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If the face of 21-year-old, Bria Myles looks somewhat familiar to you, maybe it was because she was the female lead for Rhymefest’s debut video -- “Brand New”. Not really a “brand new” face on the scene, Ms. Myles was also in Twista’s “Girl Tonite” video which also featured Trey Songz.

Taking a brief hiatus allowed her the ability to make more moves in silence than Diddy and his Bad Boy Family. Ms. Bria Myles eventually found herself alongside Virginia’s own, The Clipse and Pharrell in the video for “Mr. Me Too” and got caught on film grinding out to the Timbaland produced, Nelly Furtado performed track, “Promiscuous Girl”.

A hardworking and determined, Taurus – this Los Angeles, California native may have you screaming “déjà vu”. Chances are you saw her alongside Esther Baxter on the cover of this past June’s issue of KING Magazine.

Ms. Bria Myles talks with about who would win in a booty competition between Cali and Georgia, why every man should have a “mirror” in their bedroom, and expresses how she feels about BET: UnCut’s cancellation.

HHDX: I was just on your website ( and you look like you have some Caribbean in you?

Bria: No, sir. I’m 100% Black!

HHDX: Well, Ms. Soul Sista – you’re still quite the youngin’. You were born in 1984 – growing up, you didn’t have any R. Kelly’s watching you?

Bria: [Laughs] No. You crazy!

HHDX: Speaking of R. Kelly – you’ve worked with West and ‘Fest on the video, “Brand New” and Twista and Trey Songz on “Girl Tonight.” But after that you took a sabbatical, why?

Bria: Well, I think that I didn’t want to over saturated the game with just doing videos because I want to have longevity with my career. I didn’t want people to just think that that [videos] was all that I wanted to do. In June, I did the KING Magazine and even did an editorial inside with Donald Faison. I got a call after that telling me that I had made the cover. I didn’t even know that I was on it until after I did the magazine. Once I was done with that I did Show Magazine. Next, I’m going to be featured in the newest issue of Black Men’s Magazine.

HHDX: Well, seeing as how you’ve done a few videos – what has been the craziest thing that you’ve witnessed, so far, on a set?

Bria: I haven’t really witnessed anything horrific or nothing like that. Everyone’s has been good to me. No one has disrespected me. Everyone has been really kind to me. If anyone has tried to get on with me, I kept it strictly professional. It’s been really, really nice. Most people have a perception of rappers that they only want one thing and that they’ll be angry if you don’t give into it. But it’s not like that at all.

HHDX: Aww… Rappers have a heart, too. Working closely with these artists has to be a dream come true. Since being a fan of the music, what are you currently playing in your iPod?

Bria: Right now, I would have to say that I love Christian Milian’s new album. In all actuality, I don’t really listen to rap that much. I don’t really buy the CDs. I listen to it mostly on the radio. But I love to listen to R&B like Mariah Carey. I do have Snoop’s Paid the Cost to Be the Boss and 50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Tryin, Twista most recent album and Trey Songz debut album.

HHDX: You’ll never see none of those artists on BET: UnCut though.

Bria: I didn’t know that it was cancelled. When did that happen?

HHDX: July 8th.

Bria: Wow. That’s interesting.

HHDX: With its cancellation – do you think that the image of the video “vixen” will be more polished and positive? Or do you think booty, booty, booty will still be rockin’ everywhere?

Bria: I don’t really knock the UnCut videos. I never really watched it that much. But whatever somebody else chose to do, that’s what their choice was. I know when you watch it and see those videos; they [the viewer] think that everyone does those types of videos. I think that it is a give and take. I really didn’t care that it was there.

HHDX: I knew it, I knew it… I knew I saw that booty in one of those videos! [laughs]

Bria: [Laughs] No, I’ve never been in an UnCut video. My mom would probably say, “You better have gotten paid for that!” She doesn’t really knock the things that I do. But she would have expected me to really get a big check for something like that.

HHDX: Okay, so I didn’t see your booty on UnCut, but from looking at the pictures on your site, you do have something back there. Like two midgets or something – what are your measurements?

Bria: [Laughs] You’re a fool! My measurements are 34-25-45.

HHDX: Wow… Let me let that 45 run through my mind like Jordan after coming back from retirement. Okay… Being from California, who would win in a booty competition between your home state and Georgia?

: That’s so funny! [laughs] I’d have to say that it’s a draw. I mean, you have me on the West Coast and a woman like Buffie the Body, who is from the South. If you want me to keep it all the way real – I represent Cali to the fullest and they have some thick girls here. But in Georgia… man… when I went down there no one was surprised that my butt was big. When I’m in Cali, they think that I’m a superhero or something!

