Sic Osyrus

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Sic Osyrus

After stints of jail, Sic, one of nine siblings is making "pain music" that's made him a Northeast regional star.

"'Work smarter, not harder' Sometimes artists feel they need to do more
to get more, sometimes its do less,but do the right things, the smarter
things. This music industry is like a big chess game, its all about
strategies, placement and positioning yourself for success.
" - Sic Osyrus.

With the industry in
a state of emergency there's not a lot of rappers coming out and living what
they rap about. With cases like Akon and 50 Cent perhaps fabricating or manipulating
the truth for more record sales, some artists still keep that integrity that
makes them successful and more appealing to the common folks and to the people
that can relate to their music through their own struggles.

One thing to say
about Philly is that they stay pushing some "real" music. You know if someone
is birthed out of Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania, you're not going to
hear any bubblegum pop music. You know it's going to be that gutter street
sound which Beanie Sigel attempt to go "from the streets to the fame." Don't be mad at The Roots for bringing
that dark feel to their music on their last album either. Illadelph stays consistent
with their product and Sic Osyrus is no different.

Growing up in a
single mother household with nine siblings, and moving around from state to state
can affect any child. All of our experiences
and lessons learned throughout our youth, is what molds us to what we are
today. For most artists, embellishing the truth is the name of the game, but
Sic has proved through humble effort that he is worthy of DXnext.

What Sic Reps: "I rep music that provokes an emotion, I want to move people with my music. I've been through a lot. None kids in my family, one mother, no father. [I[ jumped from Philly, to South Carolina to New York to jail and back to New York, so every life experience, every struggle, every breath I breathe is real and it effects how I paint my lyrics into a vivid and descriptive audio experience. I always say that if my skin could speak, the lyrics would be tattooed all over my body. I truly live what I speak, but I let my music translate that to the rest of the world."

On Tap: New mixtape album Sic-O-Nomics 2 [click to listen] hosted by Remy Ma's deejay, Bedtyme357 (also "Underground DJ of The Year" nominee) features with Skyzoo, Sha Stimuli [click to read] and The League, and production by Drawzilla (Remy Ma, Chrisette Michele, Capone) Raf Moses, Oz and CokChop Productions, shooting full length video for "S on my Chest." Will be dropping Sic-O-Nomics 2.5 in June, hosted by DJ Superstar Jay. Also in studio with Amadeus (50 Cent, Jim Jones, Talib Kweli) and the legendary Buckwild (Jay-Z, Black Rob, O.C.), so keep your ears open. I am also performing in front of 20,000 at Greekfest in New York this year.

You Might Have Heard Me On: "A few mixtapes (over 50 in last six months), Audio posted on all major sites (35,000 spins and building), college or mixshow radio. I'm hard to miss."

Seven Degrees of Separation: "The one thing I never try to do is try to separate myself. I just do me. However my passion for making music, as well as my strong team and our vision of my project has all bases covered, alot of artists don't have what I do in terms of a support system and a reason to succeed."

Where Can You Find Me: "Somewhere between New York and Philly on the daily, tearing a stage down, or murdering the booth. I try to stay with fresh materials for my deejay family, the sites, just staying creative and using my life experiences as my direction."

If It Wasn't For Rap I'd Be: "Sad to say but probably locked up or laid out. I took a 14 month vacation, when I came home. I had to stay focused and this rap shit is my therapy. My music is described as 'pain music' because that

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