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We here at HipHopDX/Beauty & Brains would like to wish everyone a Happy Valentineís Day. For those in love and those love-haters out there, amore can still be a beautiful thing. Ms. Eve Myers will serve as your cupid-in-waiting. The 22-year-old Western Massachusetts resident has found herself in front of the wanting lens of AsIs Magazine, EyeCandyModeling.com and even tickled Big Tiggerís fancy by being a ďKitten of the MonthĒ on BigTigger.com.

But as love is in the air, Ms. Myers is more focused on accomplishing her goal of attaining her Doctorate in Psychology and becoming deeply involved in the entertainment industry. Using her wits to push her talent to the next level, Ms. Myers sits down with Beauty & Brains as she talks about her passion, how her entertainment life affects her personal one and how Valentineís Day is full of work and not flowers and candy!

Beauty & Brains: What makes you different than anyone else you know?
Eve Myers:
I am just very honest. It can be a good thing and a bad thing, but people appreciate it, nonetheless. I am very true to who I am. I donít try to present myself as anything different. Iím trying to find myself in this industry. At the same time, Iím struggling with the industryís wants from me. As long as I get to where I want to get to and still be the same person, Iíll be happy. I want to stay who I am and assign myself with people who subscribe to the same ways of thinking.

B&B: You attended Morgan State University, right? Is there really a future in what youíre doing now?
Yeah, there is. My passion is modeling, but at the same time, I know that itís not 100%. I think itís just smart to have a degree on hand, as well. I want to get my Doctorate in Psychology. I wanted to do Child Psychology, but I figured that Iíd work with adults. My brother is affected by ADHD, which is, Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. He doesnít pay attention very well. It affects about 5% of the worldís population. It is highly heritable. It is a condition that I want to help research and bring more attention to. Before he was born, his father used to hit my mother. He came into the world like that and I love him.

B&B: To continue to play Devilís Advocate Ė can anyone take you seriously due to your pictures?
Thatís another good question. [Laughs] The way I present myself is the whole struggle with what I face. Either way, I evolve into a different person when Iím on camera. When I take my pictures, Iím not like that in real life. People would think that Iím a stripper, when Iím not like that at all. You have those in the industry who take these types of pictures, who may have a negative streak to them, but I really want people to see what I look like and judge by my character and not by what position Iím laying in.

B&B: What are the few perks that you enjoy from being a model?
I love to get dolled up. I genuinely enjoy it. I havenít really gotten any perks, other than VIP at the clubs. I havenít even been able to do that too seriously yet. Free stuff is always good. I am just more interested in work, right now. I think weíre somewhat shifting away from the booty-shaking only videos. I would love to be in a video with Fabolous.

B&B: Why?
Lately heís been doing a lot of songs for the ladies and I like that. His videos showcase the women in a favoring light and that is something that I would love to attach my name to. I like Chris Brown, too. Heís wonderful and cute. [Laughs] But, all in all, I would really love to be in Fabolousí video.

B&B: Besides having a stalker here and there Ė what are some other things that you do not like about the entertainment industry?
I donít like how the majority of it entails sleeping your way just to get to the top. I come from a small town and they glamorize the videos and the girls in them. But I learned that it was not really like that. Behind the scenes, you can see how certain people came into the game and through their demeanor; you can tell that their come-up was foul. Despite the fact that I have talent and Iím good at what I do, youíre not going to help me make it. It all boils down to who youíre sleeping with. If you do this, then I can do that and those favors arenít really necessary or even healthy.

B&B: This is an important year for everyone in the United States. Being a black woman, who do you want to vote for between Obama and Clinton?
To be honest with you, I havenít followed the election. I watched CNN last night and they were going back and forth. I donít know what the issue was, but I know that itís getting testy now. But without knowing about all the issues and voting off of sheer appearance, itís still hard. Iíd want to support a female candidate because I am a woman and I would love to see how that would work in a male dominated arena, such as politics, but I donít mind supporting my black brotha. I need to know what theyíre saying, though. I want to vote. I encourage everyone to vote.

B&B: With Valentineís Day approaching Ė do you have any thing unique in mind for that special someone?
No. Iím not really talking to anyone at this moment. Iím just focusing on me.

B&B: Do you think that with what youíre trying to do that you can find someone special for you?
I really wouldnít know about all that. Iím trying to stay away from the people that Iíve been messing with. The past is in the past and I need to move forward. Iím very stubborn and itís almost to a fault. Iím also determined. My ex-boyfriend couldnít accept modeling at all. It was always upsetting and a constant battle to explain why I chose to do what I wanted to do versus us being in a relationship.

B&B: So, what do you think is the number one problem in relationships with models?
When Iím in love, Iím in love, and sometimes I think that I love them too much. Sometimes I think that I shouldnít be doing it with all that I got because it turns into a weakness. It just seems like the people who I fucked with werenít good enough and I shouldíve never been with them. Iíve been in a few relationships and theyíve managed to be a dog.

B&B: What are a few things that men cannot handle about you with your job and with your personality?
The art that Iíve done is more so in a menís magazine type of way. One person who I used to be with was not able to accept me being involved in modeling. When I talked about it, he was cool on it. But ever since I went out to do a photo shoot, he was iffy about it. They just canít handle the recognition that comes with it. It makes the person feel a way about themselves and itís sad that itís like that. In terms of my personality, my honesty is one that people canít stand. Iím just bluntly honest. If there is something about someone that I donít like, they may not like it, but at least theyíll know.

B&B: What would you do to improve yourself for the better?
Honestly, Iím really trying to watch what I say. The last relationship that I was in was really heavy and it changed me a lot. In some ways for the better and in some ways, I know I still have a lot to work on. But I am a lot more mature and laid back. I donít get mad that quickly. I really try to be a lot more relaxed. There is really no point in stressing myself outÖ Iíd rather keep it moving.

B&B: Through all your work that youíve done Ė what keeps you in a profession where there is a short lived fame?
Itís in my determination. I donít want to have only five minutes of fame. I want to make that mark to where Iím making money in the long run. It can jump-start a few things. Modeling is going to be my way to get out there. The money that I have, I want to make more money from it. You have to re-invest that dough, if youíre looking to be a commodity in this business world.

Intrigued by Ms. Eve Myers? Be sure to head over to her MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/oooeveybaby and spread some love on this Valentineís Day week.

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