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Vanessa O. has a right to be conceited. This baby-faced 18-year-old from Toronto, Canada has the goods to supply an American market, but with some eye capturing photos, Ms. O – for short – is trying to grab your attention via Beauty & Brains.

With a Colgate smile and a sexy switch of her hips, this proud Nigerian sits down with Beauty & Brains to spread some fashion advice to all the ladies out there, imagines what Superhead’s retirement party is going to be like and compares Lil Wayne to her gluteus maximus.

Beauty & Brains: I have to admit – a lot of people are really trying to step up their fashion game. What are you rocking for the fall, Ms. Vanessa?
Vanessa O.:
I am about keeping it classy for the fall. I got to definitely keep on the heels, but I know that something in style and sophisticated is what I’ll be rockin’. Brown and gold are my favorite colors because they’re very rich colors. In the end, I’d wear a sexy freakum dress in that color. [Laughs] I’d step outside and get attacked. [Laughs]

B&B: What would you say are the hot fashions for the ladies to wear to get ready for the winter?
I’d say that some long coats and high boots with heels on it would be a nice start. I don’t really care about designers and their names, but I think that the ladies should most definitely rock those sexy straight-legged jeans. Plus, I’m a big fan of jewelry – especially, necklaces and the big diamond rings.

B&B: One of the things that made the rounds in the news lately was Superhead’s retirement. I don’t know what she’s really retired from, but what would you think her retirement party would be like?
Her retirement party would be really weird, you know…? Everyone there would be questioning what this party is really about. I think a lot of retired MILFs will be there. The guys there would be having a lot of funny conversations. I wonder what Diddy, Ja Rule [click to read] and Superhead would have to say to one another. [Laughs] It’d probably be a laugh riot… that’s for sure.

B&B: What do you think her legacy is within the music video genre?
She’ll always be known as the girl who came clean with what she does. That’s what everyone will remember her for. She’s the girl who loved celebrity dick. A lot of girls think that they’re the only one when a celebrity approaches them. They make them feel like they’re the only one. She made it open that celebrities fuck a lot of girls, and that this is what you may be getting yourself into if you deal with people like that.

B&B: When you first started as a model – did you think that it would become something that interested you so much?
Yeah. I always wanted to model since I was little. Then, hey, I grew a body and I was like, “Lucky me!” Believe it or not, I was in seventh grade and my butt was big and I tried to hide it with my shirt. I tried to hide it all the time because I thought it was embarrassing. But as I grew up, I started to like it. I’d love to wear tight fitting clothes. When you wear heels your body becomes more shaped. Your butt gets angled more properly.

B&B: Has anyone ever told you how much of a polluter to the environment you are when appearing in all those magazines like King, Smooth and all that?
Wow. I can’t lie, a lot of people think that what I’m doing is degrading and all that and realistically, most of the people who say that, they’re not hot whatsoever. They’re usually fat or something. They’re haters nonetheless. You even have silent haters, too. I like them better than the loudmouth haters because talkative haters are just fools who try to get on your nerves.

B&B: Well, we here at – we’re environment friendly and hater free… Any interest in modeling some eco-friendly bikinis?
Yeah… Why not?! I’ll put on anything. As long as it looks good…

B&B: I’m sure the fellas would’ve loved to scoop you up. But you seem more appropriate to being Michael from The Wire’s girlfriend and be on 90210. Are you more Valley Girl or Keyshia Cole?
I would say that I’m a Keyshia Cole type of girl. She’s a straight up person and real, you know… Someone who’s a good person is somewho is honest and I’ve very honest about me and what I like and what I don’t like.

B&B: I haven’t really asked any rap questions in a while, but what type of swagger defines sexy for you?
A swagger that defines sexy for me is me. Sexy is someone who isn’t afraid to be themselves and I love me… all of me… even my butt! I love my butt! It has a Lil Wayne [click to read] swagger. I love Lil Wayne and I love my ass. No matter what he’s wearing, you’re trying to watch him. You’re just trying to see what type of crazy thing he gets into… just like my butt. [Laughs] My boyfriend loves my butt. He tells me about it all the time. It’s been two years and he can’t stop looking it. Every time he sees it, it’s like he’s seeing a new butt.

B&B: A lot of women have a lot of praise for Obama, but should McCain get props for picking a woman as his vice president?
No. I think he’s trying too hard. I think that he’s trying to make changes in the world. Even though she’s a girl and I’m girl, that’s good to see the progress. I like how it sounds on paper, but I really think that [Barack] Obama is just the change we need.

B&B: With music being able to be downloaded for free – aren’t you worried that there won’t be any need for any models?
Of course! I’m worried about that because it’s all about money. I know people like the spotlight, but they don’t want to be used for no reason. I would love to work with Lil Wayne for sure! That’s my goal. He’s hot, right now and since I’m hot, too… it’s only right that two hot people get together.

Think that Vanessa O. is hot too? Be sure to check her out [click here].

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