Immortal Technique Addresses Race's Role In The Zimmerman Trial

posted Sunday July 14 ,2013 at 09:55AM CDT | 118 comments

Immortal Technique Addresses Race's Role In The Zimmerman Trial

Immortal Technique provides comparisons to the OJ Simpson trial, as well as a recent Florida case that illuminates race's role in law.

Twitter exploded with responses from emcees after George Zimmerman was found not guilty of murder and manslaughter in shooting and killing Trayvon Martin.

One emcee that provided a measured, extensive response was Immortal Technique, who began his discussion by drawing comparisons between the ZImmerman case and the OJ Simpson acquittal, specifically for the sharp racial divides it caused.

Tech then questioned what would have happened if Zimmerman and Martin's roles had been reversed.

In his discussion, Immortal Technique revealed that he would never advocate violence as a response to the verdict, and that he kept an open mind during the trial. But, again, the questions about role-switching remained.

Immortal Technique then made a sobering comparison between the Zimmerman case and that of Marissa Alexander, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison in 2012 after a judge rejected her stand your ground defense for firing a warning shot into the ceiling.

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  • Doocy
    As much as this dude reads I would hope he could've read both sides of the Marissa Alexander case. But, nope. Dude latched onto a meme he saw and used it as justification to attack a certain law. Search for Rico Gray to see the second side to that story.
  • Anonymous
    "On one page he knows everything about Rick Ross and his label and life and money, then he knows 50 Cent and his label and personal life and thoughts, then knows everything about law like he was there in Sanford on this page, while he knows about Kendrick Lamar's future" I know. It's a gift.
  • Drake
    I noticed the trial was on Court TV, but watched Soul Plane on BET instead. Does that make me a bad entertainer?
  • Anonymous
    im disappointed in immortal technique and brother ali's opinion you would think with both of them being great lyrists and the smarter out of hip hop artists they wouldn't fall for this race riot media hype but nope. hook, line and sinker what about Oscar grant? what about the 12000 black people that have died since trayvon martin? by black hands. what about the little white baby that was shot in the face for 20 dollars by two black kids?? the media and the Obama administration is creating the race problem in this case ignorance is the only thing I see
    • vfenomeno
      So hold up, because other blacks killed other blacks then zimmerman should go free? is that what you're alluding to? 2nd, those blacks who killed other blacks were for the most part tried convicted and incarcerated which is why jail cells are overwhelmingly filled with blacks. So please let immortal technique keep speaking the truth and keep your mouth closed until you've done adequate research to back up your inaccurate statements..Thank you
    • Anonymous
      I feel you. No one said shit about that white baby that was shoot in the face by two blacks for 20 bucks. Get the fuck out of here people. If its a black kid yall trip not the other way around. Deal with it! If you guys treated all cses like this including white, mexican, and black not just black maybe people would take you more seriously. Of course everyone feels bad that Trayvon got killed. There is no denying that but there are injustices in the system all the time, Weather for blacks or whites so stop pointing fingers at colors and start pointing them at the system that has been put in place.
  • Anonymous
    "What if the dead guy's story is more believable than the alive ones?" The dead guy's story wasn't believable because his bird brain friend, in all her uneducated glory, botched whatever angelic image the prosecution was trying to display to the jury.
    • Anonymous
      On one page he knows everything about Rick Ross and his label and life and money, then he knows 50 Cent and his label and personal life and thoughts, then knows everything about law like he was there in Sanford on this page, while he knows about Kendrick Lamar's future. And he actually thinks there's nothing wrong with that type of mentality.
  • Benny Dub Floridas law states a person who is not engaged in an unlawful activity and who is attacked in any other place where he or she has a right to be has no duty to retreat and has the right to stand his or her ground and meet force with force, including deadly force, if he or she reasonably believes it is necessary to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another..." It sounds to me like Trayvon was asserting his right to "Stand His Ground." What would he say if he were alive to tell? Did he see the gun Zimmerman was carrying? Did he REASONABLY BELIEVE he needed to defend himself? "Reasonably believe" means it is what Trayvon Martin thought, not what Zimmerman did. Too bad he is DEAD. Otherwise he might be able to tell his side of the story. All Zimmerman had to do was STAY IN THE DAMN CAR!!!!!! Guns don't kill people. Stupid mother#@kers with guns kill people.
    • Anonymous
      All Trayvon had to do was walk away instead of assaulting him. You one sided dudes need an education.
    • Benny Dub
      Another troll posting "Anonymous"... Read you dumb f#@k! By law, he DID NOT have to walk away. It doesn't matter what YOU think or think you know. The mindset of the individual at the time of the event (I.e. what he REASONABLY BELIEVED) is what matters. I even gave you a link to read and you still don't know what you are talking about... Trayvon had every right to stand his ground and defend himself if he felt he needed to. Zimmerman created a situation, got his ass kicked and shot a minor in the process. My education doesn't really matter in this conversation but I bet I can run circles around your remedial ass. What matters is that a 17 year old kid is dead and you are trolling...get a a book and shut the f@#k up when grown folks are talkin!
    • Anonymous
      Any rational human would have ran home to escape a possible attacker.
