Christine Bax

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Beauty & Brains continues to bring the most satisfying women to date, better than the rest on the web and our latest Ė Christine Bax Ė is just an example of what happens when beauty and brains comes together over a tight beat.

The Richmond, Texas sexy cowgirl isnít prone to roping big bulls, but is more interested in her field of Geology. Studying at the University of Houston, Ms. Bax has had her beautiful 5í8Ē frame captured on film in such projects like Friday Night Lights and DMXís ďWe In Here.Ē

Now, the 22-year-old darling sits down with Beauty & Brains to share her thoughts on the entertainment business and its proposed strike, the Ozone Awards, DMX and what changes sheíd like to make in Hollywood.

Beauty & Brains: As a woman whoís trying to further her name in this business Ė what seems to be the hardest thing that youíve encountered so far?
Christine Bax:
Iíve encountered a lot of flaky people and a lot of liars. Itís been kind of hard judging who is for real and who is pretending. A lot of people say that theyíre with a legitimate agency or company when theyíre really not. Theyíll say that photo shoots are clean, but then turn it around. People like to waste my time, so they donít tell me everything upfront. I end up calling them out and then telling them that theyíll one day find someone dumb enough to work with them. Iíll just tell them straight up and never work with them because Iíll always remember who it is. I remember the good, the bad and the ugly.

B&B: What brought you in to wanting to become an actress and not something like being a teacher or something?
Acting pretty much chose me. There are a lot of things that I like. I like music, I love dancing and make-up, I love being a nerd and learning. Iím a Geology major in college, but out of all of those things, I tend to gravitate towards modeling and acting more than anything else. In most aspects, I see myself there, but Iíll always fall back on it. Itís not up to me, no matter how many times I get screwed over I come back and just try to do me.

B&B: How much does the prospect of an actorís strike help or hurt your chances at advancing your career?
I donít think that itíll affect my career at all. Iím a pretty creative person and if there is a shortage of work, then Iíll create my own work. You have people who start their own production companies and Iím on the way to doing that myself. Itís kind of hard for me to put up with people when Iím trying to create jobs for others. Iím not going to leave it in the hands of a photographer or agent to handle my career. Iím trying to continue to do me. I havenít sold out on who I amÖ not yet, anyways. [Laughs] Iím still true to myself and the way that I am. I can be pretty cynical sometimes and stone faced when it comes to certain topics. I feel like Iím realistic and Iím not the type of person that likes to have fun, but I do. I rather tell the truth and keep it real about who I am. Itís why Iím not a size 2, and why I havenít gone blonde and got big boobs. Who I am is who I am and Iím not going to change just to impress anyone.

B&B: Now, you did a lot of work out of Houston, Texas, but by any chance did you get an opportunity to attend the Ozone Awards?
No, I didnít. Iím so out of the loop that I didnít get a chance to hear about it until the night before. I heard that it was fun, though.

B&B: So, you didnít put any money down on who would win between Trae and Mike Jones?
No, but I heard about itÖ Any kind of squabble like that is immature to me.

B&B: What do urban models think of those award shows like The Source, BET and MTV? Is there much of a difference?
I would say there is a difference with the Ozone Awards because Ė I donít know that much about it Ė but theyíre originally out of Florida, right? They happened to be in Houston this year. Itís focus on the south, culturally. Itís still all-urban. I canít speak on all the urban models in Houston and how they feel about it, but from my standpoint, I donít know much about it to relate other than what Iíve heard. Iíd rather be on BET than in the Ozone Awards, but thatís not to say that what happens there [at BET] is any better.

B&B: Itís safe to assume that you like being in front of the camera, but how did you find yourself in a DMX video?
[Laughs] My friend sent me the casting call for that and I submitted my picture. They cast me and I got the part of whatever it was that they wanted me to do, but when I got there they changed things around. One of the girls didnít show up and they changed it up and they made it a crowd thing. DMX asked me for baby oil to make it seem like he was sweating. Iím so busy doing my own stuff now, so I donít really get a chance to keep up with whatís going on with other people.

B&B: You werenít in the passenger side when he got arrested at that Wal-Mart, did you?
Wow! I didnít know that. Iím sorry to hear that about the manÖ

B&B: So, you could never be that ride or die Bonnie to someoneís Clyde?
HmmÖ I wouldnít be the thugged out Bonnie, butÖ no. As far as drugs go, no, but I could be half of a power couple. I wouldnít want to be with someone whoís on drugs or is a dealer. Iíve been there, done that and Iím through with it.

B&B: The role of women continues to be redefined in this entertainment business, but now more than ever it seems that many changes have been made to break through that glass ceiling of limitations. What are a few things that you would like to see happen in this business for the betterment of women and ďminoritiesĒ in Hollywood?
I would be a hypocrite if I said something about video girls not looking so ho-ish. All models are doing it, but weíre the ones who are looked at because of our bootyís are bigger and the nicest. But what most donít know is that half of these black girls are reserved, have morals and they stick to them. From what Iíve experienced, itís the other way around when it comes to women, sex and the industry. Iím not saying that all white girls are like that Ė my best friend is white Ė but itís the image thatís being portrayed and how it trickles down to the people. I am a bartender at a bar and I get offered to do things that white girls donít get propositioned with. But because of what they see on these videos, they think they can treat you like that in real life. I understand where itís all coming from, but I wish that it wasnít just there. I think there is starting to be an awareness to whatís going on and I can see certain black men coming off that. I see them getting over booty. [Laughs] When Jesus comes down and picks whoís going to Heaven and Hell, I donít think anyone is going to be worried about booty, but even with the Katrina thing going on Ė people were doing some unspeakable things during one of the worst moments in American history. Unfortunately, I donít think that men can let go of sex appeal in a woman and their need to act on it, which I feel drives the entertainment industry.

B&B: Do you think that women have to put out in order to have a successful career?
There are plenty of women who are sexy who go against the grain in the entertainment industry. You donít have to be a slut to make moves. Iím not saying that Iím perfect, but the image that I want to put out there is sexy, classy, smart and artistic.

Want to know more about the lovely Ms. Christine Bax? Be sure to check out this delectable 22-year-old over [click here].

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