Jordan Langley

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Jordan Langley

HipHopDX's hit series returns with a video component, and the lovely Jordan Langley, straight outta Vegas.

Twenty year-old Jordan Langley is just starting out in the video model game. Born in Sacramento, the half French and half Bermudian beauty has graced both magazines and video and won’t stop till stardom is hers. Hip Hop is her first love [citing both her native region's hyphy and anything by Lil Wayne as her favorites] so wanting to be a part of videos seemed like a natural choice for her. Though she encounters an occasional "hater" disapproving of her profession—it does nothing but fuel her desire to continue her dream.

Beauty & Brains: What made you want to get into video modeling?
Jordan Langley:
I have always loved seeing the beautiful girls on the big screen, and I always dreamed of being one, so I made it happen. [My biggest advice is to] always follow your dreams.

Beauty & Brains:  On your model profile you noted that your goal for this year is to "go big and do some different types of shoots"… What exactly did you mean by that?
Jordan Langley:
I love the urban look, but I want to do some really exotic or outrageous shoots… something to make people think.

Beauty & Brains: You also shoot nude photos—
Jordan Langley:
Yes, I love nudes! The art of being naked is beautiful as long as it is classy… I love [looking] classy, yet sexy.

Beauty & Brains: For you, where is the line drawn between sexy and classy versus and sexy and trashy?
Jordan Langley:
I think it’s all in the mind of a model and how comfortable she is. If she thinks it's trashy, then it's trashy.

Beauty & Brains: What about the critics who claim you’re degrading yourself by showing your body?
Jordan Langley:
I think that is all jealousy from insecure females who wish they had the balls to do something different than the average everyday girl. But no, I don’t get offended. I just laugh...I love haters.

Beauty & Brains: Does it bother you that people have so many negative assumptions about video girls? 
Jordan Langley:
Um… yes. Sometimes when people assume things about video girls it make me a little upset. Not everyone in the industry is a whore. Most men I date like [the fact that I model] in the beginning, but they soon become insecure and jealous some men don’t like a woman who is so confident they feel threatened… not all of them, but a lot that I have met.

Beauty & Brains: Do you consider yourself to be high maintenance?
Jordan Langley:
No, I’m pretty down to earth. I’m not high maintenance; I like the lil’ things a man can do for you--that’s what makes me go wild. But, yes, most men expect me to be very prissy and stuck up. I think sexiness is confidence though.

Beauty & Brains: What’s one thing about you that you think people would be surprised to hear about you?
Jordan Langley:
Well my BFF would say that I’m half white, but I’m such a ghetto fabulous type. [Laughs]

Photography and video by Bobby Berosini.

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