Brooke Bailey

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Brooke Bailey

This buxom Candy Girl from South Central has appeared in videos from Lil Wayne, 50 Cent and "Wipe Me Down."

In anticipation of this Sunday’s (May 3rd) season finale of E! Entertainment’s Candy Girls, HipHopDX presents the final installment of Beauty & Brains special four-part series introducing the L.A.-based music models of the Bella Agency featured on the eye-popping reality docu-soap.

Having previously been introduced to the outspoken single mom, Terricka Cason, the “good girl” grad student, Olivia Jones, and the does-as-she-feels firecracker, Blanca Lopez, B&B is proud to present the determined diva of the Candy Girls, Brooke Bailey.

The South Central seductress is likely the most familiar of the show’s cast to the regular viewer of Hip Hop videos, and reader of print publications dedicated to the women who make the music modeling world go-round.

But the buxom beauty is more than just eye candy, as she revealed in her recent conversation with Beauty & Brains. The well-spoken self-starter, who although not always being as clothed as her mama would probably like, is remarkably unfettered by the traditionally tawdry trappings of the model life, firmly grounded in family and faith.

Beauty & Brains: The first, most important question I need to ask you is…do you always do your ironing topless [Laughs]?
Brooke Bailey:
[Laughs] Sometimes I do. [Laughs] That was the top I was gonna wear for the night [in the “Sin City Ultimatum” episode], so… I had the rest of my outfit on, and I was just missing the top [Laughs].   

B&B: [Laughs] Yeah, your upper extremity has been a supporting cast member on the show.
Brooke Bailey:
I know! They need their own separate check [Laughs].

B&B: [Laughs] Now, on a slightly more serious note, your E! bio says “she understands exactly how valuable her time and beauty is and will find a way to be sure she is set for the future, possibly by one of the many men who are always chasing her.” Do you agree with that assessment of your aim? Do you need to be copping one of Olivia’s [click to read] nogolddigger t-shirts [Laughs]?
Brooke Bailey:
[Laughs] You know, I’m far from being a golddigger. I’m a very hard worker. And it just happens to be that the men I’ve dated, or do date, are very comfortable in life financially.      

B&B: In the “Phoenix Rising” episode your shown going on a date with Red Café. Have you dated artists before?
Brooke Bailey:
Actually I haven’t. That was my first time going on a date with an artist. It was an experience. It was nice. It was fun.    

B&B: It ended up costing you your boyfriend though, didn’t it?
Brooke Bailey:
Actually, we’re back together now. We’re in a committed relationship. We worked that little mishap… We fixed it.

B&B: That’s good to hear. It wasn’t gonna work with you and Red anyway. He wore a t-shirt to a nice restaurant. That wasn’t gonna work.
Brooke Bailey:

B&B: [Laughs] Now in the “All-Star Groupie” episode, Terricka [click to read] is portrayed as some sort of groupie who only chases ball players. How commonplace is it in the industry for video models to hook-up with artists or other celebrities?
Brooke Bailey:
It’s very common, because that’s who were surrounded with. My famous line is if I worked a nine-to-five, then I’d probably date a nine-to-five guy. But, that’s not [who] I’m surrounded [by]. That’s not a part of my world. They just see the outcome of everything, and the reality of it is we party with A and B-list entertainers.  

B&B: Did I read correctly that you’re a non-smoking, non-drinking Christian gal though?
Brooke Bailey:
I don’t smoke. I do drink. And I am a Christian girl. But I’m not perfect. [Laughs]

B&B: Does your family feel like you’re compromising your beliefs to be in the music modeling business?
Brooke Bailey:
Not at all. My family’s very supportive of everything that I do, because it’s not about what the people see on the outside, it’s about who I am on the inside.  

B&B: You got into doing all this by happenstance, correct? You got discovered [by Ken Francis] via MySpace, right?
Brooke Bailey:
Right. And two weeks later I shot to be on the cover of Lowrider magazine with Ice Cube [click to read] [in 2006], and I shot a layout for SMOOTH Girl magazine. And six months later I did my first video.

B&B: So when did you leave Charlotte for L.A.?
Brooke Bailey:
Actually I’m from Los Angeles. I’m from South Central, Los Angeles. I just recently bought a home in Charlotte – a year ago this month. So I live back and forth.

B&B: Oh okay, I got it backwards. So you got like family down south?
Brooke Bailey:
Absolutely not. I went there to work, for the CIAA and the ACC [basketball tournaments] last year, and I loved it. I loved the city. It’s quiet. It’s slow. The people are really nice. So I decided to get a piece of property there.

B&B: It’s not South Central. [Laughs]
Brooke Bailey:
It’s not South Central. [Laughs]

B&B: What part of South Central [are you from]?
Brooke Bailey:
Crenshaw district.  

B&B: Oh word, damn. Was it like that growing up? Were you in a war zone, or was it a calmer existence?
Brooke Bailey:
No, absolutely not. My family still stays in this area – it’s where I’m [calling from] right now. My grandmother lives in a residential area. My mom grew up here… And I grew up here… So, no war zone. I mean, yeah we’d hear gunshots. And we hear the ghetto bird in the air, and sirens and all that. But, I grew up in a very diverse family. My family’s originally from Oklahoma. So I traveled a lot, and I was able to see more of the world, which broadened my horizons to make me want more.  

