Lady Nicole

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Ms. Lekish Turner is more than what meets the eye. Hailing from the Bay Area, the scintillating model is a relative newcomer to the modeling world. This bodacious Black and Sicilian beauty is building her name up to becoming a brand, with posters, t-shirts, and even underwear all bearing her resemblance.

With Lady Nicole posing to raise her stock in the game, Ms. Turner continues to be focused as she continues to establish a place in the urban modeling field. Upcoming placements in Black Men’s and Show magazines, respectively, have Lady Nicole’s name burning on the wire. As HHDX helps boosting her repertoire, she sits down with us as she talks about her burgeoning career, the reason why “President Bush” and “bullshit” go hand-in-hand, and how her and “punany” have more in common than one would think.

HHDX: First things first, where did the name “Lady Nicole” come from?

Well, Nicole is my middle name. “Lady” is my nickname. I’ve been called that for quite some time. Growing up, I was a tomboy. So, that’s where it came from. I used to fight boys, climb fences, play football, and the whole nine. So, basically, while growing up being a tomboy, it was reversed on me and started calling me “lady”.

HHDX: You’re sort of a rookie in this modeling gig, how’d you get your start?

I started by putting my pictures on these online modeling sites. I put pictures up at, on MySpace, and other modeling sites. People started hitting me up from there. I knew a photographer in the area and begun started to take more pictures. From there it began to take off. The most interesting thing about doing this is the anticipation. The feeling of “making it”. I want to be able to get that chance. It keeps me going, pushing, and striving for that chance. It’s coming along nicely and that is a blessing. There’s the competition, too. You’re going to have that in some respect, but I’d rather continue to do me and make it in this business off of my hard work.

HHDX: Our site is known for being really, umm… “creative” with their comments. When you begun to tell your friends and loved ones about your goals, what did they think?

LT: My family is really small. I only have my brother right now and he’s all for it. Some of my closest friends are very supportive. They’ll check to see if I’m making progress and when I hit a rut, they’ll sometimes say, “Why don’t you do this? Or that?” You know how it goes. My brother keeps pushing me regardless of what happens. He actually helps to promote me. He posts bulletins on my MySpace page. Personally, I do my own graphic designing of the site, but I have friends that put me on their pages, which helps to bring more awareness to what I’m trying to do.

HHDX: You won the “1st Annual Web Girl” competition, sponsored and conducted by Greenlight Printing. Out of 250 women, you came in first place. What came out of winning that distinction and how was it going against so many other beautiful women?

Initially, the prize was supposed to be a seven-page website, 1500 business cards, and clothing. But, [laughs] it didn’t happen the way that it was supposed to. I got nothing in the end. The guy in charge started working on the website, but it didn’t come together how I wanted it to. So, I contacted the guy over Greenlight and told him that it was cool. Whatever he was going to give me, I told him to give to the other girls behind me. In regards of the competition, I wasn’t scared. I was humble about the whole ordeal.

HHDX: Most of the women that I’ve interviewed for this section have their sights set on acting and being more of a force in the entertainment world. But with the stereotypes labeled on the women who try to get into this game; do you have any plans on what to do to sidestep the negativity?

I do want to get into some acting, some commercial work, you know? It’s sad that people are trying to condemn the type of modeling that I do. I wouldn’t care if anyone felt that I’m not capable of doing anything as far as acting. If I cared about what others said, then I would have to do too much proving. There are probably models out there that couldn’t act, but I would push harder than anyone to keep doing what is my passion. You have your haters, but that’s life, I’ve had my few. Not that anyone can, but I’ve heard from different people that I was too short. But I have never had anyone confront me and say anything to my face.

HHDX: Your MySpace page is viewed by numerous people, 1,069,826 to be exact (as of the date of this interview). What do you think is the appeal of “Lady Nicole”…?

Sex. Being sexy. It may also have to do with the curiosity. I’m on so many people’s pages that people would want to know who I am. I also believe that my knowledge, my intelligence has something to do with people’s curiosity. The first thing that anyone notices is their appeal, until you get a chance to know one the person. If you know me personally, my appeal is what you see first, but the second thing is my intelligence, which is much better. I have a blog on MySpace and it’s actually called “President Bush’s Bullshit”. I had read a speech that he did that was online about six or seven months ago. I went and copied and pasted it on my blog. He was talking about the reason why the soldiers were still over there fighting. I found it to be interesting. There were some comments on my blog, where I went back and forth with some people. In the end, I had to let this one person know that it’s not about my pictures, it’s not about the way that I look. I want to share information with people to let them know about what’s going on in the world. I try to stay away from politics because it upsets me. Bush pisses me off, so I try to stay away from that. Just because I posted that blog, doesn’t mean that I’m trying to front like I’m smart. I just wanted to get opinions from other people.

HHDX: I’m pretty sure that there have been some rude comments that have floated past your ears during your life. But I guess, my question is – how did you get in good with “punany”…?

Jessica [Holton] is my people’s! She’s from the Bay Area, you know! She had a show out here and she asked me to come out there and host. My friend and I, we came out, and did it together. I am now affiliated with The Punany Pearls ( We’re actually starting the beginning stages of putting together something with modeling. Her and I just clicked. I mean, she’s cool… she’s from the Bay Area. I’ve never really done anything like that before. It was crazy… just like how it was when it appeared on Real Sex.

HHDX: You’re set to shoot for a couple of magazines. This will be your first, correct? What do you have in the works?

I’m supposed to shoot with Black Men’s magazine soon. I’m excited about that. I did my test shoot and everything went well. This will be my first major magazine placement. But I’m actually in the latest issue of Benzino’s Hip-Hop Weekly. I’ve had a few people tell me about it and I haven’t even seen it, yet. I am a part of the Urban Godiva Girlz. We’re working on a calendar. Urban Godiva Girlz has a group of females that we’re working with and some very nice photographers. So, we’re going to get that off the ground. The website will be up soon. My website is being built as we speak, we were supposed to go up on the 5th, but that hasn’t happened yet.

HHDX: So, who’s idea was it to have all that merchandise that’s on your page?

The poster was a must. The apparel came from my friend from Jersey. This guy on MySpace had made a shirt with my picture on it and people was telling me about it. It was getting a really good response. He was doing his thing out there, so it was good for him because he’s doing his own thing, he’s making it work for him. But all of what you see on my site is of my own creation. I’m making it work on my own. It’s an experiment that’s working out for me very well.

HHDX: The game is a steep climb and not too many people make it to the top. What does Lekish Turner have that’ll help get you to the proverbial promise land?

I think that the way that I think will get me to the top. Besides the way that I look, there are a lot of beautiful women out there, but I think that I’m just as beautiful. I feel like I have an exotic look about myself. People say it’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know. I am about my business. I keep it very professional, just that, period. I’m not just trying to get into this business because so-and-so says that I have a phat ass, for me it’s all about handling your business.   

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