The G.O.O.D. Girlz

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Happy, hippy HipHopDX Fourth of July to you all! Everyone gets their chance to relax, crack open a bottle and enjoy the fireworks. The G.O.O.D. Girlz – referred by the lovely and sexy, Morgan Daniele – have some explosive devices of their own.

The college-educated and driven five-some aren’t just Southern belles looking to be princesses of the ball. The G.O.O.D. Girlz' commitment to their craft is almost to a level of Diddy-workhorse proportions. How so? In just a few days, the girls rounded up calling all over Georgia to an international Bermuda call! They met up, logged in face time with photographer – Dave Jerome – and knocked out a Fourth of July theme that Beauty & Brains surely won’t forget.

The independent collective of Jasmine Stewart, Seannika Smith, Vania Taylor, Erika Ervin and new baby to the bunch, Autumn Denae sit down with Beauty & Brains to give some bang to DX’s boom, say five loving things about black men and explain why a G.O.O.D. Girl can never go bad.

Beauty & Brains: Just to give a little background for the people out there, how did G.O.O.D. Girlz all come together?
Jasmine Stewart:
Well, we started modeling in the fall of 2007 for G.M.I. Records. [Laughs] There was a comedy show that we were on called Crackin’ Up. We were all nervous to be on stage, at the time, but it was a fun thing. After that, we came together and started doing jobs and shoots together. It was most of ours first time on stage, we were all excited, but the spotlight was really bright. I really enjoyed being backstage and seeing the people getting ready.

B&B: None of you would say that it’s hard to get along with beautiful women all doing business together?
Nobody is going to get along all the time, you know, but each of us are different. We’re going to have different opinions about things and all that. At the end of the day, though, we all love each other.
Erika: Yeah, we all love each other. There has been some minor stuff. I remember we’ve had some different opinions about Barack Obama. But we haven’t had anything bad happen… we’re all mature women.

B&B: So, if you all are such a “good” girl, tell me how good music makes you feel?
For me, good music is my getaway. Ooh, especially when I have a bad day, it helps to take my mind off of everything and just escape. The person who does it for me the most would have to be Beyonce. She’s my favorite. She’s fierce!
Jasmine: I agree with Vania, but for me, my favorite artist is Slimm Duddy. He’s really different and he has his own style. Everybody in the south are still trying to do the same old thing, Slimm is not trying to be like everyone else.
Erika: Music, when it’s good, it caters to my mood. When I’m tired, I can play a nice slow song that gets me fall asleep. Alicia Keys or Aaliyah, those two do well to help. They have some very soothing voices. I can’t listen to too much rap music, quite honestly.
Autumn: I really don’t dance, I mean – I can, but I don’t like to dance in the club, but I love my music!

B&B: What has there ever been a time where doing something bad felt good?
We’re good girls, we don’t do anything bad. [Laughs]
Autumn: [Laughs] Right! We’re good girls… but for me, mines wasn’t on purpose! [Laughs] I was in a store trying to get some Starburst. I had put it in my back pocket. But I walked around so much till I forgot that I had it back there. [Laughs] I ended up walking out the store. When I got in the car, I felt them in my back pocket. I just laughed to myself and ate it! [Laughs] I mean… it was an accident. [Laughs]

B&B: I spoke with Morgan Daniele awhile back and learned a few things about what you got to know before you move to Georgia. Think there anything else should know?
I’d say to anyone who comes to Georgia to make sure that you have air in your car, [laughs] because if you do not, you will die because of the heat! It’s so hot out there that when I step out the house, I always try to make sure that I look cute before I leave. But by the time I get to where I’m going, my hair is starting to sweat out and all that. [Laughs]
Jasmine: When you’re in Georgia, you have to know that it has weather mood swings. One day is cool and breezy, you’re sitting in the shade, enjoying yourself; the next day, it could be doing whatever. You have to just be prepared for whatever.
Erika: Even if you’re coming to Savannah, you better bring some bug spray. Those gnats will follow you wherever you go. They’ve ran New Yorkers back home, they’re so big and annoying!
Vania: One thing to know about Georgia, hmm… I’d say that everyone should know that there’s no one for anyone to ever date where I’m at.
Jasmine: Guys aren’t looking for a relationship. They’re just trying to get off and do their thing…
Vania: I think at our age, a good relationship is on point when you keep yourself first in the end. Guys try to be committed, but someone always wants more. When people are coming at them, something can always happen. So, I say that you still have to stay focused. At that point, you have people coming back trying to get into your spotlight because they think they’re going somewhere. I just feel that they’re trying to get ahead instead of fall in love.

