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As men, we sometimes hate it when a lady holds a secret. It could be something detrimental to our mental health or a Pandora’s Box issue that’ll shake you to your core. So, for all the guys out there who’s had a woman try and keep you in a stranglehold, Beauty & Brains proudly presents – Jessica Zepeda.

Also known as Ms. Jessica Rabitt, this beauty is here to allow you to escape from your regular nine-to-five. The voluptuous beauty is truly an interesting young woman to talk to. As she sits down to talk with Beauty & Brains, this wascally wabbit talks about life as a crazy kid, how a jeweler almost brokered a deal between her and Nelly and what porn star compares to Ms. Zepeda.

Beauty & Brains: Most women have insecurities. What are yours?
Jessica Zepeda:
It used to be my butt, but not anymore. [Laughs] I don’t think I have any insecurity anymore.

B&B: Why no more?
When I was younger, I used to be so embarrassed because my booty was big. All of the guys would try to touch my butt and run off. It was annoying. I’d wear a sweater around my waist to try and cover up. [Laughs] All the guys used to touch my, sweater around my ass.

B&B: How long has it been like this?
I’d say it’s been like this since… probably elementary school. I remember that there was this group of boys that would run by and touch my butt. It happened to me everyday. I have to say that little kids are crazy. I’d run after them and fight them.

B&B: So, as a kid – what was the craziest thing that you ever did at the time?
[Laughs] …Um, I can’t think of anything… hold on. Let’s see… As a kid, my friends and I would hop off the bus and we’d flash guys. [Laughs] We’d always keep our bras on though. It was just something to make people laugh.

B&B: How has music influenced your career?
Music influences my career because a lot of men talk about women who are curvy, so it kind of helps our career out. People relate to songs and even though they don’t, they try. So, when the rapper is rappin’ about us, it makes us feel like we’re worth more because of the attention they give us.

B&B: But isn’t that image that they use to portray women in their videos something you really agree with?
Well… I have never had anyone say anything or do anything that was ever deemed too disrespectful. On some smoothness, I’ve had guys insinuate something, but it was nothing that I could ever handle.

B&B: You seem like a woman that’s about her business and to the point. When has that affected and/or helped your career?
As far as it affecting my career in a bad way... hmm, nah, not really. I really don’t think it has. Sometimes men, let’s say they interview me, they’ll get off subject. If I stay on business, then they get offended. Even though they want to use you for a job, they’ll still feel that they’re not being acknowledged by me. When they want to switch it up, they feel pissed off with me because they think I’m not worried about me. Others think that I’m different. There was a time with Nelly. I went to my jeweler who’s also his jeweler. Nelly’s manager called him up wanting to do some work with me, but they had asked my jeweler if I had a boyfriend.

B&B: Really? Kind of odd…
Right, but I’m only trying to handle business, which is what I told my jeweler to tell Nelly’s camp.

B&B: So, have you guys done any work together at the end of the day?
No. We haven’t done anything together. I don’t think they were worried about using me as a model from jump though.

B&B: How does one keep a person’s attention if they’re only focused on your physical?
Every man I’ve ever conversed with, their first attention is the physical. But I have someone special who’s attention is very worthwhile to me.

B&B: How’d you get your nickname?
My name is Jessica and in the Who Framed Roger Rabbit movie, I used to love [Jessica Rabbit]. She had an attitude that was just like mines. My friends threw the name around and it had just stuck.

B&B: What are a few things that continue to challenge you to break away from the modeling scene?
I really don’t want to break away from the modeling scene. I am not worried about it that’s why I stay involved so deep. It’s fun to be popular and doing photo shoots. I love shooting for the camera. I mean, I’d love to act later on, but right now, I’m not worried about it.

B&B: If you weren’t doing what you were doing now – what would it be and why?
I was in school for Psychology. But in the end, I want to be a business owner. I’d love to actually own a few barber shops. I’m about to start school with that. But I’ll never forget that aspiration to do Child Psychology and open up my own practice.

B&B: What would you rather have for yourself – a good man or a good credit score?
I’d rather have a good man with a good credit score. [Laughs]

B&B: If you had to liken yourself to any porn star in the business – who would it be and why?
I would have to say Tera Patrick.

B&B: Why?
Because she’s very sensual. She’s very sexy with it. Most girls are really out there with it, but her face is sexy all the time.

B&B: Ah, gotcha… As 2008 is just getting on the way – what is it about this year that you want to do differently than in years past?
This year I really want to be on my grind. I used to let a lot of people hold me back and I was lazy about things. But this year, I’m going to do everything that I set my mind to with modeling.

If you can’t get enough of this wascally wabbit, be sure to check out her MySpace page at Her site – – is coming soon!

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