Anastasia Garcia

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They say that sometimes it pays to go home, but for yours truly, going back to Ohio is a luxury reserved for the likes of Lebron James and Bone Thugs ‘N Harmony. For 19-year-old Anastasia Garcia, though, going home is more so a state of mind than a place of being.

The Atlanta, Georgia-to-Cleveland, Ohio transplant has learned a lot from her travels and with a dual education in the street and the textbook, the lovely young lady. whose face can be seen in Blood Raw’s latest video, enjoys the slowness of Ohio to the craziness of A-T-L. Now, the “sneaky” Virgo talks love and relationship with Beauty & Brains, why Plies is the sexiest guy out and discusses her problems with the opposite sex in gritty detail.

Beauty & Brains: Now, you are an Atlanta to Cleveland transplant, right? What was the first thing that you noticed?
Anastasia Garcia:
[Laughs] Yeah… Everybody was doing the same thing when I left. You go to the club and your cousin is still asking to borrow $20. The same guys are in the same neighborhood. Everyone is still worried about what other people are doing. In Atlanta, it was a change of pace and there weren’t any modeling opportunities in Cleveland. There’s a lot of B.S. in Cleveland, but I also learned not to trust anybody in Atlanta. I was gullible when I was in Cleveland and I took that with me to Atlanta. I got fucked over a lot when I was there. It just got to the point where I got fed up with it. One time, I was heading back to Atlanta to pick up my stuff and someone had stolen it. I don’t know what’s wrong with Atlanta, but everybody is messed up in the head. Something is wrong with them, they’re all out to get something from you.

B&B: How did the fellas treat you in Ohio versus Atlanta?
Atlanta guys are fags. I don’t care what anybody says. They’re lazy and they don’t want to do anything. They’re worst than anyone in Ohio. In Atlanta, they feel like they have to get something and that they’re owed it. In Ohio, they’re willing to work for what they want. But, in the end, I choose not to deal with it, that’s why I moved back to Ohio.

B&B: Now, your last name is Garcia – what’s your racial makeup?
I’m Dominican and black.

B&B: Your life wasn’t all peaches and cream, even though you got fans wanting to cover you in both. [Laughs] How was your life growing up?
When I was younger, I was spoiled until I was about three. Then, my mother had another child and it became funny. [Laughs] The guy who I called my father was on drugs and it was really hard for us. We just didn’t have it good at all. I don’t like going too deep into it, but we just had it really hard. My mom’s around, she does her best, but I raise my brother and sister and try to help out as much as I can. Financially, mentally, whatever I can do now, because before now I’m in a place where I can at least try to help.

B&B: I remember when we talked the other day, you hipped me to the fact that you are a Virgo. So, with that said – what’s the sneakiest thing that you’ve ever done without your man’s knowledge?
[Laughs] Oooh… The sneakiest thing that I’ve done was be with another person. [Laughs] I know… I’m bad. But I was talking to someone and I would go to the movies, but when I went out, it was with a girl. I haven’t given up on guys. He’s [boyfriend] not going nowhere and he ain’t gon’ do nothing either because I’d kill him if he did.

B&B: Well, Virgos are naturally indecisive, so I’m going to ask you some hard questions where you have to make a choice, okay?

B&B: Who’d you rather have a first date with and why – Plies or Trey Songz?
AG: Plies
. I have the biggest crush on him since he came out with “Ms. Pretty P---y.” I’ve already seen him in person. I first met him at his listening party in Atlanta and Kenny from the morning show off of 107.9 got me the tickets because he knew how much I was a fan. I ended up giving Plies [click to read] my number and got it changed afterwards. But, the next time I saw him was at the radio station and I had went down there and we talked. I couldn’t have sex with him though. He gave me a hug and I just couldn’t do it. I can’t bring myself to do that. I want Plies bad as hell, but I cannot do that…

B&B: Well, but a girl like you certainly has to have someone to protect all that fineness…
My boyfriend does... But when it comes to Plies, it’s a different story… I love my boyfriend. He knows that no other guy on the street can talk to me.

B&B: What is the problem that you have with most guys?
The problem I have with most men are that they only just want to have sex or take money from me. They just ask me for everything. I mean… I’m nice, but not that nice. It’s not even what they do, it’s how they do it. I used to date this guy while still living in Atlanta and his birthday came up. I spent $800 for his birthday party and when Valentine’s Day came, all I had wanted was for him to be with me on that day. He stood me up, then lied about it and afterwards asked me for $80! [Laughs] It was right after Valentine’s Day and I gave it to him, but once we were over, he had the nerve to come back to me to ask me for $100. He know who he is and his boys know who he is, too!

B&B: It’s not because you’re a sneaky Virgo, is it, hmm…? [Laughs]
It might be…

B&B: Would you rather be have your ass kissed or complimented?
I don’t know… I like my ass kissed and complimented. I feel like people should kiss my ass. Don’t you want to kiss my ass?

B&B: [Laughs] It’s not a part of my job description, darlin’…

B&B: If modeling didn’t work out, then what would be next for Anastasia Garcia?
I’m going to try acting. If it all fails, then I’m going to be a nurse or a nun. [Laughs] I like the nun outfits. I could spike mines up a little bit. I’d make mines with pink and some clear slits for the nipples. I’d put pink rhinestones around the nipple part. I’m going to church with my Halloween outfit on… [Laughs] I’m playing. Let me stop because I don’t want to get struck down.

B&B: You also mentioned to me that you are a dancer – what’s your favorite dance to do at the club?
I just do me. I don’t really like them dances like Soulja Boy [click to read] and all that... I love the way Chris Brown and Lloyd dance and, personally, I love to Salsa. I’m just trying to do me.

B&B: So, if you’re not like the rest of ‘em, but better than the best of ‘em – why should people check out for Anastasia Garcia?
Because I’m the best! I’m the shit. I, at least, look like my actual self in person. Most models look totally different than how they are in their pictures. Artie from Sweets Magazine...he told me that I was in his magazine. I didn’t know… He said that my butt was actually the size that it was in the magazine. Most girls photoshop their stuff. I’d rather not be photoshopped because I rather come off as just being me. I’m the shit. Everybody should know me. You can check me out in Blood Raw’s new video featuring Wingo from Jagged Edge. The song is called “Like This” and I’m in Gorilla Zoe’s video – it was fun to do – called “Walkin’ Wit’ A Waddle.” So, be sure to keep your eyes on me!

Wanna photoshop some pictures of Anastasia Garcia for yourself? Be sure to check her out on MySpace [click here].

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