B&B: Are the ladies out there as good as the G.O.O.D. Girlz?
Yes, there are… but I think that we’re the cream of the crop. We’re all college students who are trying to make a way for ourselves. We have a real dreams and skills with modeling and styling. As a collective, we’re very serious about doing this and where we want to go with this as a business. We carry ourselves with class and are dedicated to making it happen.
Erika: …Not to toot our own horn or anything. [Laughs]

B&B: Ms. Taylor – you have such a beautiful smile – by being associated with this crew, what good things are you hoping come out of this?
Really, I am hoping to come out of this with a lot more experience and exposure as a whole. I’ve been blessed to gain some wonderful friends; they’re truly wonderful people. But I’m hoping that we all get a chance to travel as a group. I would love to get a lot of networking done. I just think that by being in the G.O.O.D. Girlz, that it’s a great opportunity for us all, I feel comfortable working with these girls. We’re going to get a lot accomplished.

B&B: Ms. Stewart – your Facebook game is crazy. After interviewing Morgan, I had noticed that there were cats from my school who had hit you guys up, waaay before I even heard about you guys. How has Facebook and Myspace help push you guys out there to the world?
Jasmine: It really helps out a great deal… 90% of our promotion is done online. We have a MySpace page that we’re working on, right now. It’s helping us out and is our main source of networking. Everyone is online. People are trying to stay in touch with one another and it happens all online. I want G.O.O.D. Girlz to continue onward to get bigger – television, music videos, a few covers of magazines, perhaps – the works!

B&B: You guys think like the rest of the ladies out there and believe it’s hard to find a good black man?
…You can find one because I have one. [Laughs]
[The rest of the girls go, “Awwww…”]
Erika: I tell people not to look. You don’t need to search for love.
Vania: Not everyone is bad. I think that guys just want more than women. Girls just want what somebody else has, to keep it all the way honest with you. It’s all about jealousy and curiosity that makes it all go so terribly wrong.
Erika: Girls and guys have to be selective with who they date...
Jasmine: Guys expect so much for themselves, but when they get what they want, they don’t know what to do with it...
Seannika: Here in Bermuda, there’s nothing much going on here, it’s fun, but I can’t wait to get back home to the States, I feel left out, right now…
[The rest of the girls go, “Awww…”]

B&B: Okay, okay, okay, okay… If we’re so bad, then… Tell me five good things about black men…
They’re loyal to their friends and family. Some of them may be that way in a bad way, I understand, I just don’t condone. Personally, I don’t date thugs, I love the thug look [laughs], but the guy can’t be a true thug.
Erika: They have beautiful ambition and they’re goal oriented. They're strong and so sexy!
Vania: I love the way they talk. Some guys have such sexy voices.

B&B: Y’all some sexy ladies, too… Since it’s the Fourth of July – Obama or McCain?
I’m not American… I’m not able to vote, but if I could, I like what Obama has to offer.
Erika: Obama. I think he stands for so much more than what McCain is talking about. Someone of color can bring so much life to America to where it’d be such a beautiful thing! The presidents of the past have not really lived up to what The Constitution stands for.
Vania: I’m voting for Obama

B&B: One piece or bikini?
Hmm… [Laughs] One piece with the cut-outs.
Vania: I like the two-piece bikini where it’s kind of connected, but I’d wear the one-piece suit. I have one being made. [Laughs] I’m about to get mines for the summer, ha!
Seannika: – I’d rock the one piece.

B&B: Fireworks or ice cream?
Ice cream…
Vania: Yeah… Ice cream…
Seannika: Ice cream.

B&B: What’s next for the G.O.O.D. Girlz?
We have a launch party that we’re going to be throwing in August. We’ll also be hosting a party that anyone in the area should come out and check out at Club Cali in Atlanta. Other than that, G.O.O.D. Girlz have a lot of stuff coming out!

Why do G.O.O.D. Girlz like bad guys? Find out why [click here].

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