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For eons, Black men have had the VIP access to one of the greatest beauties of the known world… The Ass! You see it in your favorite music videos, magazines, and clubs. It is single-handedly one of the most powerful things, ever. Able to manipulate and sway a man’s mind, body, and wallet. But there is a growing phenomenon that has been commented by everyone from comedians to Ice-T.

White girls have ass, too…

If you don’t believe me, there’s no way you can not apply that label to 21 year old Joanna Shari. This Italian Brick Stallion from Newark, New Jersey has built up quick the following via her personal website – and her MySpace page. The buxom babe (whose measurements are 36-26-40) isn’t a dunce, either. Having graduated from the Chubb Institute of Parsippany, this expert in multimedia design has not only designed her own website, but has went on to design sites for some of your favorite models in the game.

With brains and beauty intact, Ms. Joanna Shari has her sights set on conquering the modeling world, as much as she has the Internet. HHDX sits down with her as she talks about growing up in New Jersey, what are the ups and downs with the modeling industry and talks about how the Black men treat this buffy with the body.

HHDX: It’s not everyday that you find a White girl who got back. Growing up in New Jersey, how did the opposite sex treat you?

I'm from a town outside of Newark, New Jersey, which is actually where my parents were born and raised. So growing up in the Newark area, I was surrounded by many Black & Latin people. So, seeing a curvy girl wasn't out of the norm. I am Italian, but a lot of people who didn't know me would assume I was Latina. Growing up, I was very, very rarely ever approached by a White guy. That wasn't really much of a problem because I like them tall dark and handsome.

HHDX: There are women out there who’d pay for your “assets” – how do you have the time to stay in shape with all the other things that you have going with yourself?

With that topic mentioned, just let me say to all the people who are quick to assume I paid for my assets, it is NOT true. I was born with everything I have and I'm actually against any type of surgical procedures. I'm not knocking anyone who wants to pay for it, but it isn't and was never my thing. Back on track though, I try to make it to the gym about three times a week. I have a naturally athletic figure so I don't have to spend hours and hours every single day at the gym. I maintain a decent diet, high in protein, which is good for my muscles and also burns fat. Combining all of that helps me stay in shape without overdoing myself.

HHDX: You maintained a 4.0 GPA and received a degree in Multimedia Design. What prompted you to get into modeling, when you could make much more money and an impact in technology?

I was actually never interested in modeling, and always felt that it wasn't for me. I was contacted by an agency to design one of their model's sites, and eventually was convinced to get into it myself. So I started tone myself up, do a couple photo shoots and one thing just led to another. It’s funny you say make more money and an impact in technology. I kind of see it as the opposite; I can make more money on a single modeling project than a design job, depending on what it is. At the same time, make an impact in the modeling industry. An impact meaning showing the public that it is not common but there ARE curvy White girls out there who don’t pay for their assets. But even more importantly, that you can be a model and be intelligent with an education at the same time!

HHDX: In your bio, you say that you’ve never expected anything to be handed to you. Where did your hard work ethic stem from?

My parents. They work very, very hard for what they have. It even goes back to my grandparents. My parents didn't have much back in the day growing up in Newark, but they knew that you had to work hard if you want something out of life. I admire my parents so much for their work ethic. I was not one of the over-privileged White girls who got everything from Mommy and Daddy. My parents gave me what I needed, but once I got old enough to get a job, I was old enough to pay my own bills. I couldn't have asked for better parents, they had a lot to do with the woman I am today.

HHDX: You say that you’re an open-minded and honest girl. Without getting too frank – what’s been the riskiest thing that you’ve ever gotten yourself into lately?

JS: You know… I'm so laid back and such a homebody, that I'm not a big risk taker, so I really don't have an answer for that one [laughs].

HHDX: Being that you’ve manage to develop, maintain, and market – not only your website – but yourself, too – what have been the major ups and downs since getting involved in modeling?

Going back to what I said in the previous answer, I'm a homebody. I'm not a big party girl. Models are constantly going to parties and events and doing a bunch of things. I can't just sit home and watch a movie as much as I used to with my friends or boyfriend if I have one. Contrary to what most might believe, I still have a day job, so my time off is now dedicated to the modeling. The attention is cool, but it kind of sucks to be doing my thing at the gym, trying to get my workout on, have people approach me and begin to talk to me about my site. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate any and all the love I get, but sometimes guys can be an overkill. A good thing about it all is that I've learned to stay true to myself and stay humble. It’s a great test of character. It feels good to know I can stay real and regular!

HHDX: “Hip-Hop is Dead” was the popular term being thrown around near the end of 2006. As a fan of hip-hop, what do you think 2007 holds for the game?

To be quite honest, I agree with the phrase. Hip-Hop as it once was… is dead and it’s sad to see. Being a Jersey girl, I love East Coast hip-hop. It all stemmed from New York and I want to see all of these talented artists, who are well known and undiscovered, come and put the East back on the map. No disrespect to the South and other areas of the U.S. who are definitely doing their thing right now, but too much talent is being overlooked. Hip-Hop used to actually have a message. Now it’s so over-saturated that people mention hip-hop and automatically think of the violence, having ice around your neck, getting money, and having sex with fine women are the only messages that are being put out. Personally, I'd like to see a change!

HHDX: I was having a discussion with one of our most recent Beauty & Brains girls and she mentioned that life has something major for us since all of the greats like James Brown, Gerald Levert, and others are passing away. What do you think?

JS: With the fall of all of the greats there will be rising of a new. Of course, nobody can top or even replace these amazing artists. But hopefully in time, we recognize and appreciate the ones who are still around… like Mary J. Blige for example. But it’d be interesting to see if people can also be open-minded to seeing the artists of today pioneer in their own right and go on to becoming the greats, years from now.

HHDX: Do Black women give you any flack about your body?

No, not really. I've actually received emails from many Black women having lot of positive things to say!

HHDX: I’m not going to standardize or stereotype anyone that I don’t know, but where I’m from… some people look down on interracial relationships and have qualms with White women. Do Black men sometimes assume the wrong things about you because of your race?

No… when a man meets and gets to know me, they don't assume the wrong things. An outsider’s point of view might differ, but that's just plain ignorance. Sometimes people need to get off their high horse and accept other preferences. Being Italian and having Italian friends, some look down on interracial relationships and have qualms with Black and/or Hispanic men. So… it does go both ways. As cliché as it sounds, I just wish everyone could just stop being so ignorant and stop taking what's on the outside, make assumptions about others, and create accusations of what's on the inside. Come on, you know… it’s 2007 in America people, wake up!

HHDX: Are you single?

JS: I'm currently dating.

HHDX: I figured that I would ask that since you say that you’re a homebody. For those who may have a significant other, what is a way to keep the spice in the bedroom?

I would say to others if they want to keep it going in the bedroom that they need to be open and try new things. Don't be afraid to do something different. When things get repetitive, switch it up. Never let all your tricks out of the bag at one time [laughs].

HHDX: As you’ve been making significant moves in the modeling game – what is one rule of thumb that you’ve learned when making decisions on what to do and what not to do?

Look carefully into what you're getting into. Always read the fine print of the contract before signing. It is important to know your boundaries. Also, have a manager or somebody with a good understanding of the industry to guide you along the way.

You can check out more of Joanna Shari at her personal website at Or her MySpace page at http://

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