking things off and I thought it was for so-and-so and they’re trying to smooth talk me. I think that I have pretty good instincts on what doesn’t sound right. When someone is trying to offer me something, I make sure that I do the research.

B&B: What are a few things that you could do to cheer a man up that no one else can do?
Terri Kimble:
I am good at those massages. I pull my massage table out, warm the room up a little. Some nice soothing music and give him a facial. I think it’s important for him to take care of his skin too. Then I’d give him a body massage… after that… [Laughs] Who knows? [Laughs] It’d be a nice Christmas-time hug.

B&B: If voting is now like the newest and hottest club to go to – what are you going to wear to the polls?
Terri Kimble:
I’m going to wear an Obama t-shirt cut up and sexy in half-cut style with some tight jeans.

B&B: Is there anything that you’d like to say to the readers who don’t care about how smart you are when compared to how phat your rumpus is?
Terri Kimble:
I think that people shouldn’t be so judgmental just because a girl might not be smart or all she’s focused on is modeling that’s not everyone. Some girls want to own business. Not all are gold diggers. Get to know them and you’ll see that for yourself. We as women – especially if you’re a model – you promote yourself by what you’re wearing. If you’re wearing a skimpy dress, then they think that you’re promoting your body. But sometimes guys can see that and think that they’re trying to get some. Maybe I feel sexy that day and don’t want to be bothered like that. I’m just saying that people in general can be judgmental. You don’t know anything in the end only God knows.

B&B: Follow up with your thoughts to this statement: “If men were as smart as women, then…
Terri Kimble:
...They would start using their brains and stop thinking with their penises and more with their heart a little more than their initial feeling. Women think with their feelings and their penises. I ain’t feeling that dude. They’re going off of their emotions. There’d be more people in their relationships if they started to love more which would mean less violence and less beef over stupid stuff.

If you want to know more about Ms. Terri Kimble then be sure to [click here].

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