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For 21-year-old, Millie Rivera – there is no one like her. A student at UCC and native of New Jersey, Ms. Rivera loves long walks on the beach and aspires to rule the world. The self-described bookworm is highly ambitious to be the best in whatever she sets her mind to. A headstrong Gemini with a cutthroat alter ego has plans to be involved with Public Relations. As Ms. Millie Rivera relates to the HHDX public, she talks about her aspirations to “rule the world,” what makes her “wet,” and why she’s the epitome of the “Beauty and Brains” section.

HHDX: As a Communications major, has anyone ever been able to understand your body language?

Millie: No one has to read my body language, because whatever they hope to "hear" from my body is already said on my lips... "NO!!!" [laughs]

HHDX: I can dig that. You're able to know who most people are before they speak -- what is one assumption that you made where you were wrong?

Millie: I made the assumption that ALL men were after my outer appearance over what I had to offer intellectually, spiritually and emotionally. I was wrong with that assumption… ONLY once! [laughs]

HHDX: Well, assumptions aside… on your MySpace page, it says that you're a nerd and a dweeb, but you have the appearance of a video vixen. If someone was to peruse your belongings, what would they be surprised to find you reading?

Millie: They would be surprised to see a lot of books on Astrology. I once wanted to major in Astro-Physics before I understood that my true calling was in Communications and Public Relations. Even though it’s not my career move, I still find it fascinating.

HHDX: So, I guess success for you may lie within the stars, huh? Do you believe that your looks will take you where you need to be or do you think the education that you've received and the ambition you possess will carry your far?

Millie: I believe in this industry, looks will get anyone in the door (as will many), but once people are charmed by my ambition and wit I will go further.

HHDX: So then, what are you currently involved in? Does your family have any thoughts on your career path?

Millie: Well, I'm currently involved in establishing my career in Public Relations and Marketing. Some would say that I’m starting early – to that I say, “the early bird gets fed!” [laughs] As far as my career path and other aspects of my life, my family is trusting of my judgment and they know, as well as anyone else who knows me, that my future is extremely important to me. I will choose nothing but the best for myself.

HHDX: Being that you're a beautifully attractive woman, is your man more of a lover or a fighter?

Millie: This wonderful man that is in my life, is nothing but a lover! A lover of my ambition, my style, my strength, my beauty and is not in any way a fighter, because he knows I can handle it MYSELF! If things get rough, I can call him in for backup.

HHDX: Okay, killer… be easy. Me, I love a brainy woman -- if there was one thing that would rile you up about the opposite sex, what would it be?

Millie: A brainy man is the ultimate in sexy for me. Contrary to popular belief, I am not 100% about looks. Looks capture my attention, yes, but once a man opens his mouth and expresses to me philosophy, his take on religion, science, societal issues and so forth... I'M WET! [laughs] But… if he opens his mouth and sounds like someone with no education and slang to the point of no comprehension then it's… “Hello, Sahara Desert!”

HHDX: Well, at least I hope that I don't have to be familiar with Nitzsche just to make you smile. On your MySpace page, it says that you are close to your family -- what have your loved ones instilled in you that creates such an "arrogance" about yourself?

Millie: I think in me, my family (namely my mother) has instilled the notion that if I exude my confidence and my self-worth, that's how people will treat me. I guess I took that and ran with it, hence, the "arrogance" people see now. No one can mess with me, I carry my confidence on my sleeve and I make people second guess if they have what it takes to approach me with anything.

HHDX: Ouch! Why give them the fifth degree burn treatment? Couldn’t you just play nice?

Millie: Well, to answer your question my life is happy and relatively "drama" free and to keep it that way people go through a sort of unconscious screening. Basically, if someone truly has to second-guess what they approach me with, it's either A) They have no self-confidence which is a necessity in ANYONE'S life. Or B) What they were going to approach me with did not have my best interest at heart.

HHDX: Our media has become saturated in sex. As a Communications major, what would you do to lessen the negative influences that are broadcasted on our airwaves.

Millie: I personally don't have an issue with "sex talk" or having sex be a focal point of discussion. To be realistic, there is no way anyone can get rid of SEX in the media. I believe to lessen the negative aspects of sex in the media is only to speak positively of issues on sexuality, better safety precautions, and an openness to have people to achieve a happier sex life.

HHDX: So what is your favorite… uhh, position… to be in – when it comes to relationships and business? Have you ever mixed the two?

Millie: Well, my favorite position in relationships is the "laid back" position [laughs]. It’s the type of position where I go with the flow and act in the moment of things. Too many questions and too many explanations on why good things are happening in a relationship kill the moment. In business, my favorite position is to "be on top.” That means to be on top of everything I do, everything that is going on, because when my paycheck is involved, trust that I’m "on the ball." [laughs]

HHDX: At least we don't have to look forward to seeing you on BET: UnCut. Most of the men on the site were very critical of our first winner of this section -- why should they be more welcoming to you?

Millie: Well, I think I am the epitome of the title of this piece. I have the beauty as well as the brains. With me, my beauty is not only in the physical, the beauty that I am truly proud of is that of my free, yet deep rooted, spirit, and creativeness. Underneath all that cut-throat humor, I’m just a big softie with an even bigger heart. My brain’s are not only that of book smarts, but that of street smarts, wit, and conscience. C'mon guys! Give me a chance! [laughs]

HHDX: Let’s hope our readers don’t put you on the chopping block too fast. You have a post on your blog entitled, "Hell Hath No Fury..." It highlighted some of the devious things that slighted women would do to their ex's. What has a man done to you that was considered the most ruthless thing ever and what was your revenge?

Millie: I never had anyone do something to me that I needed to perform an act of revenge, but I did have a crazy ex-boyfriend who hacked into my online accounts and checked my emails and conversations I was having with friends.

HHDX: So what’d you do about the Bill Gates impersonator trying to be all in your business?

Millie: I had someone else deal with it [laughs]. I don't get my hands dirty with such nonsense.

HHDX: Just as long as you don't have a "thin line between love and hate" jump-off, you'll be cool with me. For all the other ladies who are trying to walk the same path that you are, what are some words of advice?

Millie: I think today, women are so caught up in finding a life partner that they have no time set aside to get their life together. And in that aspect, they need to get themselves situated emotionally, spiritually, financially and morally, and THEN they can offer a complete and 100% person to someone else.

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