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Iím pretty sure that our readers here at HipHopDX have a lot more to do than stare at sexy girls on a computer screen (there have to be some outside your house, right?), but as we creep into the halfway mark of summer, Beauty & Brains wants to give you an incentive to at least go out on the hunt with the visual eye candy of Arielle Johnson.

The youngling, at only 20-years-old, is building her credentials straight out of Virginia, U.S.A. With the eye-catching 36-26-36 frame, this chocolate drop beauty has her own powers with a sexy pair of lookersÖ eyes, that is, fellas! While the home known for lovers gets their heart rate increased by Ms. Johnson, Beauty & Brains wants you to sit down and entertain yourself as the buxom Aquarius talks about unexpected compliments, Obama and why poverty is one of the first things to go under the new administration.

Beauty & Brains: Have those eyes of yours gotten you in trouble?
Arielle Johnson:
No. I didnít realize that theyíre there until I get a compliment. People sometimes question if these are really my eyes, but I feel good when they say nice things about them. I donít really notice that I have beautiful eyes. But the kind words are sometimes very unexpected...I like it though.

B&B: What inspired you to become a model?
My mother. At a very young age, she put me in front of the camera and instantly, I was doing poses. I loved to look at all the magazines. I always paid attention to fashion, hair and make-up. About a year ago, I had a chance to model seriously; it was a local job opportunity and I was exciting. He was asking if I was interested in the chance. I took some shots and it was great. My mother was kind of iffy about me doing modeling at first, because I was showing some skin. [Laughs] She didnít want the perverts to get a hold of it.

B&B: Your parents never really had an issue with you showing of your goodies to the world?
No. She hasnít noÖ [Laughs]

B&B: Well, youíre from Virginia Ė what part?
I am from Williamsburg. It is about 45 minutes from Norfolk, VirginiaÖ

B&B: Is that nearby place? So, how does your crush on Trey Songz help your modeling career?
[Laughs] Who said that I had a crush on Trey Songz? I mean thereís nothing wrong with Trey, but Iím single and I used that to focus on me and what Iím trying to do. Sometimes men can be very possessive, controlling and jealous. They donít have a lot of trust in their women. I think that that gets in the way of what I want to do. I like acting. I took some classes when I was in school. I ended up getting some time in front of a camera after being cast for a small role. I really liked acting. I would love to be in a romantic/comedy movie. Trey Songz would be my boo!

B&B: Have you ever been discriminated against for being dark-skinned?
No, not so far, at leastÖ

B&B: Now, more than ever, the game is changing. We have a country that may put a black man as the President of the United States. Will that help or hurt the country nowadays?
Thatís a tough question. Iíve been thinking about that. You never know what might happen or how something will go. What Iím hoping for is that he wins and everything goes well, but who knows whatís going to happen until November.

B&B: Are our entertainers and athletes doing enough to help make that dream a reality?
Yes, I think theyíre playing a big role in it, which Iím glad to see. Iím a person of color and a lot of entertainers and athletes are doing a great job getting the word out about the election. Even our media is conforming to the time, [Barack] Obama is really making a difference and I believe that all parties of change are doing their jobs.

B&B: If you could be president Ė what would be one thing that youíd want to change or make better?
Iíd change poverty. I know everyone says that but I grew up rough. I didnít have a lot. Iím coming from nothing and I still have much of nothing. Iíve seen people who I met, who are family, who are poor and just struggling. I just wanted to help out so much. Have something for the kids, for the family, but it never went that way and I know how it affects everyone else when you are going without and I would love, more than anything, to change that.

B&B: As a model, you seem to in control of your own destiny. What are a few things that are out of your reach that youíd want to achieve before 2008 gives way to 2009?
I want to be signed to an agency. I would want a contract to be represented by someone. I want a magazine spread or a cover, you knowÖ? Iíd want something that would put me on the map. Iím making the phone calls, submitting pictures, just trying to make noise wherever I can. I want to stay focused and hungry.

B&B: With everything seemingly coming to a head from these weird weather changes, black music blending with all these other sounds and sex still selling out stadiums everywhere Ė whatís next for Arielle Johnson?
I just had an interview and a meeting with Bill Dawson. Heís a local photographer in Virigina that shoots for Jet Magazine. He only does it around this area and Iím looking forward to, hopefully, doing some work with him. I have a few more ideas on how I want to push my name out there. The Source is coming down here for a casting call, so God willing, Iíd be able to catch someoneís eye. Iíd really like to thank everyone for reading this interview. Please support and stay tuned. Iím coming.

Got a chocolate fetish? Be sure to check out Miss Arielle Johnson [click here].

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