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California girls have a real smooth swag about themselves and this Bay Area beauty has it all in spades. Eve Adams, aka Bella Eve, aka Eve-y is a unique individual to talk to. Ms. Adams manages to bridge the gap between around-the-way girl and sex-me-crazy pinup girl. To much of the delight of Beauty & Brains, Ms. Adams is making a name for herself without the aid of other magazines.

With more work on the way, Beauty & Brains is proud to bring you this lovely lady, first! She gave us such a pleasurable interview that it was hard not to shift focus from the words coming out of her mouth to the seductive look frequently associated with her sexy eyes. In this piece, Ms. Adams breaks down the rules of being in the music videos, why one would be in such a business and if thereís room for a special loved one in her life.

Beauty & Brains: A lot of women now aspire to be a model-slash-video vixens and the road stops there. When do you think the shift changed to where people wanted to be this more so then wanting to be someone behind the camera?
Eve Adams:
It depends on if weíre going with the hip hop culture or deeper. If weíre going to go with Hip Hop, it was when the attention shifted towards focusing on the video vixens more than just the videos. Right now, the women arenít making as much money as they used to. A lot of girls want to be looked at like theyíre making money, though. But, if youíre going with the whole modeling industry, Iíd say with the first real back of supermodels Ė Cindy Crawford, Tyra Banks, et cetera Ė they were making money just to be in videos. Even when it came down to male models; you had Tyson Beckford and they eventually invest their money into something else. A lot more models are more business-oriented, but thereís just no longer the money to really do something without being someone whoís at the top of their profession.

B&B: If you had to rate how hard your job was on a scale of 1-10 Ė what would it be and why would you consider it hard?
As far as modeling, Iíd have to rate it Ė right now, for me Ė at an eight. The reason why itís hard, a lot of people donít believe it, but, we are using everything that we can to stand out amidst a crowd. Being a model is like being an actress in a silent movie. We use everything to sell things to you. Whether itís the idea of sex or a sweater, you have to appeal to the people youíre being marketed to. I invite people with me to go to shoots, so they can see how many shots it takes to get that right shot. Sometimes the illusion is whatís prevalent. You have to make a picture that makes it look like youíre on a beach in Florida. Even though, in reality, youíre on a beach in San Francisco, during the winter and the photographer youíre working with is a joke. There are a whole bunch of things that come into play and if I do my job correctly, no one will ever know all the things I had to go through just to put that smile on your face.

B&B: Why even be a part of an industry that is the subject of critique?
Iíve been told this by a few people. Itís something that I was born to do. I know that it sounds clichť, but whatever, I have pictures of when I was a baby and I was a natural. If your confidence is in the right spot, then you can do it. The hustle, the grind, itís almost like youíre running for a public office. You have to put up with crap, but at the end of the day, I love what I do and thatís all that matters. I canít go more than a month without having a shoot. You have to have your confidence on point. Thatís major in this industry!

B&B: Well, people think that women are degraded in these videos and in magazines, so why involve yourself in something that has so much criticism?
The funny part about that whole thing is that women have been viewed as sexual objects since the beginning of time. Iím not really considered a video vixen type model. Iím more the high/urban fashion. A lot of these women choose what they want to do. I choose what I want to do. Thatís the major thing. I donít feel like Iím being degraded because I choose what I do. So, if I choose to be in a video and shake my ass in a thong, thatís what I choose to do. Now, in reality, I havenít done anything like that, but itís my decision to do so, if I choose. So, how am I being degraded? They give you a choice and you make that decision.

B&B: Aside from modeling, what does a pretty woman like yourself do to keep yourself interested?
I read a lot. I have two obsessions. I read romance novels and I read Zane [laughs]. Itís like female porn for us! You know the books that come out about serial killers? I read those in one sitting.

B&B: So, what do you want to do if you werenít modeling?
I either want to be an entertainment lawyer or a criminal one. I donít really have the stomach for the criminal side, but Iíll retain the illest information about serial killers. I love to dance. Not exotic, either! [Laughs] All types! But secretivelyÖ ssssh, I love ballroom dancing. I love going and taking a class. I giggle like a school kid when I do it. I love the spins. Itís the funniest thing to do.

B&B: Does that not allow enough time to have a boyfriend?
Thereís always time to have a relationship. I hate that as an excuse, I donít ever use that as an excuse. I just donít want to. If youíre a good partner in a relationship, you know that there is a certain amount of attention that you have to give them. But when youíre doing something for yourself, you have to be able to give yourself to that industry to. I have to be ready to go. If there is a shoot in Los Angeles, thatís paying me $1,000 Ė where do you think Iím going to go? This is what I do. So, I donít have the patience to do it half-heartedly. I think that itís better to do it like this with my all involved.

B&B: Are you happy being single?
Iím happy with not having one right now. I am perfectly happy being single. I wear it like a badge of honor.

B&B: Everyone believes that they have flaws or things that they need to have worked on. How did modeling help increase your awareness about yourself?
I like to tell people this; as far as people who are interested in getting into this game, the first time you see your first pictureÖ you see any and everything thatís wrong with you. With modeling, after I got used to looking at myself, I became more comfortable with how I looked. I started to know about which clothes worked well with my body. I hit the crunches a lot harder. In the pictures, I love how I look now. Iíve been doing it for awhile. The pictures have not been touched up. I throw them on my MySpace page and they havenít been color corrected at all. It increases your awareness about yourself. When I do a TV interview, I was like, ďOh, my God!Ē Now, Iím just like, ďIím cool.Ē I like the way that I look now and if anyone out there doesnít, hellÖ somebody thinks that Iím sexy. [Laughs]

B&B: How has your interest in modeling fulfilled your need to have some sort of career?
Iíve always wanted to be a lawyer. Itís always something that I wanted to do, but I stumbled into the modeling thing. The more that I got into the industry; the more I learned that I have a taste for the business. Modeling is not going to be forever and I know that. I know that I want to still be in this industry, but if itís as an entertainment lawyer or an agent, then I could deal with that, too. I love this industry. I knew that this was my type of thing.

B&B: As models are more ingrained into the ethos of Hip Hop Ė what are some changes that you wish directors and artists would make to their videos and songs?
You know with the videos and songs itís hard because itís someone elseís art. I wouldnít want someone critiquing mines. The songs have a reason why they are what they are. The rap videos, you can tell who has the money in the industry. You can tell who has the money because they want to do something different.

B&B: Ödifferent?
Yeah, just something uniquely interesting, period. I want to see it more like how videos were back in the day. Like with Camp Lo, where theyíre having all this fun in the video. The chicks arenít butt naked and itís on some classiness. Iíd like to see it go back to that. Thatís when I really wanted to be in the videos.

B&B: The role of the model has changed somewhat to where itís not just a pretty face that gets everything. What business methods have you put in place to help sustain a healthy career in the industry?
I keep true to myself. My personality is my biggest selling point. I remember people. I hate when people write you off. If I give you my card, I expect you to call. And I did that because Iím not that type of person who wonít stay in touch with you. From a personal standpoint, Iím really not looking for a boyfriend, so youíll get the ďitís not going to happenĒ look. A lot of people try not to establish business relationships. In return, you get that professional kudos. I like that and thatís what it is. I can get booty injections and all that, but Iíd rather not and stay true to who I am.

Be sure to check out Ms. Bella Eve at her MySpace page Ė http://www.myspace.com/eveadamshmic.

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