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The uniqueness of a person is described by the way they carry themselves. For Miss Soncerae Smith, she embodies a dualism rarely found within the modeling world. Every female has their experiences within the industry that shape their outlook. Very few persevere to keep their wits and sensibilities about them.

This Georgia Peach has more determination than fear of the unknown. And as she continues to create opportunities for herself outside of the modeling industry, the lovely 23-year-old speaks with Beauty & Brains about the ins and outs of certain ďindustry practices,Ē how the heart can drive one insane and how Bush spoiled everything for Obama.

B&B: Are you single for a reason?
Yes. Iím not very good person to be romantically involved with. I donít have any emotional stability. Iím not crazy, but Iíve been through so much with men to a point to where Iím bitter. I really love men; I love being in a relationship, but I canít do it. They make it so hard in this industry. They try to use my career to get used to me. They donít look at me like a businesswoman. They look at me like Iím just tits and ass. Iím at a different status in my life now and they try to get to know what Iím doing to pull me into some things. The president of Don Diva Magazine in Atlanta talked to me before. He was starting a group, at the time, and he invited me to his house to listen to some tracks.

He wanted me to perform live, too. I did and he said that it was late and since it was raining, I should stay the night. I laid on the couch and he went into the room to change clothes. But he ended coming back trying to get me into the bed with him. I didnít play that game. The night ended with him driving me back home in the rain. I have a lot of stories about that. I-20 did that to me. Frank Ski, he did that to me, too. I had him mad as hell, though. I used to work as a waitress and he would do a show where I worked at. One day, I came in there dressed in regular clothes. He said his little comment. I knew he was married. I just wanted to ask him some advice on getting into the game. He works for the radio and he asked me to come visit him in his hotel. He mustíve been there before because people came up to him the whole time there.

He wanted me to have a drink, he tried to get me upstairs and I was like, ďNo, thank you.Ē Young Gavin just did me like this. He found me on MySpace and he was text messaging me and telling me how he wanted me to be his woman. He told me that he was going to be in town on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I wasnít trying to come to the hotel, though. I wasnít trying to do anything with him, "A lady doesnít have anything to prove nothing to let you know that she likes you." He thought that I was going to be his groupie. Thatís what they expect from you when they see models. They think that models in Atlanta are easy and thatís not the case at all.

B&B: But nowadays it seems like men and women are only focused on what they can get from one another instead of what they can get with one another. Why?
Itís like competing. I think the gender roles have been switched. Back in the day with the caveman, the caveman and woman had an agreement. They had an agreement between one another and that is why things were the way they were. The man hunted and provided and the woman handled the home. That was the way things used to be. Women now feel like they donít need men. The men made us kind of become like that. I donít know if men are treating us like this because they feel like they need to or what, but chivalry is not dead to me. I donít have to pay for anything! I want the door opened for me. Iím old school with it. I donít want to meet him anywhere. I want them to come to my house and pick me up. I donít know who started it first, but I wish men respected us. I really believe in the divine order of God.

B&B: Well, women are going around trying to play the game better than the guys. So, whoís better at getting away with murder Ė men or women?
Women. Men got to work a lot harder to get where they gotta go. You really got to prove stuff to people when it comes to men. You would think that it would be hard for a female rapper, but itís harder for them to get on because they want to be in trouble. If youíre a man and youíre trying to be a party promoter, itíd be harder. But if I did, I would get that interest. Itís almost like a catch-22 in each case. Women get away with it better than men. Once you capture a man in that way, we got yíall. Yíall think with another part of your body. If I can make you think that you have an opportunity with me, then youíre good. When I leave the invitation open, I know I can get what I want. But I donít like that game. If I keep it clear and have no confusion in it, then Iíll be good.

B&B: You sound like the type to swindle a brother out of his sanity... [Laughs]
Friday, I went out with a friend of mines who I used to date last year. We hadnít been together for a long time. We went out to a jazz bar, but before he called to tell me that he was a painter. I always encouraged him to be a painter because he wanted to be a rapper, but I told him to be a painter. He said that he drew a mural on the wall. We go to the jazz bar and went upstairs and it was lovely up there. He said that he was going to get something from downstairs. A waiter came up to us and said, ďTwo Ďsonceraeísí for the couple.Ē I asked why it was called a ďsonceraeĒ and he said that my friend was so depressed about me that he would come to that place and always have that drink and talk about me. The drink, he described, was to symbolize how he felt about me.

B&B: What did he think you were?
The drink is real cold and sweetÖ and thatís me. He said that I can really be cold and sweet. We drank and by the end of the night everyone had that drink in their hands. It was so good. It was like drinking juice. We get back to the apartment and the mural is of stuff about me. It was really weird! He thought I was so amazing and all that. Iíd have men crazy about them and I donít think it has anything to do with what I look like, but my mom says that I make them lose it for no reason. I broke up with the guy because he started feeling himself. Itís been a chain of that. Iím being bitter as a result of it.

B&B: So, how are you any different from the other ladies in the game trying to do the same thing as you are?
Theyíre not trying to do the same thing as I am. Iím not trying to be a model. Iím trying to be a philanthropist. The things that Iím doing are a prerequisite. I have never liked modeling. I have been putting in the work. The things that I want to do have nothing to do with modeling. It just works like promotions. Shawn Darnell from Summer Bunnies came to me wanting to shoot me. He really wanted to shoot me. He was supposed to come to Atlanta and didnít show up. He told me that I wasnít pretty enough. I have seen him turn the most butt ugliest women into models. He was giving me an excuse because I wasnít for it. He just wanted me to do certain things that I couldnít do.

B&B: This year seems like Black folks will really see some changes within their government and hopefully in their homes. Will you be voting for Obama and what does will his presidency do to help you realize your aspirations?
Politics is an interesting subject for me. I never intended on voting for Obama, I wanted to vote for Hillary. She had more experience. I donít think that our society is ready for an African American president. Thatís how I first felt. But after hearing him speak, I appreciate him more. I still am deciding not to vote, though. In 2004, I voted for Al Gore and I donít remember anyone talkiní about voting for Bush, and he cheated to get the presidency! So, Iím not going to vote because I feel jilted. I feel like my vote doesnít matter. I know that it may be important, but Iím not going to vote.
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