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Houma, Louisiana isnít much of a hotbed for anything, but something ill coming from the bottom of the map is 25-year-old, LaStarya Tucker. With the devastation from Katrina still in the minds and hearts of its Louisiana residents, Ms. Tucker is using modeling as an avenue to find a brighter way for her future.

With massive hits on her MySpace, Tucker is finishing up work on her own personal site Ė LaStarya.comĖ and hopes to have a launch party at the top of the new year. As Beauty & Brains sits down with the Down South vixen, the ďStarĒ amongst stars talks about working with Lil Wayne, what will help her be successful and speaks on why white men love her so much.

Beauty & Brains: How far is Houma away from Baton Rouge or New Orleans?
LaStarya Tucker:
I live in New Orleans now, but itís about an hour away. Iíve been in New Orleans for about four, five years, now. I am ready for something new. I havenít decided where I want to go. My three choices are Miami, Atlanta and Los Angeles. Itís too crowded for me in New York. I can deal with that in clubs, but I still need to have some space to be alright.

B&B: So, howíd you get into doing videos, promo work and ads and not in a major market place like California or New York?
I used to work at this club that was called Utopia Ė I worked as a cocktail waitress. A guy pulled up in a Lexus, where I worked at and as he was looking at me, asked if I wanted to be in a video. At the time, there were no customers, so I told my boss there was an emergency and I left. [Laughs] I was wearing my hair in a mini-fro at the time, too. There were other girls in the car, too. The video was for Lil Wayne and it was fun. [Laughs] My role in the video was that I had to be a police officer in the video in the small booty shorts. My mom was mad about that. [Laughs] We had to jump out and arrest Lil Wayne and his friends.

B&B: What is different from doing ads and calendar and you doing videos?
When you do the calendars, you get more respect from people; whereas in the videos, you donít get as much, if any at all. In the videos, people were rude because when it was time for us to get lunch, they would let the men eat the food before theyíd let the women eat. After all was said and done, there wasnít any food for us to eat, so they ordered us pizza! I would rather work. [Laughs] A lot of girls would like to do videos, which is cool, but you donít even get paid that much, anymore. There are some who even do it for free, but in the process of doing all that, youíre not treated as a young lady or a lady at all.

B&B: How do the people back home look at you and your career?
When I did my first video, the phone was ringing off the hook. I had a big pose in the video. You saw my butt shaking, wresting with Lil Wayne and throwing him in the van. Everyone was excited, but I wasnít that excited. I was looking for the next job. My hair was short and I needed to get a new look. I look totally different now. You can go on my MySpace page and I added new pictures. I wasnít really a ďhairĒ person. I loved my short hair. The braids worked out, then that got old, then I progressed to wearing ďother peopleís hairĒ on my head. When I meet guys, they like the pictures where I donít have the long hair; they say that I looked like someoneís wife.

B&B: As you try to make progress Ė what is the hardest thing that youíve experienced while being in this business?
The hardest thing has been dealing with relationships. Some guys donít like the clothes that I wear. They donít like the attention that I get. I had a boyfriend who didnít want me to do videos. When Iím not doing anything, I get on MySpace. He tells me that Iím a MySpace freak, but he sits down and watches football all day. With him, I can be exposedÖ I have two pages. He calls me ďMs. Celebrity Star.Ē Heís entitled to speak his mind, but itís all about knowing that this is how I work and get my money. When he met me, he saw those pictures. I think in the end, all he wants is to have our time to be just that Ė our time.

B&B: Do you believe that there is a future in the industry that youíre in?
I really hope so. When I first started doing it, I wasnít pushing into it. I wasnít the type to live, breath, eat this shit. Even with the local people, because the local people will keep other people looking at you. Theyíll show you love. I feel like God gave me this body for a reason. What other purpose can I use it for? Before the hurricane, I wasnít into it at all. I had stopped. But when I came back, I was still slacking off. Iím getting my shit in gear and getting it poppiní. I wonít have this body for long. I want to get married and have kids.

B&B: The Jena 6 situation is a hotbed topic down there. How does Houma look at it?
Itís a big thing around here. My little brother got into a fight, but no one is going to press charges on him. But since they figured that they were trying to hit the white boy that itís a bigger issue than what it is. Itís crazy. Times are really changing now.

B&B: Have you experienced any racism?
The white men love me. Iím not going to lie to you. All types of races love me, baby. I was on my way to Houston and there was this white boy, he was 28 and he was really trying to hit on me. Even on MySpace and my website, they ask me if Iím scared. I get Asian boys from Japan trying to hit on me. I donít discriminate against any race. If I was single and I saw a fine guy, however, Iím going to date him. Iím not picky on any type of color. If you can treat me like a lady, then Iím all good for it.

B&B: How do you think that has helped your drive to be successful?
Itís funnyÖ What I do is that I think a lot and I know that God put me on Earth for a reason. I donít know what is it wholly, but I know that modeling has to be a part of it. When Iím in the airport, Iíll always interact with someone whoís in that lifestyle. I always end up meeting someone whoís a real good photographer or artist that is in the industry of music or clothing lines. Even though I havenít got to that level, I donít want to have to do something to where I can get in to that level. A lot of men try to talk to me to try and ďhelpĒ me out; theyíll go from business to pleasure real quick-like. I donít want to get in that way. If I want to get married, I donít want that coming back at me or bothering my conscious. So, if itís meant for me to be successful to make it in this, Iím going to make it without having to go through all that other shit.

B&B: Well, with all that Ė whatís next for you?
I had a guy from California, he wants me to be eye candy for a couple of concerts and a comedy show. Heís going to fly me out there. Every time I change my hair, I have to take shots. I just donít take sexy shots. I do regular cute shots, as well. Iím going to finish up my photos with him because I want to be able to do runway. I did a show with Eva Pigford and no one noticed that I had a big backside. Nowadays, women are curvier. Theyíre going to have to change more clothes to fit the ďmiddleĒ woman. I want to be able to do that. I have a couple of things in store right now that Iím working on so Iíll be good.

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