J. Cole Offers Fans A One-Time "Born Sinner" Live Listening Session

posted Thursday June 06 ,2013 at 08:44AM CDT | 46 comments

J. Cole Offers Fans A One-Time

Tonight, J. Cole promises to play fans "Born Sinner" 12 days early, courtesy of some new technology.

Just one day after J. Cole revealed the tracklist to his sophomore album, Born Sinner, the Fayetteville, North Carolina emcee/producer is allowing fans to get a listen 12 days before its June 18 release date. Cole, along with DreamVillain and Roc Nation announced yesterday that by downloading the LISNR app with an iPhone or Android, they can participate in a one-time live-stream listening tonight of Cole's LP.

The listening takes place at 8:00pm EST tonight. The coordinates and app instructions are provided below:

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  • Anonymous
    Album is pretty good. Like Cole World I like it but I don't love it. Not a classic but a good album to bump
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    born sinner with fauntelroy also has leaked.
  • Dave
    In Atlanta for the live stream. Album is TOUGH
  • Anonymous
    I was in attendance in Houston. Heard the album. EPIC!!!! BORNSINNER JUNE 18th COLEWORLD
  • forbideen fruit born sinner leak
    • Anonymous
      dude.. why would you do that,let the nigga get his shine on the 18th. he deserves it.
    • Anonymous
      it was online already. people were always gonna find it.
  • Anonymous
    did anyone catch the live stream? I couldnt..
  • x0004
  • z000os9
  • xzzzz4
  • Anonymous
    I have to say I'm VERY excited for this album BUT...Power Trip is a weak track...
  • hiphop88
  • j cole
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  • x0009
  • dentaldamboy
    Gucci is better,swag
    • Anonymous
      Kill yourself kid
    • You honestly should
      Cut your wrists
  • xzsss4
  • anon
    lol at some of these comments. if YOU dont like YMCMB then YOU dont, but dont force YOUR OPINION on others like comn man you know that aint right.
  • zxssss9
  • u aint fresh az im iz
    Lol hilarious fresh 2 def thinks j.cole is a gimmick u are a dumbass ymcmb loser just like lil wayne shit that nigga having trouble just selling 500,000 off of im not a human being 2 so theres noway his sequel will match or top his first im not a human being face it lil wayne sucks ass and his sales are declining just like all u ymcmb dickrides lol dont get male pussy hurt when j.coles first week sales come and he sales OVER 300,000 copies of born sinner I'll just say i told u so then Y'ALL HATERS CAN kill YOURselves then piss on YOUR graves and say R.I.P, R.I.P, R.I.P, R.I.P, R.I.P TO THE J.COLE HATING YMCMB DICKRIDERS TALK TO MUCH WACK ASS SHIT HAD TO KILL THUG ALL THIS WHILE J.COLE OUTSELLS ALL OF YMCMB COMBINED ROC NATION WE TAKEN OVER SO FUCK CASH MONEY YOUNG NO MONEY LOL COLE WORLD BORN SINNER NIGGA
    • Born Sinner vs Yeezus
  • Anonymous
    nah i think i can wait 8 more days (released june 14th in Ireland)
    • anon
      I know thats right
  • Fresh 2 Def
    Gimmick! nobody cares. this will flop harder then kendrick lamars flopped. wayne is gonna outsell him his first week. thats teh truth. ya bish!
    • Wayne
      wayne is irrelevant and wack, you know it too so you start bashing new artists because you're still thinking about his dick up your a...
    • Anonymous
      cosign fresh
    • Anonymous
      fresh has a point. wayne does 800,000 first week. j cole will be lucky to get 40,000. and thats generous
    • Weezy is a fake blood and he kissed a man
      Kdot's album will go platinum, stop sayin bullshit. And J Cole>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Lil Wayne.
    • Fuck Dickriders
      Bunch of cock-suckers,u all severely brain-damaged, stop listenin to YMCB.
    • Fresh 2 Def
      LOL ya , I'm gonna listen to someone with curse words in his name who cant use proper grammer. like sorry bro. until you can make a point. get of my ya bish! ya bish.
    • Jamie
      tell em fresh
    • Anonymous
      F E M A L E
    • mmmm
      ya. get off fresh's scott disick
    • Ur Psychiatrist
      How can you praise Lil Wayne ? He's an ass, how old are you ?
    • mmmm
      easy bro. its just worrrrds. reeeeeeach
    • foreal
      K. Lamar is over 900k sold right? that is flopping now? just so you know that is about twice of what weezy has sold.
    • Fresh 2 Def
      it took kendrick 13 months to get to 900. took weezy less then a week to get to 1.3 for carter iii. next. ya damn bish!
    • Jet Team
      cosign fresh. keep it 100 my dude
    • Anonymous
      lmao fresh 2 jason collins over here trolled all of you.. well at least i hope he was trollin'
    • Anonymous
      U joking right ?
    • The Truth
    • Anonymous
      thirteen months would be in Nov this yr....but who cares bout record sales anyway? If its good music, its good music
    • LMAO
      Carter 3 came out in '08... old news lol not a human being only did 200K first week. kendrick didn't flop you don't know the numbers son.