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For any one who has waved off the taller woman in their life Ms. Adi B might be the exception to anybody's rule. After beginning her modeling career via a celebrity fashion show, this runway-sized model went out to tag her pretty face alongside one of R&Bís leading men, Mario and Hip Hopís brut, 50 Cent.

With so many new reality TV shows flooding the airwaves, Adi B says that microwave stardom is not for her. And as she sits down with Beauty & Brains, the 5í11" Pisces with the coca-cola shape frame raps about her rumored relationship with the Queens-bred rapper, 50 Cent, how her height works against her and answers whoís better Ė Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant.

Beauty & Brains: What was your first start in modeling?
Adi B:
My first start was when I did a runway fashion show tour. The company was DS Enterprises and they put on this celebrity fashion show. I wasnít one of the celebrities [laughs], I was just a random girl who they threw into the mix. But it made me feel like I could have a chance to really do this, seriously. I was around other people who were established in the game. Erika Ringor, who played Sidra OíNeal in Love & Basketball was in it, as well. It was a charity fashion show and I had a lot of fun. They werenít big enough though. Youíd get the clothes and the exposure, but I was working towards more. I ended up doing 50 Centís ďAmusement ParkĒ video and that was fun. I was also featured in Marioís ďCryiní Out For MeĒ video. Since then, Iíve just been auditioning for movies and television.

B&B: A little birdie told me that ďAmusement ParkĒ wasnít the only thing 50 found fun and excitingÖ
No, it was a rumor. Thereís nothing wrong with him. I barely said anything to him. When we were all on the set, 50 was really cool to all of the girls. People can get the wrong idea about things and about him. I had talked to him before the shoot and he learned that this was my first video shoot. The wardrobe styled me with a bikini top. 50 saw it or heard about it somehow and he thought against that idea. He made me relaxed. I donít know if someone outside of the camp took it the wrong way, and ran with it, or not. There wasnít a big difference when doing either one of those videos. At all times, we were treated very well and we had a lot of attention given to us directly from the staff.

B&B: But donít you think being a model could give you a negative look?
I think that it depends on the way that the attention is focused. If a dude is bugging you, heís all in your face and thatíd be messed up. One annoying moment that I went through was that I had a guy tell me that he was a screenwriter, or whatever he said, and he was all up in my face trying to ďhelpĒ me with my career. He didnít have his stuff together, no cards, nothing; but had the nerve to try to tell me what I needed to start my career. You could really be pissed off that, but I just said, ďThank you.Ē I was polite and eventually, he got the hint that I didnít really want his opinion. He left me alone after that. Honestly, Iím really bad in those situations, I canít tell people to get away from me.

B&B: Whatís the worst time when you have to be rude?
[Laughs] In the clubs. You always have to be rude in the club. People in the clubs will try and grab you. One time, this guy did it and, honestly, I donít know where it came from. I ended up hitting him though.

B&B: So, you Mike Tyson, now?
Not really, but Iím pretty sure that if you try to offend me, Iíll defend myself.

B&B: You went to Cal State Domingus, right? Whatíd you graduate with?
I earned my Bachelors in Mass Communication. Communications Law really helped me and I enjoyed it a lot. Random terms that people use, I really know what theyíre getting at. Iím more knowledgeable of situations and how theyíre used. Actually, I should say that this design class that I took really helped me out because I can Photoshop my own pictures.

B&B: Youíre 5í11ĒÖ Why not hoop instead of model with the talent that you have?
I can play basketball really well. I guess people look at me and think that because I am tall that I would be an WNBA player.

B&B: Has one ever hit on you before?
No, they never hit on me, but I do see one often at the gym. She never hits on me though. When I was Junior in College, I broke my hand. The X-Ray [technician] really discouraged me from playing basketball. He was really against women playing basketball, but it made sense after time. The injuries that I couldíve suffered really changed my whole outlook on basketball.

B&B: Did you wish that you didnít listen to him?
Yes. Now, when I watch womenís basketball, I get mad that I didnít play or keep it up. I would love to play basketball again, but I think that Iíve lost my interest in it.

B&B: So, from the league to Americaís Next Top Model, right?
NahÖ I donít have the shape for it. I am shaped really like a black girl. I think they look for girls who are super skinny. I really donít think that reality TV is for me at all; especially, not that show! I just donít think that what happens on that show is not realistic.

B&B: So, what are you interested in?
I am interested in acting. I am taking acting classes and Iím trying to make that thing come true. My dream is to play a basketball playing role.

B&B: How does your height work against you?
I havenít been in that many music videos because of my height. I donít get cast for stuff because of it. I donít want to do those kinds of music videos anyways. For ďAmusement Park,Ē I was in a bumper car Ė which was fun. I was a girl in the club for Marioís Ė so you could see me, but I guess to be a lead, you have to compliment the artist and Iím tall. [Laughs]

B&B: If you could compliment any artist that you like; who would it be?
I would love to be in a Jay-Z video. I think heís the best rapper alive. I like Lil Wayne, too. I would love to complement Beyoncť. I think I could be like her homegirl in a video. Weíd be really cute together. [Laughs] She may end up hatiní on me, though!

B&B: So, is that why youíre single?
Nah, Iíve had the same boyfriend since high school and heís 6í6Ē. He plays basketball overseas. He is very supportive. Heís more excited when I book something than I am. I donít know why heís excited, but he sees me out there auditioning and when I make it, he really loves it. Itís one of those things where we feel the same and have a beautiful chemistry together.

B&B: Most people break up around the summertime Ė how can you keep your relationship going through those hot months?
You can go to amusement park and get some ice cream. Go to a spa together and just relax. Take a vacation somewhere. I would love to go to Miami. A park always works to have a picnic. My boyfriend and I are really cool. We went to a Laker game, when they were in the playoffs, and went to dinner afterwards. That was our most romantic moment.

B&B: You think that the Lakers are going to take it all?
I know they are going to do it. When I first saw him jump over the car, I started laughing. It didnít look fake. He probably thought it was cute. When he did an interview, he was really silly in the interview. I thought it was hilarious when he first did it.

B&B: So, whoís better Ė Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant?
AB: Kobe Bryant
is better than Michael Jordan. I wasnít really a fan of MJís, Iíve always been a Lakers fan and I canít see past that purple and gold jersey.

B&B: What are you doing to get into more TV and film?
I am taking a lot of classes and have actually been in one film. Even if I donít fit the part, Iíll read for everything. It makes me more comfortable. I practice everyday. I am reading, right now, Ivonna Chubbuck's The Power of the Actor. My power is to just go as hard as I can, everyday and to do my best. I have a script that Iím reading for Dead Zero. The character is the opposite of what I am. Sheís so different. I would love to do that because it would be different. Itís a horror film about 12-inmates and theyíre in a bus crash and the woods that they crash in are haunted.

B&B: Would you be able to do a love scene and not upset your boyfriend?
I wouldnít do it on a low budget type of movie. It would have to make sense to me to do it. But I could do it. My boyfriend would be very uncomfortable with it though. I am not just some girl who is willing to get into this business just because of who they know, who they can sleep with or who they can talk to to get into the game. Iím willing to work for success. I donít want it handed to me just because someone likes me.

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