HHDX: It says on your bio that you made the cover of June 2006 issue of KING Magazine – how did that come about?

Bria: It’s so crazy because there are a lot of beautiful models that have done more than what I’ve done, so far. They’ve had spreads and they deserve to be on the cover of any magazine. I think that Datwan Thomas, Editor-in-Chief of KING Magazine] really thought that I was pretty. It’s just a blessing to me. To be on the cover with <b>Esther Baxter</b> and to work with all these ladies is incredible. It’s just a pleasure to be alongside the ladies who really have done videos and are modeling like crazy. I’m happy to be a part of that.

HHDX: All in all, modeling seems very competitive. Has there been anything that anyone has done to you that caused the hoodness to come out?

Bria: No, never. I’ve heard things about models hating on other models. But right now, I have no beef with anyone. I like to see beautiful girls in the magazines. I like to have beautiful friends. So, it’s cool for me to meet beautiful people and associate myself with them.

You have some girls who feel that other people have better “whatever” than others. It’s just that you have to have whatever it takes to make it. I mean, at the end of the day, they – hell, anyone for that matter, in this business, should be focused on what they got and what they can make look good.

HHDX: In the bio, it also says that you can sing – if a song could best describe your love making skills, what would it be?

Bria: I really enjoy singing. If I could do anything career-wise, I’d be an R&B/Pop singer. I love dancing, too. But singing is something that I enjoy and wish that I could pursue further. If I had to describe my love making skills by song… hmm… I guess, I would have to say “Mirror” by Ne-Yo.

HHDX: You sure there isn’t more to it than just that?

Bria: [Laughs] Not really? I just really love that song, just to let you know.

HHDX: I can dig that, I can dig that. Being that you’re trying to embark on a career in Hollywood – are you doing it solo or do you have a significant other helping you along in your journey?

Bria: I don’t have a boyfriend, if that’s what you’re trying to ask me. I did… at one time, but I don’t now.

HHDX: What happened?

Bria: I couldn’t please him and please myself with modeling. I felt like I was being pulled on both sides. He wouldn’t want me to do certain things. But I knew that by doing those things, it would help fuel my career. He would act as if he was my manager, but I ended up having to compromise on things just to make him happy. But don’t get it twisted – we’re still cool, though. We still talk and there’s no hard feelings, I just had to move on.

HHDX: So, do more men or women try to get on with Ms. Myles?

Bria: [Laughs] I’ve never really been approached by women before. I don’t think that I give off that vibe. So, I’d have to say more men… definitely! Men try to talk to me, all the time. I really don’t give a lot of guys the time of day because I know that my career is so demanding. I know some of the things that I do may not make the person interested in me, happy. But I also don’t want to be a man’s trophy, either. I’d really want someone to not care as to what I’m doing and appreciate me for who I am.

HHDX: I guess writers don’t do it for you, huh?

Bria: [Laughs] You are crazy. There you go, look at you! You’re hilarious.

HHDX: I guess you don’t have to be media trained, you already know how to dodge a question. [Laughs] What type of man does it for, Ms. Bria Myles?

Bria: Honestly, I would like someone who can makes me laugh. The man also has to be kind and sweet, a hopeless romantic. I love guys who are romantic. I’ve never had a guy who was really went out of his way to show his affection for me. I don’t like guys who are super tall – around 5’11” does it for me, just fine. I love brown, caramel skinned guys, preferably. If he is dark, though, that’s cool too… just as long as he’s fine. But everyone has a preference though and mines is caramel brown.

HHDX: Finding Mr. Right, aside – career-wise, you’re such a triple-threat. If you complete all your goals, what would you move on to next?

Bria: For me, acting really isn’t my passion. Everyone says that I should act because I’m such a character. They loved the way that I was acting because of the Rhymefest video. But, if the right part came along, I wouldn’t turn it down. I’m not going to go to acting school to try and hone a craft. But with modeling, I’d love to branch out and get into print modeling. I think that I have the look necessary for that field. You know what I’m talking about? The commercial black girl in print is dark looking and afro-centric. I would like to do that and more face modeling like joining up with companies like Revlon.

HHDX: Is there anything else that you’d like to say to the readers of

Bria: I’d like to say that I do get on some of these message boards from time to time and I’d like to say thank you to those who support me. I’d like to thank everyone who buys the magazines and are following my career because it is definitely a blessing. I mean… there are a lot of others girls out there who they could be following. I’m thankful that I’m one of them.

You can visit Ms. Bria Myles on MySpace at or at her personal website at

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