B&B: Switching gears here, I know it’s kinda lengthy, but if you don’t mind can you rundown the list of the music videos you’ve appeared in?
Brooke Bailey:
I did 50 Cent, “Amusement Park,” Lil Wayne, “Lollipop,” Swizz Beatz, “It’s Me Snitches,” The Game and Kanye West, “Wouldn’t Get Far,” Snoop Dogg and Akon, “I Wanna Love You,” the MIMS video work [on “Move (If You Wanna)”]… You want me to keep going [Laughs]?  

B&B: Nah, that’s cool. I’m just trying to give the readers an idea of where they’ve seen you before.
Brooke Bailey:
Well they love me in the Lil Boosie “Wipe Me Down” [video]. I’m most famous for that.   

B&B: And you mentioned a couple of the magazines you appeared [in].
Brooke Bailey:
Yeah, I’ve done Lowrider, Black Men, King, SMOOTH, Lowrider Girls. I’ve done a lot. I was [also] a Wild ‘N Out girl [on MTV].

B&B: Oh yeah? Terricka was too, wasn’t she?
Brooke Bailey: Uh huh, Terricka was a Wild ‘N Out girl. I was also DJ Brooke on the show Ballers on BET, hosted by John Salley.

B&B: Oh okay, yeah, I remember that. So what were you doing before the modeling started taking off? Were you in college, or what was going on?
Brooke Bailey:
No [I wasn’t in college]. I’m a certified Notary Public [and also worked in real estate]. [But] that’s when real estate was really like poppin’.  

B&B: So you’re one of the people that got us in this mess? [Laughs]
Brooke Bailey:
Exactly. [Laughs]

B&B: So how did you get hooked up with [Bella owner] Danielle then?
Brooke Bailey:
I actually met Danielle on my first audition, for the “I Wanna Love You” [video] with Akon and Snoop. And from that moment on, we became friends and we started working together.

B&B: In the “All-Star Groupie” episode you’re shown booking a side gig apart from Bella for NBA All-Star Weekend. So just to clarify, are you Danielle’s employee, are you an independent contractor, are you both?
Brooke Bailey:
No, I work with Danielle, period. The majority of all my jobs go through her. That one job in particular that I booked outside of her was I had been the face of Jacqie’s Swimwear from the beginning, before I had met Danielle. So I was doing [that gig] as a favor [for Jacqie’s Swimwear].

B&B: Can you be in the game, and be successful, on your own without an agency?
Brooke Bailey:
Definitely! I really feel like depending on your business [acumen]…and how much you strive to wanna be at the top of your game, then you can definitely get out here and network. Not that it’s gonna be any easier. It might be harder, but it definitely can be done.

B&B: The agency just kind of solidifies things a little bit more for you?
Brooke Bailey:
It solidifies it. It makes life a whole lot easier. And, once you make so much money, you don’t mind paying somebody a small percentage of what you make to be able to make sure everything is taken care of.

B&B: So why do you guys give Danielle so much hell [Laughs]? Even after she called you her #1 model on the show.
Brooke Bailey:
[Laughs] She calls me her #1 model for different reasons. I’m sure when the viewers see it, they just see it as her saying me being her #1 model [in terms of] booking jobs. But, this all started as a friendship. It evolved into a business relationship. So, it would have been different if we started [with] a business [relationship], and then evolved into a friendship, I think. But because we’re friends first, I really feel like people get a misunderstanding of why we have the type of relationship that we do. But it’s because where she’s weak, I’m strong. And where I’m weak, she’s strong. And that’s in our friendship and in our business. We’re just a group of young minorities that are trying to get it together and make it work, and I think that we move stronger as a unit.  

B&B: And I guess the next question would just be what’s up next for Brooke Bailey? Where are the HipHopDX readers gonna see you after Candy Girls wraps?
Brooke Bailey:
Hopefully they’ll see me more on Candy Girls [Laughs]. That’ll be great. And check me out, I’m [going] from city to city. I’m hosting parties. And I’m doing radio. I have my Facebook and my MySpace, so people can always stay updated on my next move.

B&B: Yeah, I don’t have to ask you your measurements, ‘cause it’s your Myspace [].
Brooke Bailey:
Exactly, it’s my URL [Laughs].

B&B: [Laughs] If I can give you some career advice, may I suggest female pimp [Laughs]. How in the hell did you get good girl Olivia to work that pole [Laughs]?
Brooke Bailey:
[Laughs] You know, Olivia sometimes tends to be a little gullible, so it wasn’t hard [Laughs].

B&B: [Laughs] And the final question I just have to ask you is…how bad do you fuck [Danielle’s assistant] Kysha up in the season finale [Laughs]?
Brooke Bailey:
[Laughs] You’re gonna have to watch!   

Tune in to the show on Sunday nights at 10:30pm on E!

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