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A pretty face may get you in the door, but a hustlerís ambition will take you to the penthouse. For 20-year-old, Tierra Cobb, the grind is an extension of who she is as a go-getter. With a mind of a champion, this buxom beauty does not care what you think or what you may say.

The stubborn Taurus with the comedic timing of a young Wanda Sykes, Ms. Tierra Cobb is an interesting choice for Beauty & Brains. Youíll find that to be true, as in this interview, the Washington vixen talks about the horrors of growing up young and thick, speaks on her financial dominatrix business and Ė spoiler alert Ė her upcoming marriage!

Beauty & Brains: You canít possibly be 20 and be as thick as you are!
Tierra Cobb:
I donít know. I get that a lot, actually. I just laugh about it. Iíve always hung out with older people, though. I guess Iíve matured a lot faster than everyone else. I went through things that people never could really imagine.

B&B: What about when people try to get with you and they realize youíre a younginíÖ?
They back up for a second and remind themselves that theyíre talking to a 20-year-old. I donít think most people could handle that. I was raised by my grandmother and mother. I had to take care of myself. My dad wasnít really around to keep the boys away from me; I fended for myself.

B&B: Well, physical aside, you say that youíre a shy girlÖ How can you be shy and a model?
I also used to be a stripper. No one believed me when I did that. I danced for a year. I had never been introduced to drugs before and that was all that you see there. My first time seeing cocaine and prostituting was when I worked there and it was scary. I grew up faster than the average and I knew I wasnít supposed to be doing that, so I stayed away from all those things. I just loved making money. I want to be comfortable. I donít want to worry about overdrawing my account or not having enough to do things that I like.

B&B: But pornos pay good money tooÖ
I draw the line at doing those. I would never do that. I am a financial dominatrix. These guys just call in to let me humiliate them and they love it enough to pay me. These guys are losers who just like being made fun of. At first, when I got on bored, it was weird to comprehend. But in the end, itís not that different than the strip club. They just want to throw their money away and they feel that Black women are superior to them, already, so I am an extension of their fetishes.

B&B: Iím pretty sure youíve pissed off plenty a housewifeÖ?
I have a female slave and sheís cool. But to see that a woman is into giving me money to make sure that I donít have to work is sexy.

B&B: Your family never had a problem seeing his lilí baby so open?
My mom does. I donít know what to tell her. I make a lot of money and I talk to my step-dad about it. I actually did quit when I got engaged. I had to regroup and realize that I was getting married.

B&B: Does she still have a problem?
She still does, but I guess she deals with it. I donít know how she found out about my website. We actually didnít talk for awhile. I know she just tolerates what Iím doing. My mom thinks that she is in control and I donít know what to tell her [laughs], but sheís not. My mom is more of my friend than my mother, but I love her and never want to see her upset.

B&B: So, how does your job affect your engagement?
No one knows about him, but I guess I should come out and say that I have been dating my main photographer and we got engaged last October. Not too many people know about it. I wasnít even going to talk about it, but you know what, I donít care! You canít date a guy outside of modeling because the guys donít understand. I was doing my thing and my last guy went psycho. I just think that guys can handle their woman making more money than they do.

B&B: Whenís the wedding?
Weíre getting married on June 28th. People talk about my age, but I donít care. We just click. Even on our first photo shoot, they were calling us "Bonnie & Clyde." Iíve shot my best pictures with him. The chemistry is ill between us.

B&B: But people who think that youíre just a girl with blessed assets wouldnít think any different about your career?
I want to be able to help girls in Washington get modeling jobs. Thereís not a lot of work out here for them. If you want to get in then you have to fly all around the States to get some work and I donít fly! I have had photographers fly-in to take pictures of me. I really try to do everything for myself. When you make money doing what I do, I donít feel like having to share all that with anyone else [laughs].

B&B: I read on your MySpace page that you wanted to meet my daddyÖ? Got a fetish that we need to know about?
I was being a smartass. I put that on there a long time ago. I do have sugar daddies that do send me money all the time. [Laughs] I even get hate mail from guys and girls!

B&B: This is a sex driven business. Are there any angels on the devilís playground?
Theyíre not all weirdos and freaks. A lot of them become my friends. I have really good relationships with my fans. They confide in me and talk to me. Itís a fantasy world. I think theyíre just lonely. My boyfriend stays out of all of that and I have asked him if he wanted to be in my videos and he doesnít like it [laughs].

B&B: [Laughs] Have you ever used your powers for good instead of evil?
I am not as mean as everyone thinks I am. Iím a nice person, I guess. I donít pick on people [laughs]. I donít know if I have done anything good. The whole fetish thing is really kickiní off. You know Kimmi Kennedy?

B&B: YesÖ
Sheís getting into it and a lot of others are doing so, too. Itís just a lot of money just sitting around waiting to be made.

B&B: Club-Tiera? Howíd the name come about?
TC: Paul
, my photographer. [Laughs] I couldnít come up with any names and he just came up with that. I wanted something cool. I donít know how people will react to me ready to get married, but I know somewhere thereís a fetish for that, too! [Laughs]

B&B: So, with all the weird sex talk Ė how do you top that in your own home?
After working, I am dealing with these losers all day and I come home to something different. I actually get bored from doing what I do as a dominatrix. Itís great to just have regular, vanilla sex, you know? I get tired of it sometimes. I get tired of guys acting like theyíre little kids.

B&B: What would you like our readers to know that they may not know about you?
Iím pretty boring when you get down to it. Some people think that Iím crazy because of the stuff that I say and do, but I am regular just like you. I am normal and cool.

Is Miss Tierra Cobb a good girl gone bad? If youíre curious to know more, be sure to check her out by [clicking here...] or [here...].

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