HipHopDX Album Reviews

  • Sir Michael Rocks - Banco

    Sir Michael Rocks - Banco

    Album Reviewsposted 17 hours ago

    Sir Michael Rocks shrouds some of his trademark oddity in stock cuts and sheer confidence, but "Banco" remains an entertaining album nonetheless.

  • Cormega - Mega Philosophy

    Cormega - Mega Philosophy

    Album Reviewsposted 1 day ago

    With the help of Large Professor, "Mega Philosphy" showcases Cormega making an alternative yet solid case for grown up Rap.

  • Majid Jordan - A Place Like This

    Majid Jordan - A Place Like This

    Album Reviewsposted 3 days ago

    Majid Jordan's "A Place Like This" is both affectionate and semi-seductive but lags at times due to an inability to mask its straightforwardness.

  • Common - Nobody's Smiling

    Common - Nobody's Smiling

    Album Reviewsposted 7 days ago

    Common's latest is his best since "Be," and like the album itself does about Chicago, that says plenty.

  • B.o.B. - No Genre Pt. 2 (Mixtape)

    B.o.B. - No Genre Pt. 2 (Mixtape)

    Album Reviewsposted 8 days ago

    On "No Genre Pt.2," B.o.B. makes clear dashes to Pop excellence while maintaining a nice balance of the variety and sincerity from his early mixtapes.



    Album Reviewsposted 9 days ago

    A continuation of the artistry from "#Wakedafucup" is established on "#Turndafucup," but its attempts at current production trends lack as a whole.

  • MellowHype - INSA (Mixtape)

    MellowHype - INSA (Mixtape)

    Album Reviewsposted 15 days ago

    "INSA" is a step forward; MellowHype is shoring up their approach, but they still have yet to put all the pieces together to produce an ingenious matrix.

  • Cam'ron - 1st Of The Month Vol.1 (EP)

    Cam'ron - 1st Of The Month Vol.1 (EP)

    Album Reviewsposted 19 days ago

    In addition to solid production, Cam'ron's "1st Of The Month Vol. 1" excels in the instances where it falls in love with its mythos.

  • Madlib - Rock Konducta Pt. 2

    Madlib - Rock Konducta Pt. 2

    Album Reviewsposted 21 days ago

    While Madlib's "Rock Konducta Pt. 2" breaks for in some aspects, it's still an enjoyable compilation of edgy instrumentals and dusty drum breaks.

  • Illa Ghee - Social Graffiti

    Illa Ghee - Social Graffiti

    Album Reviewsposted 22 days ago

    While formulaic in spots, Illa Ghee's "Social Graffiti" wins with surprisingly varied production and consistent surface-level bombast and street similes.

  • Boogie - Thirst 48

    Boogie - Thirst 48

    Album Reviewsposted 25 days ago

    "Thist 48" paints Boogie as a promising artist with lots of potential and a level of honesty rarely seen from his peers.

  • Your Old Droog - Your Old Droog (EP)

    Your Old Droog - Your Old Droog (EP)

    Album Reviewsposted 26 days ago

    Despite the Nas comparisons, Your Old Droog distinguishes himself from the pack with his self titled EP by mixing personal commentary with clever punchlines.

  • Trey Songz - Trigga

    Trey Songz - Trigga

    Album Reviewsposted 27 days ago

    With "Trigga," Trey Songz succeeds using a simplified, "turnt up" formula for Pop stardom that excels at being commonplace, but not "common."

  • Ab-Soul - These Days

    Ab-Soul - These Days

    Album Reviewsposted 2 months ago

    Ab-Soul has let his high filter out some of the revelations, but "These Days..." is his accessible introduction to the world.

  • Open Mike Eagle - Dark Comedy

    Open Mike Eagle - Dark Comedy

    Album Reviewsposted 2 months ago

    Packed with comedy, film, '90s television, and folklore references, Open Mike Eagle's "Dark Comedy" is an incredibly fulfilling listen.

  • Buckshot & P-Money - BackPack Travels

    Buckshot & P-Money - BackPack Travels

    Album Reviewsposted 2 months ago

    Buckshot is pure Brooklyn, and with P-Money, "Backpack Travels" genuinely reflects the traditionally straightforward stylings of Brooklyn Hip Hop lore.