Stephanie Perry

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Stephanie Perry

This popular 2008 Beauty & Brains TV star makes her comeback on the site. Miss Perry explains her previous major, industry misconceptions, and being a "miracle baby" like Maino.

By A. Ivan

Almost a year and a half ago, HipHopDX's Beauty & Brains featured the lovely Stephanie Perry. You, our valued readers, deemed her one of the most-read and talked-about subjects of the popular series. So when Miss Perry hit us up, we thought if anybody deserved recognition and a sequel, it was her.

Since September 2008's, Stephanie still faces a lot of the same misconceptions that haunt other models in the game. As she put it, everyone automatically assumes that a model is promiscuous [though some may use other words]. But, this Florida A&M University graduate wants to show that she is more than that. With a degree in Psychology and years of modeling experience, Perry has started this year off by taking her act to the world of reality TV. As a contestant on Vh1’s A Basement Affair, Perry used the opportunity to gain exposure. Though dismissed after the first episode, she now has her sights set on more reality television goals.

Beauty & Brains: When did you first dream of the entertainment industry?
Stephanie: Um, well, it started back when I was in middle school. But, I didn’t pursue it until I got into college. I attended a modeling training school. They teach you a lot of stuff. I went there but I didn’t continue to pursue it. I just stopped.

Beauty & Brains: When did you set your mind on Psychology?
Stephanie Perry: You know what? That was not my intention. I think that happens to everyone that goes to college but that was not my intention. When I first got into college, I wanted to be a physical therapist. That changed into being a nurse, a registered nurse, which is still my minor. But, then that changed into psychology.

Beauty & Brains: What would you say were the most significant lessons you learned from your education in Psychology?
Stephanie Perry: Aw, man. The mind is a terrible thing to waste. For real! I worked with patients that really had disorders and stuff. It was amazing. It was a sight to see. People really have problems and disorders.

Beauty & Brains: Would you still like to pursue a career in that field?
Stephanie Perry: Oh, yeah, most def!

Beauty & Brains: What stereotypes about models do you feel are unfairly placed on you?
Stephanie Perry: Aw, man. Automatically, people assume that you are probably…How do I want to put this? A whore. I didn’t want to say it like that but when you say you’re a model, people automatically assume that. You come across all types of famous people but they also assume that you’re probably sleeping with all these people. It’s one of the biggest misconcepts [sic] in the industry. All models is not like that. Especially with me. It’s totally opposite.

Beauty & Brains: So, did you have some bad experiences with directors or celebrities coming onto you?
Stephanie Perry: All the time! Ninety percent of the people that I have worked with have most def tested me to see where my head is at. I can’t recall anybody acting terribly because I’m the type of person, I’m going to tell you from jump, it’s going to be business. But, I know I have missed out on jobs because of it. They do that all the time. If you don’t give them what they want, they will not give you the job. So, I don’t miss out on gigs because of me not being personal, you know what I’m saying? Not taking it to a personal level. It’s most def business.

Beauty & Brains:
What would you say has been your greatest accomplishment thus far in life?
Stephanie Perry: In modeling? Or just life period?

Beauty & Brains: In life.
Stephanie Perry: Especially from where I come from, my greatest accomplishment is accomplishing so much. Where I come from, you have so many failures. You have a lot of failures. I done achieved a lot and I’m successful with what I’m doing. So, most def not being a failure.

Beauty & Brains:
The Vh1 shows have been getting criticism for being “mindless television” but others say it’s good entertainment. After being on one of their shows, what are your thoughts on it?
Stephanie Perry: Reality TV! What can I say? It’s most def interesting. It’s most def something to learn. You know what? It was a great experience. It taught me so much. You have to expect the unexpected. If I have to do it again, I will. I will, most likely do it again.

Beauty & Brains: How far from reality is reality TV?
Stephanie Perry: Let me see. Let me see how far…It’s 50/50. Most def, you can’t believe everything you see on TV. So, I would say it’s 50/50.

Beauty & Brains: It’s said that a lot of the girls on the “Of Love” type shows are only fame seekers. But, is that truly a bad thing or just a clever way to use the system?
Stephanie Perry: You know, everybody has motives. It’s not a bad thing to me. I feel like everybody has motives. Even on Frank’s show [Vh1’s Frank the Entertainer in: A Basement Affair], even though I was there to really get to know him, of course it’s going to be a great idea for what I do. I model so of course it’s going to give me exposure. Even for Frank when he did I Love Money or I Love New York, I think he had a motive also.

Beauty & Brains: Right, the people allegedly there “for love” are also just there looking for fame.
Stephanie Perry: Yeah, it’s 50/50. I mean, you can go there for love but also for fame. If you’re going for love, you’re already going to get fame. Fame is going to come automatically, even if it’s not your purpose. Everybody has motives so a lot of people most def do it for the fame. They are fame seekers. They’re not really there for love.

Beauty & Brains: Before we end, what do you have coming up? Are you going to be on the I Love Money shows or other reality programs?
Stephanie Perry: I can’t say right now exactly what’s coming up, especially with reality shows. But, that’s something that I most def want to do. I Love Money, Charm School or other shows out there like Bad Girls Club or Survivor. I just know I don’t want to do another dating show. I want to stay away from that stuff. I want to do more athletic stuff.

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