  • ARO
    Rap Fan I completely agree the stupid american public is distracted by one court case while all of our freedoms are bein slowly taken away frm us. Thts why we will never be able to stand up colectively and demand REAL change. The Media affects our perception of everything in order to get all of us hyped up on some retarded shit. FUCK ZIMMERMAN n FUCK TRAYVON there both retarded. One for pursuing n killing a lil kid n tha other one for not running away frm a stranger if you know damn well you dnt got no weapons except a can of Arizona. #realtalk
  • GOD
    RIP trevyon , WW3 is already happening
    • Anonymous
      If you didn't know Trayvon then don't give one of those lame RIP shoutout's. Makes you look like a bandwagon jumper and a follower.
  • Drake runs rap
    blag blah blah
    • bizzalls
      Shut the fuck up, faggot!
  • Anonymous
    Fuck the media! Zimmerman aint white so whats up with that?
  • Anonymous
    I'm gonna start off by saying Zimmerman is NOT white and is a spanish man. Everyone is talking about how the media made this a race thing only by the reports detailing Trayvon as a "thug". That's only half true. The very first reports were "white man shoots innocent black child" with pictures of a 12 year old Trayvon who was actually almost 18. They both were in the wrong, Zimmerman shouldn't have followed him and Trayvon shouldn't have attacked him after he asked Zimmerman if there was a problem and Zimmerman replied "no" (which was recorded when Zimmerman was on the phone with the 911 operator). The Sanford police were going to drop the case because there was not enough evidence to prosecute but the state picked it up so this could be twisted into a racial thing and made national. Now I'm hearing that Obama is getting involved and filed federal charges on Zimmerman so he can be tried again in a different court. This shows me our nations leader doesn't believe in our justice system of innocent until proven guilty and the fact of the matter is there is not enough and never will be enough evidence to convict Zimmerman. This is an attempt to keep this country divided by racism so the nation never unites because if it did we could overthrow this corrupt ass government that thinks they can control us and violate our rights that was established by our founding fathers.
    • hit the nail on the head
      this guy hit the nail right on the head, anything that speaks otherwise is incorrect. and tell immortal technique to shut up he talk too much on twitter i aint see him at the trayvon rally this ngga in africa feeding kids out there which is good but what about the kids deprived in america? ya bish
    • Truth
      So true Obama is a media puppet like the majority of black people these days instead of thinking for themselves. Obama is a horrible president the verdict was justified the law system isn't flawed its just the views of the black race that are flawed. I bet if this was a black guy who shot treyvon abosulutely no1 would give a fuck it would just be another black on black crime that is forgotton.
    • Anonymous
      All 3 of you are fucking idiots that don't know what they're talking about.
    • Anonymous
      You're just mad cuz I made a legit point. If it were turned around this would be not be considered a hate crime and blown out of proportion. No one knows what happened in the tussle between Zimmerman and Martin because there's not enough evidence to prove it wasn't 2nd degree murder. You cannot be convicted based on circumstantial evidence only facts, and the fact is there's not enough enough factual evidence to convict (for example Casey Anthony).
    • Anonymous
      I meant to say that there's not enough evidence to prove it was 2nd degree murder or just mainly self defense which means you cannot convict someone with murder without the evidence to support your case. I also believe if new evidence that is undeniable facts is brought up then by all means try Zimmerman in a different court so justice can be served. Obama shouldn't have filed federal charges without having new evidence that could help his case. A smart judge will throw out that case (which is a media stunt) if no new evidence has been brought to this case.
  • Manny
    What about if u would had painted zimmerman as a hispanic would we had cared more??? He is half peruvian and so are u immortal
  • anon
    If someone walks up to you and asks where you're from/what u doing, you can say "who the f*** are you?" "i dont gotta answer to you" "quit harassing me", then walk off. You DONT have the right to attack the guy. That's how it's ALWAYS been; Ex: bully makes fun of you in school or guy starts talking s*** to you at a bar/club = YOU BE THE BIGGER PERSON AND WALK AWAY (you don't have a right to start throwing punches). ALWAYS BEEN THAT WAY.
    • Anonymous
      What if that person attacks you?
  • anon
    I wonder how many of the people complaining actually watched the trial from start to finish; they'd see that this case should have never gone to trial to begin with. The evidence was extremely weak, and at times, worked in the defense's favor. The prosecution was on its back foot for most of the trial. GZ was only arrested and brought to trial after the media bias and sensationalism, in order to placate the masses.
    • Anonymous
      Lies made up by a racist white person.
  • Anonymous
    tech needs to stop snorting!
    • ARO
    • Anonymous
      Tech or Charlie Sheen?
  • N/A
    Obama is half white/half black and became president making him black. Zimmerman is half white/half latino and shoots an unarmed black kid, making him white. Whatever.
    • Anonymous
      ja rule the only real black nigga in this game
    • anon
      Obama's black cuz his skins black, just like Tiger's black. Nothing technical. GZ on the other hand...idk what the f*** ppl were thinking w/ that. He don't even look white lol
  • Anonymous
    blame the law. if the woman would of shot him it would of been different youre not afraid fpr your life if you fire warning shots according to the law. blame the system not the ones that use the loopholes. simply put dont hate the player hate the game